Unexpected Accidents Can be Deadly

Okay, gang. Way too much news this morning, so I’m going to sort of just post away. Here’s hoping it all makes sense.

By now, you may know that comedian t r e v o r mo o r e died Friday from an “unexpected accident.” Anything whatsoever sound fishy about that? (Just sayin’ — keep in mind, d ** p st * te loves to create all manner of creative deaths by hangings… hmmm. a u to e r toi c a sphy x ia is a sort of hanging.)

Here’s info on why he likely met with an unexpected accident (2 mins):

I always try to urge people to never shop at W * l m ar t. They are involved in worldwide s e x tr a f f c king of children. Now they are even advertising it on their web site, doing it the old w a y f a r e r way. (It turns out, they own w a y f a r er anyway.) I can’t embed this so check out the posting here.

Also, if you are keeping up with D e v o lu tion by p a t el p*trio t, Part 8 is now available. You can read it here (also parts 1-7).

Ri ch ar d cit i z en journ alist & friends have been going around filming hospital parking lots, showing that they are all nearly empty. Where’s that horrible spike in c* vid variants?? Not in the U S, apparently.

Yesterday, Pepe Lives Matter on te le gr am had great footage of Italians burning their v a x pass ports in public protests.

And also, A m a z ing P o l l y alerted us that, for some reason, all over the planet, exactly “233 new cases of c * vid” keeps popping up everywhere. Odd, isn’t it? Almost sounds like it’s dis-info getting liberally planted…

And I basically won’t say anything about that ridiculous “O b a m a birthday” because almost everyone on the guest list has either been e x e cu ted already or is in gitmo, or in Honduras, or in Greenland, or Tiera del Fuego, or Diego Garcia….(except for his 2 allegedly illegally-adopted daughters, who are said to be in safe homes.)

I finally got around to watching Part 3 of the Murder of I ss a c K a p py by Good Lion TV and they make an interesting case for his murder to maybe be a white hat protective custody type of thing. I guess we’ll see. Someday.

S* mon P * rkes had an update last evening that was very encouraging (1 hr 11 mins):

In Germany, 30-40% of new autopsies revealed that the va x is what killed them. They also autopsied an elderly man, finding that spike proteins from the v a x had invaded every organ in his body (mirrored) (13 mins):

ABOVE: Dr. Z el en ko warns is r ael what the d**p st * t e is doing to their children (33 mins).

Below: another J an 6 th f b i f al se flag exposed (1 min):

In case you hadn’t heard, P * trio t str eet fighter’s dad, the general, who had suffered a stroke after being caught up in that bio weapon attack in PA that also temporarily took out Scott, S a ch a st one, and most of the audience, died late Friday night .

Very sad. This is an intense month.

Nancy Drew saw an absolutely jammed- full parking lot of na tional gu ard at Annapolis yesterday (5 mins):

Remember to expect a rough week, gang, the world over. Watch for M * ke L *n dell fireworks, A Z audit fireworks. Potential national l * ck d*wn fireworks. Ju li an A s s a n ge fireworks. And maybe some more unexpected lethal accidents. But keep your frequencies as high as possible. There is a very good outlook at the other side of all this.

Here are 4 minutes that hopefully spell the end of the e u so that they can go back to being their own sovereign nations again:

More fires on Earth now than have ever been recorded at one time. Some white hats, some black hats, gang. But mostly white hats from what I’m hearing. (17 mins):

Tarot by Janine does a zodiac spread on the world for the upcoming year (23 mins):

X * 2 Special Sunday r * port: (44 mins):

Okay. that’s it for today. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

Enlightenment Frequencies Binaural beats (ongoing):

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