take A break & Turn Off that Phone!

All right, gang. August 11th. It promises to be an intense day.

EBS is supposed to do a test today and we are being urged to turn off our phones. I’m playing it safe, and turning it off.

A s s ange is supposed to have some sort of hearing today. the man who sealed his fate before has since admitted that he lied, so let’s see what happens.

This went viral yesterday– the opening of L* n de l l’s sym po siu m. it’s great. If you know anyone still disbelieving there was fr * ud in the 2 0 2 0, show them this video. 22 mins.

The sy mp siu m of course was hacked and could then only be watched on R S B N rumble channel. It gets difficult to watch because it gets flooded with people. Last evening, over 400,000. Here is the channel, though, SYm pos i u m lasts through tomorrow.


Okay, so by now, we all know that as soon as the s y m po s ium got under way yesterday, the (fake, in my opinion) c u om a resigned. I do believe the real c u o ma is under arrest somewhere. But he has officially resigned, regardless.

Please keep in mind that this kind of “big news” is timed to keep your attention off A Z and the sy m po sium.

It is also “Walk Out Wednesday” if you want to support anyone being forced to get the v a x. Walk Out of the job or school at noon today.

Okay, I’m gonna scoot. I have stuff I have to do. And I will be late posting here tomorrow, but I will post more in depth then.

Be alert. Stay mindful of who wants your attention and why. Hold your ground. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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