Oh, There I Am !

Sorry I’m late, gang.

Life is difficult.

But on we go, right?

First things first. My boss at the store has been suffering from “bad allergies” for a couple of days. I don’t want to be the one to tell her she possibly caught a cold because apparently she doesn’t want to actually be sick. “Just allergies.” Yet, somehow, I caught her “allergies.”

So I’ve been fighting a cold. but the amazing news is that hydroxychloroquine literally cures the common cold, gang. It actually does.

As soon as I got that sore throat/extreme fatigue/runny nose stuff, I doubled up on the HCQ and– voila! — the cold is not manifesting! All the symptoms disappeared immediately. The only thing left is that I still feel a little tired.

If you live in the U S, where you can only get HCQ with a doctor’s prescription, and you still do not know how to make your own hydroxychloroquine, it is incredibly simple:

  • 3 grapefruits (preferably organic)
  • 3 lemons (preferably organic)
  • 10 cups of purified water

Peel the lemons and grapefruits, keeping only the peels. Simmer them for 3 hours in a stainless steel pot with a glass lid (no steam-escape valve); then cool at least 2 hours. Strain. Throw out the peels, the liquid that remains is your HCQ and it can be kept frozen in glass jars to thaw when you need it.

It really, really works.

I made some more last night (and I think it smells great while it’s simmering). And this morning, I started the process of making elderberry syrup for the fall/winter seasons.

That is super easy to make, too. Elderberry syrup is an incredible immunity booster, gang!

  • 1 pound of elderberries (preferably organic)
  • 1 quart of apple cider vinegar (with the “mother,” preferably organic)

Put all the elderberries and all the cider vinegar in a glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid. (You can add whole cloves, too, if you have any). Keep in a cool dark place for several weeks, shaking the bottle gently from time to time.

When you’re ready to use it, strain it and put it back into the bottle but add local raw honey — and propolis, if you can get it.

Take 1 tablespoon daily, during flu and cold season.

(An example of propolis, if you don’t know what it is):

Propolis Raw Chunks at Rs 1900/pack | Bee Products ...

Okay. So I slept in this morning. And now laundry is underway here, so that’s been my morning, and now, here I am.

An update on Amazon. I received an email from them yesterday, telling me to allow 5 more days for them to investigate my complaint about the erotic eBook that’s fraudulently using my name.

I was thinking how easy it was for them to ban my two most recent erotic eBooks — 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and Half-Moon Bride (still available as eBooks at lulu.com) — yet it is taking forever for them to remove a fraudulent eBook that was selling like hotcakes. Until my review was posted, which says it is not connected to me. And so sales have now plummeted, thank goodness.

Anyway. It is beyond frustrating how quickly they respond when it hurts my career, and how slowly they respond when it hurts my career.

I am happy that 1954 Powder Blue Pickup is still being sold in a print edition on Amazon, but I am a little devastated that they are now listing it as “out of print.”

It is impossible for it to be out of print. It will never be out of print, because it is sold as print on demand. By them. And they know it.

Not only that, it is selling better than any of my other listed books except for Twilight of the Immortal, but Amazon now has it listed way at the bottom of page 2 of all my available books on Amazon. Encouraging you to not even bother trying to buy it. Encouraging you to believe it barely exists.

So, if you thought I was exaggerating yesterday when I said I was feeling targeted, you might want to re-think that.

In addition to what is going on at Amazon — my newest publisher, which I absolutely loved, had to suddenly fold a few months ago. And now I can no longer get paid by the Swedish company because of problems with the banking systems, so that avenue for my short stories has dried up. And the only new publisher I’ve had recently is “gratis” — I contributed an original autobiographical essay to an upcoming collection that pays only in contributor eBook copies. (Which is as about as exciting as the actual Word file of the essay, which of course, I already have…)

As heartbreaking as all of this is for me, there is not much else I can do except move forward and keep on writing and keep on trying to self-publish.

Okay. As far as the world goes…

There is still SO MUCH bad news, gang. Unbelievable fires everywhere and still horrific floods and food and water shortages and threats of v ax passports worldwide that are causing more and more protests to become violent.

Much trouble going on with those who got the actual (fake) va x now getting seriously ill, if they aren’t already dead. And still more and more countries pushing that v a x hard on the un va x ed.

Below: This is a must watch video! 2 minutes. (With an added bonus: Johnny Cash singing that great Moby song, “Run On.”)

And [17] The Storm Rider published this yesterday, in case you are still feeling confused about why Tr ***p even pushed these va xes in the first place. The alternative would have been unthinkable:

“Why did Tr ***p release the vax es???

“As you know now The D** P ST* TE C a B a L had long ago planned to kill billions through a pandemic that was planned long ago.. ( you can find several sources through LOCKSTEP>ROCK * FELLERS plan/G a TES several interviews and speeches to reduce world population/GEORGIA GUIDESTONES/FAUX CHI assured speech that a Pandemic was coming for tr*** p administration/all the patents owning the Corona virus(SARS)..ect.ect.ect.”‘ ” ” ” ” ” …….)

“WHEN TR** P released the va x es in record speed….it completely disrupted the D** P ST* TE C a B a L plans…( Their original plans was to kill and enslave humanity through 5 years of torture/full l* ckd * wns/martial LAWS/mental psychological ops >[MSM] EXTREME EXTREME FAKE DEATH COVERAGES WORLD WIDE >>MOCKINGBIRD<<//[THEY] had other plans to get billions addicted to opioids and deadly medications (that [they] said would combat the virus) that would create deaths and bring People into Severe psychosis (no more production of dopamine/serotonin/oxytocin/endorphins/)..
_by the second year of l * ckd * wns medication including methamphetamines (Speed) DANGEROUS Sleeping pills, Painkillers, and 15 deadly other medications with bring billions into psychosis/deadly depression/suicides/and stop the production of the Pineal Gland.
The drugs alone combined would stop the body from recovery/self Healing and bring the body into chaos and easily sickened by outside sources, such as cancerous products in food and poisonous additives in products, food.
_Years into the l *ckd * wns the deaths from the FORCED medication and psychological torturer lockdowns and removal of essential fruits, meats, vegetables and grains would ensure sickness and deaths.

“WHEN TR** P released the va x es… He destroyed the M o L o CH WORLD SACRIFICE S A TA N IC D** P ST * TE PLANS to torture and Kill billions through a Systematic genocidal Agenda… And the children would have suffered publicly also legally addicted to FORCED deadly medications and overdose ( the torture they would endure would insure hospitalization that would induce more torture and pain producing>>> AD RE NO C H ROME<<(ultimate plan)///..

“By Tr ** p releasing the Va x es he Countered the D ** P ST * TE C a b a L PLANS..
And they were forced to spend TRILLIONS across the world creating the va x es… Much of the va x es are [FAKE] saline.. But also many are real and laced with mRNA and deadly compounds… That’s why they keep wanting you to take more and more v a x es….( Because they are still producing the real mRNA, nano by-products of deadly additives ( to insure sickness and death and biotechnology engineering control>>In it’s first Stages}

“WHEN Tr ** P released the v a x es.. Half of Tr ** p supporters also had great fear of the C* VID ^^ 1 9 and believed in FAUX CHI and W H O and believed in the scamdemic…Tr*** p couldn’t loose these supporters (later their is a plan to correct the Va x INATED 2022 )/

“WHEN TR** P released the va x es the medical Mafia went into PANIC.. They weren’t ready…. And lost TRILLIONS of dollars and in February the World went into spiral in the economy… This was all PLANNED…. This created a ripple effect through D** P ST* TE money lines and ties and hidden GOLD/ MONEY/ CRYPTOCURRENCY hit the markets …… WAS A STING OPERATION to find all the SLEEPERS and see where the money was at that was funding the DS in many major countries.

WHEN TR*** P release The V a x es that d ** p st * te came into confusion/ PANIC/ and this created so many mistakes…. That effected the medical Mafia and scientific PAID OWNED community…. And is on going…
EXPOSURE EXPOSURE leaks leaks is happening and even M S M is reporting things they would have never Reported last year.



everything he is doing now is optics…. It’s not for you!!! It’s for them!!!…. _ he’s playing both sides of the game….




Okay, so that’s cheery, right?

But PLEASE WATCH these two videos!! They explain so much and will give you courage, okay?

I posted this a few weeks back, but here it is again. The heroic Dr. Reiner Fuellmich giving an update via satellite at a London protest (10 mins):

This is new, from this morning. Pryme Min i st er, Ch * lie W * rd and S* mon P * rkes chat. Very, very encouraging!! (38 mins):

And with that, I will leave you and get back to the laundry! Have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. hang in there. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: R * d P * ll 7 8 news update (15 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at c u om a and Penta gon F F (13 mins):

Below: Monk ey W * r x flight pattern updates: More illegals coming to your States!! (33 mins):

Below: From a couple days ago, but this is incredibly exciting: Mel K and Michael L talk frequencies and hidden science ( 1 hr):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Not everything will be clean, this is war (1 hr):

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