Heads UP!! LiarS on the horizon!

Okay, gang. As near as I can tell, everyone is expecting the fake B * den to declare a national l*ck d*wn for the US on August 11th, because of the fake c *v id fake v a riant, and too many sick people who got the fake v a x running around being super spreaders.

However, beginning August 10th and running nonstop through August 12th, M*ke L * nd el l is, of course, running his 72 hour cyber symposium, where he is also offering 5 million dollars to any attendee who can prove that any of his cyber data is not valid data from the n o v 20 2 0 el e c tion. [details here]

Methinks this is just more furious gesticulating on the fake b* den’s part to try to get you to look the other way.

I guess we’ll see. My advice would be to just stand your ground and ignore any fake l* ck d* wns. (Oh! Unless of course they lay me off and want me to file for unemployment, wherein I would make literally tons more money than I make working an actual job….)

Also on August 11th, a nationwide walk-out at noon! Sy d ney P o well is asking you to:

“Peacefully walk out of your place of employment or school if you are being forced to get va x ed.

“Even if you are not being forced, yet, stand with those who have been placed in the horrible situation by our government. Stand for the freedom to make your own decisions about your health

“Almost nothing the government has said or done to this country in the 18 months has made sense. It is constantly changing what it wants us to do based on how willing we are to just go along. At this point nothing our “leaders” are demanding is based on science. It is based on control. How much freedom are we willing to give up?

“We ask you to push back. Stand up. Walk out on Wednesday.”

[details are here]

Meanwhile, France is protesting again this weekend (36 seconds):

5G towers are allegedly being taken out by energy weapons (awesome, check it out) (1 min):

However, Those horrible ca li for nia fires are also being set by directed energy weapons (this is a rough one to watch, gang; these are people’s homes, people’s lives, up in flames on purpose) J * co update (41 mins):

This is really old but I’m stunned we are still able to view it on Y T.

I don’t post too much of this kind of stuff to the blog because it is depressing. But this is about ritual kil lin g s and b l o o d s a c r i fi ces made in connection with famous entertainers in the s a t a ni c cult. If you aren’t yet aware of this stuff, let’s just say it’s awful (5 mins — part 2 of 9):

This was incredible. X * 2 r * port chats with lawyer Tho m as R e nz about his many lawsuits against the Government regard ing the scam c* vid pan dem ic and the fake va x es (33 mins):

Sarah Westa ll chats with ma ry F an nin g regarding Absolute P ro o f and Absolute P er il (1 hr):

There is also all kinds of stuff coming out now about the organ harvesting of fetuses and babies through Pl a n n ed P ar e nt hood and also in ch * n a. I won’t link those. Likely, you can easily find it yourself (including last night’s X * 2 R * port). It is just too much for me to have in detail on my blog.

I will say that I think it’s good that more and more of this stuff is getting out there, but it really is just so horrible. Babies conceived in the rape of children and then born underground, kept alive strictly to harvest their organs. Fetal tissue and fetal body parts being used to graft onto living animals just to see what sort of monsters they can make by playing the anti-God.

In other news, apparently S * s an R * ce was hanged at gi tm o. When they release a video updating that, I’ll post it here.

More news that 95-99% of all hospitalizations in i s r a el and au stra lia are fully v a x ed c * vid pa tients.

In happier news:

History of the tetrahedron UFO seen over the Kremlin several years ago; interview with one of the people who saw it (13 mins):

Submarine bases underneath the desert (12 mins):

UFO Man: two videos: sighting over Colorado Springs ( 2mins); then alien or cryptid sighting in Polish woods (4 mins):

And then Tarot by Janine and Ashely take a deep dive look at discovery of lost continents! (17 mins):

Okay, that’s it for now, gang. Keep in mind that the upcoming week should be intense. But hold the line and fight back. We might not know yet what the whole truth is, and we may not be able to handle the whole truth, frankly. But at least we know the current lies and we know most of the lying liars who are telling them.

Have a good Saturday, whatever is left of it, okay? Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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