What is that Effing P*ng??!!

All righty. Happy Sunday!

I’m posting a little late because I posted so late yesterday that I was waiting for some new news…

The best news, of course, is that Tr **p’s speech in A Z last evening was off the charts. There is simply no way that this guy is not still the pre s of the U S. If you missed it, you can still see it on r u m ble here (2 hrs 28 mins):

Okay, so. There are two areas of alarming news that I want to just mention. In addition to the expected break in the food supply here in the U S and in c an a d a, that I posted about yesterday.

The first is this weird thing coming out of the U K. The p in g demic. How “pings” are coming through on people’s cell phones, saying that they’ve been exposed to the fake c * vid and need to go home immediately and self-quarantine for 10 days, and then go get a c * vid test (which is chock full of graphene oxide, ethylene oxide, and na no bots, by the way. You’d be INSANE to allow a c * vid test at this point, folks. It is just a mini- v a x.)

The ping is robotic. Think of it as a robo call, or as spam. It is not a human being. It is meaningless. Try to leave your phones at home and not let them track you around. Unfortunately, there could be legal repercussions to ignoring it, like an arrest or jail. I just don’t know. But try to ignore the p i ng. And try to leave your phone at home.

I saw a couple things about this p in g d e mic this morning, but here is a clip about it from S t ew P et er s (15 mins):

And I also saw this, from the U K, another good reason to get rid of your fucking phone. Wow. (Mirrored from Hugo Talks, 8 mins):

This is all really scary stuff, gang. I’m not sure if you want to watch it or not. I guess, watch it if you want to stay informed.

From the many protests yesterday… in London, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich spoke from Germany via satellite to protesters. He was received by the enormous crowd like the absolute hero that he is (10 mins):

All totaled, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people were out, worldwide, protesting yesterday. (And I think there were, like, maybe four people, worldwide, still wearing a m * sk….) (I wish it were that small a number….)

The other alarming news comes from m o n key w *r x, who is tracking that illegals coming over the U S border are being separated into groups: man, woman, child; and then shipped out to d **p st * t e places accordingly. Women are absolutely disappearing. So here’s hoping they are not being r aped, tor t ur ed, sex tra ff icked, but I’m guessing you know that’s not likely.

And the children are also disappearing, being r aped, tor t ur ed, sex tra ff icked.

What’s becoming even more alarming, according to mo n k ey w er x, is that the illegal men are mostly soldiers, being transported to d **p st * t e mi li tary compounds and allegedly being trained as a d**p st * t e army. (mo n k ey w e r x, 33 mins):

Between that scary idea, and the presence of U N/ N A T O armored vehicles… I think we have cause for unbelievable concern.

When J * co said yesterday that we all need to have g * n s now, he was so not kidding, gang. But, obviously, I leave that choice up to you.


This is an overall look of the news from [17] The Storm Rider‘s te le g ram page:

News Quick reads:

_Power outage in many areas of Spain
_London floods the streets with protests
_Sydney Australia declares national emergency over delta variant/demonstration erupt and clash with police
_Large protests breakout in Australia France Italy England vaccines mandates vaccine passports and C* vid restrictions
_Arizona senate calls to decertify the election
_Henan P c h * n a .. reports heaviest rainfall in 1000 years, 100 missing 70 dead and rising
_JUST IN – Austria’s Interior Minister and Defense Minister announced in a joint press conference that the country will tighten its border protection as the “European asylum system has failed.”
Austria will deploy hundreds of additional soldiers to the borders. “The situation is serious,”

_French hospital goes on INDEFINITE strike to protest C*vid vax mandate
_200 million people in c h * n a braces for typhoon
_For the ninth day in Iran protesters violently demonstrate and riot, due to no water and no internet
_Over 179 cities and protest sites Erupt in France
_Mass protests in Greece taking place as mainstream Media blackouts the demos
_Israel protesters start marching through the night”


In case you didn’t know, gang, all these illegal immigrants being pushed into everyone’s countries, everywhere, is a d **p st* te tactic to cause unbelievable chaos. So far, it is working. Crime, r a p e, m ur der — everywhere.

All right.

I’m going to close with two really cool videos from last evening.

Have a peaceful Sunday, wherever you are in the world, okay, gang? Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Coast to Coast AM: Clifford Stone talks about very meaningful experiences with non-terrestrials while working with U S government (13 mins):

Below: UFO Man Saturday night livestream. Interview with Matthew Roberts. Really cool!! (1 hr 36 mins):

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