Where Are The Supplies?

Sorry for the delay in posting today, gang.

I was home from work and all ready to sit down and post a couple of hours ago, until I heard a quick video from J * co, warning that there is ALREADY a problem with the f o o d supply chain in the U S and c a n a d a.

So I turned around and drove back to town, to get more groceries. And now, here I am at last. (J * co; 33 mins):

If you are in the US or c a n a d a, please go get supplies to last a couple of weeks. Trains and trucks are being purposely delayed, food is spoiling. Shelves might get a little bare very soon.


Today, all over the world, it is protest day! (Or was, since the day is over almost everywhere!)

Here’s a live stream, covering London, Paris, Ireland, Italy and Melbourne. So far, the only place that seems to have had major clashes with the police has been Melbourne. But that could be outdated news.

Tr ***p’ s Y T channel posted 28 mins of Paris:

Speaking of Tr ***p, he’s speaking today in A Z, in about an hour (6pm EST). His r u m b le channel might carry it:


Also, Richard c i t i zen j ourna list is in attendance and has been posting all day on t e l e g ra m, showing an astoundingly huge crowd there waiting to see Tr ***p.

Okay, this has nothing to do with politics, but remember the other day, when I mentioned that many, many years ago, I had read an investigative report about c our t ney love having a hand in murdering k ur t co bain? Wow. Well, here’s an article, claiming the f b i has declassed some info on the co bain case. and apparently cour tney was se x tr aff icked herself, as a teenager, and she allegedly then helped the c i a to get politically-minded musicians fucked up on heroin.

And it seems pretty certain now that she hired a musician in Seattle to murder k u rt co bain.

[full article is here] I have absolutely always despised that woman, even before the rumors started about her. But I thought she ki ll ed him, or had him k ill ed, because he was divorcing her and she didn’t want to give up the fame and $$. (He was actually in the process of divorcing her when he died; I’m not speculating on that part of it.)

That could still be what motivated all this, and not her ties to the c i a. Who knows?

But I think that, during this time of Great Awakening, we will find out that many musicians who allegedly “hanged” themselves, or killed themselves in some manner, were actually mur d er ed for political reasons. Or for knowing too much about the wrong things.

Okay, this is way too fucking weird!! In the U K, even if it turns out that you got the placebo and not the actual va x, you are still considered v a x ed:

The UK government views people who were given placebos during C* vid ^^ 19 va x trials as fully inoculated, Britain’s va x minister has said, adding that they would enjoy all the privileges granted by the NHS C* vid Pass.

[full article is here] So what are they saying? That it is the attempt to follow orders that actually matters, not your physical condition?

All right, so what is up with certain key Re p u bl ic ans suddenly saying go get the va x??

Can it be that what’s left of the d **p st * te at the f d a is getting ready to claim it is no longer “experimental” and forcing a va x mandate on all of us? And so Re p ub li cans want people to freely choose the v a x to avoid this? (I’m hearing that but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.)

Ge n f ly nn does not re cc omend the v a x AT ALL, for any reason, but also says, you are free to choose, gang.

Here is what S t e w P eter s and M ar jo rie Taylor Gre een e have to say about it, it’s trying to TAKE THE EYES off of WALL STREET tanking! (9 mins):

I do not actually know what is going on but please don’t get the v a x, people.

And perfectly timed for Tr **p being in AZ, a UFO spotted in m a ri cop a cou nty! (2 mins):

Wow! And this just in : a UFO was spotted at Area 51 (1 min):

And Tarot by Janine took an interesting look at the dark side of artists and mystics today! (14 mins):

And now I am really tired and super hungry and I need to go make some dinner. Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy whatever is left of your Saturday!! I love you guys. See ya!

Below: X * 2 R * port (43 mins):

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