And What A Fine SUnny Monday it Is!!

Okay, gang.

Sorry, I never did get back here yesterday, but I did listen to a ton of updates. I did it mostly while sitting out on my really sunny kitchen porch. What a splendid day it was here yesterday — even though most of the news I was listening to was not very good.

And that stupid plagiarized eBook that I posted about here yesterday is still for sale on Amazon — AND seems to be selling reasonably well!! But please do NOT buy it. Even though they are my stories, I had nothing to do with that book. They are completely ripping me off.

All right.

First and foremost, I need to share this. It just came in from S * m on P * rkes:

Australia & New Zealand To Lose Commonwealth Status:

Not yet in the mainstream.

Australia and New Zealand to lose Commonwealth status.

To be administered by US as Royal Family in UK gives up all its heritage.”

So that’s interesting. With Sydney practically under martial law right now… [post is here]

For me, the most disturbing stuff popping up in all the news yesterday is how many thousands of people all over the world are now becoming very ill from the v a x and doctors are unable to help them. Genocide in full swing?

Plus, it was not only in Germany that hundreds of corpses of tortured infants and children are bobbing to the surface because of all the floods. Also happened in u k and the n ether l ands. It is just so heartbreaking. But is this what all the flooding in e u rope & u k was intended to do? Empty out the tunnels so that the people can see these tiny, tortured corpses? It is just too heartbreaking. I can hardly stand the thought of it.

In a spot of bright news, though. My [17]-following friend from work texted me a photo she saw out on the street near where she lives. It was a sign outside one of those quick cash loan places. It says you can borrow up to $1000 in cash, and if you pay it back in under 3 months, NO INTEREST; if you pay it back after 3 months, 1% INTEREST!

QFS anyone?????? Usually, those types of places take the title to your car, your boat, your motorcycle and charge massive interest on top of that! Wow.

Other than that, I’ll let the videos below tell you what the news is right now. Even though things seem to be getting darker, more extreme, I get the feeling that really, really GOOD things are right around the corner, folks. I really do. Even though there are still evil players at large in the world creating havoc and chaos, I believe that most of this really stupid l* ck d*wn C* Vid-related madness is optics to shake the sleepers from sleep. We have to hang in there and do not give in to despair.

It is on its way, and I feel like it is going to be really, really good for those of us still left standing.

Okay. Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

(Pretty soon this will be all of us!! “Something’s Coming, Something Good”)


Below: S t e w P e t er s: massive worldwide v a x failure. Hospitals around the world filled with dying MOSTLY VA X ED patients (11 mins):

Below: P a trio t stree t figh ter is back: intel and focus on mission update, also info about the tiny corpses coming to the surface (1 hr):

Below: S * mon P * r kes and Sh eri ff M ack chat; U S & U K (1 hr):

Below: Digital Warr i or s update; U K, Spain (43 mins):

Below: This is sketchy; not sure what it’s proving but it’s not good. Ang e lin a J o li caught on tape at age 23 talking about her SM sexual ritual when joining the order of the i ll u mi nati (4 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine; (fake) b o r i s john son’s ex-girlfriend tells U K media the current one is not him; also s a t an’s Converse hi-tops (14 mins):

Below: S a t an ic Con verse sneaker ad mentioned in video above (59 seconds):

Below: D an B * n gi no chats with D e S antis, stop c * vid insanity (6 mins):

Below: UFO Man Saturday night livestream (1 hr 38 mins):

Below: UFO Man, 2 sightings: 1) are they drones? 2)UFO over Mongolia (2 mins; 3 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: swamp is being drained! (56 mins):

2 thoughts on “And What A Fine SUnny Monday it Is!!”

  1. Good morning☀️ Thank you for posting the Desantis / Bongino interview. I am profoundly grateful to be living in Florida. He is so sane in a sea of draconian governors. You wouldn’t believe how many northerners (blue states) are fleeing down here. It is particularly disconcerting to see so many California license plates. And don’t believe the faux news that says we are shattering the covid records. NOPE! We are generally healthy and well! School starts Tuesday – unmasked! Pray for the rest of the country that they see our freedom / liberty and see the light. Blessings!

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