Here Comes the morning!

And so it is Friday, again.

The nice thing about this particular Friday is that I actually have the next two days off, gang, so I am really hoping to breeze right through this day and then get down to the business of relaxing for a while.

I hope.

Although it never actually works out that way. We shall just see.

First, before I forget: you guys are unbelievably awesome. Not only am I happily perturbed by the many sudden downloads (albeit, free downloads) of Freak Parade over at Smashwords this month, but also, while checking on stuff regarding the corrected uploads of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and Half-Moon Bride over at Amazon last evening, I discovered that, for some reason, my novel about old, old, old Hollywood, Twilight of the Immortal — a novel that, itself, is 11 years old already — is suddenly ranked at #1400 in LGBTQ Historical Fiction. Out of millions of titles in that category. So this is astounding to me.

I’m super happy about it, because I love that novel, and it’s not erotic, it’s not experimental, it’s not short, either — in print, it’s over 600 pages(!!); it is in fact “regular” historical fiction and I have always loved that book. It was a complete and all-consuming labor of love for me to write it and research it (it took 10 years), and suddenly it has gotten really popular.

You have absolutely no idea how happy that discovery made me.

Okay. So thank you for that.

I am trying super hard here today get my mind back in shape. To get a grip on my own life and balance it with the relentlessness of the world situation right now, and maybe even see past it, to the amazing future that I know for sure is coming, worldwide.

For instance, the very beginning of the astounding amount of v * t er f r a u d that went on simply in one county in A Z came out yesterday afternoon. A livestream.

I’m guessing you all either watched it or have heard all about it by now. I don’t watch any M S M, so I don’t know how they are handling it, since “facts” are not generally something they deal with, but we can only hope that all this stuff we’ve known about for months regarding all the e l e c t ion fr * ud, is finally becoming indisputable to the M S M.

We shall see.

I’m guessing it’s still gonna take some sort of quantum satellite demolition of M S M in real time to finally get what’s left of the brainwashed old-school Dems to finally break free of the mind control and see the light.

Personally, I’ve sort of given up waiting on them. I’m making plans for a life lived without them, once the war is over.

Okay, so, this morning. Sunny. Birds singing. I was teetering on heartbreak again, but my Inner Being Journaling got me at least to an emotionally neutral place. I took my cup of coffee upstairs, got back in bed, took a look at what was trending on Bitchute and settled on Linda Paris. (posted below). More lists of holly wood and mega music stars who are alleged to have already been exe c u t ed. A topic that always makes me nervous because there are many, many names that come up repeatedly on all these lists: Courtney Cox, Cher, Beyonce, Gaga, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love (who, according to an exceedingly convincing investigative report from many, many years ago, allegedly murdered Kurt Cobain); and there is a certain name that I don’t ever want to see on that list (although I’ve already seen it on old lists that may or may not be true). Well, it wasn’t on today’s extensive list.

Anyway. Linda Paris is snarky and she is really, really good at being snarky. And she said something that made me choke in a little burst of laughter just as I was taking a sip of coffee!!!!! OMG.

I have these really nice, trillion-thread-count white cotton Italian sheets. They are my favorite thing about my bed in summer.

I spewed coffee all over them and my night table, my iPhone, my iPad.

So, here I sit, doing more laundry, trying to post to this blog, and then scurry off to work.

Before we discuss possible executions of famous people, let’s take a look at more concrete stuff. For instance, that fake va r i an t of a fake vi ral pan demic has once again put Victoria, Australia into l* ck d*wn. Melbourne erupted in chaos, as people took to the streets in protest when they heard the news.

[article is here, but it is from yesterday EST and could be outdated due to the time zone differences]

Again. In case anyone forgot or for some incredulous reason, doesn’t yet know: there was no “p a n d emic” — it was a type of flu that a ton of people, myself included, did NOT die from. And there is absolutely NO va r i a nt of it whatsoever. None. It’s a computer sequence. That’s all it is. And it looks a wee bit like this:

One of many c o r o na vi rus US patents

And the only other thing that “is,” is an incredibly dangerous fake v a c c i n e.

Unrest in France, South Africa, Cuba, U K, Brazil, now Melbourne — all serving two purposes. 1.) Create havoc to buy time for whoever is left of the d** p st * te; 2.) wake everyone up to the fact that, basically, storming your houses of government and dragging the d ** p st * te politicians out into the street could be the only way to stop all this fucking shit. OOPS! What I mean to say is that everyone needs to wakeup to the fact that they’re being lied to and stand their ground now.

Okay. Now. What about those sink holes in NYC??!! Hmmm. Underground s e x tr a f f icking tunnels being taken out there recently have anything to do with that??!!

We can only hope.

Okay. The clock is seriously working against me today, gang. I gotta scoot. The videos are below. Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world! Hang in there. Better days are truly coming. They are.

Thanks for visiting, gang. See ya!


Below: (McAllister TV) Linda Paris and also two of the videos she quotes extensively from today:

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the lightning that struck the G Floyd memorial (in Ohio!!) and the forest fire in Canada (17 mins):

Below: Meditation: Heal and increase vital energy, binaural beats (ongoing):

Below: Anti-matter that powers E T craft (12 mins):

Below: Awaken with JP: Cubans protest that communism is working too well (6 mins):

Below: Ch ar lie, Kate, & Mark (49 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news: A Z au d i t update (17 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Dur h am and the pa ttern rev e aled. (52 mins):

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