Kicks just Keep Getting harder to Find

Okay, gang. I am really unbelievably exhausted. The hits just keep on coming.

Before I get too deep into anything here — this is an amazing video. It is only 5 minutes long and is the perfect video to share with anyone you know who is still on the fence about what is really going on right now.

Especially older people, who have spent their whole lives believing the TV news and the Government. This video could be a game-changer for them. It does not provoke; it simply asks very important questions to help people think.

Okay. What can I say? I’m just worn out.

I am still in communications with Amazon, trying to get them to remove that darn eBook that has my name on it — that I did not write. It is selling like hotcakes, so that’s so nice. Isn’t it? They have banned my two newest books for offensive content, yet something that has my name on it that is not connected to me in any way whatsoever, sells great.

Then I got to work, only to get an alert on my phone that someone has used my debit card fraudulently somewhere (to buy a bus ticket!!), and now my card is blocked until they can send me a new one. (10 days.) All the money I have in the world is, of course, in that tiny bank account and now it will be impossible to get at it without going to the physical bank and taking out cash in person.

Like I have all the time in the world to do that, right?

It actually finally made me cry, there at work in the break room. I am really feeling targeted. Plus, I really had just had it with all the fraud and the unbelievable tightness of money right now.

Thankfully, the owner of the store lent me (cash) money for the next 2 weeks (until payday).

I am just so fucking stressed these days, and the news just keeps getting more and more alarming.

All right. Well. I am only going to share with you what I think is the most important stuff to look at it right now, okay? Trust me, there is tons of really frightening news out there. But I don’t think we need to know all of it to get through our day.

In D C, a fourth Capitol Police officer has now “committed suicide”. I feel so bad for the families of these men. They must be terrified. No way are these men committing suicide. They simply know too much about what really happened on Jan. 6 th.

In NY, C u om o was found guilty of sex u al har r a ss ment of multiple women. In a very characteristic move, he says he “didn’t do it.” Nothing will likely come from all this, but I’m not sure I care. What I am waiting for is for him, and all the hospitals in NYC, to be found guilty of murdering hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers in 2020 who did NOT have c * vid– and C u o mo, and the doctors and the nurses knew it. They deprived the patients of the nutrition and medicine that would help them live, they deprived them of friends and family members, even deprived them of autopsies. Put them on ventilators that literally made them die.

I don’t care if I have to live to be 102 just to see that happen, but I want to be alive when they find them all guilty of all those deaths.

In other news…. co d e mon key z’s video yesterday was a whistleblower inside do min ion, proving that the v* tin g machines are rigged. (The video is short and can be seen in x 2 2 re port and r e d p il l 7 8 news below.)

At Good Lion TV, the Murder of I s a a c K ap p y Part 3 is up!

[17] The Storm Rider had this to say yesterday about who is funding the c d c:

“Who exactly FUNDS the C D C?
Well, I wanted to know, so I made this list of notables compiled from the huge list found on their website.
-Bank of Commerce
-Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
-Cambridge University Press
-Charles Schwabb Corp
-Cisco Systems
-Citi Bank
-Coca Cola
-CNN/ Time Warner
-Data Processing Management Inc
-Delta Airlines
-Diazyme Labs
-E.T. enterprises
-General Electric
-General Mills
-General Motors
-Government of Canada
-Hampton Inn
-Hilton Hotels
-Infectious Disease Counsultants Inc
-Johnson and Johnson
-Liberty Mutual

  • MailChimp
    -NY society of Infectious Diseases
    -NorthAmerican Vaccine Inc
    -Oxford University
    -Proctor&Gamble (PG)
    -Quaker Oats
    -Quest Diagnostics
    -Trojan Condoms
    -World Health Communications Inc

All of these companies have played a role in the pandemic.
I find some extremely alarming in that they appear to have benefited GREATLY from it over the course of the last year and a half.

ALL of these corporations should be investigated for conflict of interest.
Does the CDC have a board of non-affiliated citizens to audit their funding?
Where is the oversight?
Is it an internal committee?
That in and of itself is a conflict of interest.

Links for those who wish to seek more companies and labs that fund this crooked agency:

Okay. So that is it for today, gang. Have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

( Paul Revere & the Raiders, “Kicks Just Keep Getting Harder To Find.”)


Below: S t e w p e t ers: 4 cops “suicide” themselves (11 mins):

Below: s t e w p e t ers: Ca nad a also reveals that c * vid is a hoax! (17 mins):

Below: C u omo guilty of sex harrass ment; says he didn’t do it; nothing will likely be done about it (6 mins):

Below: Constitutional Sheriffs of America making incredible headway (1 min):

Below: Greece keeps fighting back (4 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las V en iamin chats with Mel K (53 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news update: good luck Colorado, you’ll need it! (21 mins):

Below: Health Impact News: Lies and the lying liars who tell them (c d c)! (10 mins):

Below: P a trio t s tre e t fighter and Dave Sc ar l ett (1 hr):

Below: FF at the Pentagon? From what I heard, ar r est s were made in there yesterday (8 mins)

Below: J * co update (1 hr 26 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: they never thought she would lose now it’s all timing (47 mins):

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