Thar’ She Blows, baby!

Oh my god, when is enough going to be enough?

Okay, so I’m hoping that you know by now that the c d c and the f d a are not government organizations. They are r o ck e f e ll e r organizations, designed and implemented to control the nation and make bi g ph ar ma (also known as r o ck e f e ll e r) even richer than they already are.

(I know — how can anything on Earth be richer than big ph a rma??!!)

Anyway. I digress.

Let’s also recall that there is no such virus as the C* vid ^^ 19 thingie. It has never been isolated in a Petrie dish or under a microscope, or seen to actually replicate. It exists digitally. Looks a little like this, depending on which patent for it you own:

There was a flu-like thing, 17 months ago. I caught it, too, and it wasn’t fun but it was nothing worthy of a pandemic. Nothing that a dangerous “variant” can spring from, and the antibodies you develop against it are long-lasting. Only more flus and more common colds are out there waiting; that’s it. And they are curable, especially when caught early and if you have no underlying serious health conditions.

That said, I wonder why the c d c is already building concentration camps, nationwide, for all of us who might be elderly, or compromised with health issues, or who aren’t va x ed against this horrible non-existent non-life-threatening v i r u s? (A throwback to O b a m a ‘s FEMA camps; wonder when the SMART guillotines will arrive?)

They are now calling them “Green Zones” and are part of their “Shielding Approach.” It is horrific. The actual c d c documents are readily viewable online. Or you can watch this, if you have nerves of steel (9 mins):

Or, I guess you could just look at this. Sadly, it’s in black & white, but had it been in color, it looks like it was really green there (Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp ,1945):

And in a non-sarcastic, serious tone: this is what’s actually happening to the 12-17 year-olds out there who are getting va x ed f or no reason whatsoever: They are getting really serious heart problems and a l ot of them are already dead. Healthy children, now dead.

St e w P e t er s, among others worldwide, are calling for child abuse and even manslaughter charges to be brought against parents who are still getting their kids v a x ed despite all evidence that the vax e s can be deadly (22 mins):

Here’s some good news, though. Allegedly, S u s an R * ce was indeed hanged at g it mo (3 mins): (Well, hmmm. For some reason, they won’t let me embed it. Click the link to watch it instead. It will do your heart good.)


M o n ke y w * r x had more flight tracking yesterday afternoon; Naval stuff happening out there big time. War, anyone? Who knows… (30 mins):

And in connection to what he says about the very many volcanoes set to blow worldwide, here’s this. It’s real; for Alaska and Hawaii (2 mins):

Protests in Poland, so that’s nice!! (1 min):

Both Nancy Drew and Richard Citi z en journ alist had footage of black hawk mi li tary in D C yesterday — “emergency training” (6 mins):

And this is fun for a Sunday morning; early photos vs. post-plastic surgery fame — was kid-man a man? (5 mins):

Also fun: Oops! No one likes her!! Subway franchises beg corporate to pull Rapinoe ads because she’s killing the business (5 mins):

And you know by now how I spend my Saturday nights! UFO Man Saturday Night livestream (1 hr 35 mins):

Okay, that’s it for Sunday morning. The church bells are ringing outside my open windows so I’m gonna start chilling here and enjoying Sunday! Hang in there. It is going to get off-the-charts intense this week, I think. It’s all lies and optics — good & bad. We have to get to the other side of this without giving in or giving up.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

(Oh, and don’t forget!! Sing it loud. It changes your perspective on everything!)

(Oh, and if you’re not into the hymn- stuff, sing this instead!)

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