Another Beautiful Sunday!

Welcome to another Sunday in mid-August, where the news could not be worse. Or could it?

I have to tell you, gang, something is going on but I can’t figure out what.

The worst news, of course, comes out of ha i ti. One month ago, the d**p st*te assassinated Jo ve nel M oïs e, for refusing to allow the fake v ax into his country. Plus, he also had all the goods on the cl * ntons, et al, and how the last horrific earthquake to hit h a iti was H AA R P-induced, to rob h a i ti blind and put all of its children into the s e x s la ve tr a de.

A month after his a s s ass in ation, not only did the fake vax es finally flood ha it i, but now another terrible earthquake & tsunami. Death toll at 227 and rising.

You try to figure that out, okay? Hand of God or hand of mini- H A A R P? Either way, pray for those poor people.

Of course, the t a li ban has been successful in overtaking a f gha ni st an. (They are allegedly anti-va x, by the way.) Also allegedly, they have already gone door to door, rounding up any teenage girls and abducting the m for the s e x sl a ve market, while also allegedly telling all women to get to a safe place.

Which is it? Are they abducting young girls or are they telling women to get to a safe place?

Meanwhile, keep in mind that p u t in, j i, and tr**p are allies ( j i, himself– not the c c p), with literally tons of war ships and troops (including ours) all over the place. So how come it’s almost as if the ta li ban walked in and took over k a bu l? With the fake b* den doing nothing and the real Tr**p saying “miss me yet”?

What’s up with that?

Meanwhile, actual video footage from the phones of private U S citizens in D C, showing that they are indeed sprucing up the w h it e house, that a U S Marine is once again guarding the door — after nobody having been at home there in months. The fountain is back on. The streets surrounding the W H are under tons of construction. (I’m guessing fortifying the roads after the tunnels were taken down, but that’s just my gut opinion.) The key part of all this, though, is that some of these citizens with phones are claiming that they saw Tr ***p there.

Almost as if, you know — he’s the pr e s i dent and he’s living in the w h i t e house…

While all news sources report that the fake b * den is in D E having a summer vacation…

You’ve got f o x news saying in no uncertain terms: Tr **p is coming back; get used to it. Hmm. What is that about?

And the D ur ham r* port! What’s up with that? We have m s m claiming he is actively in front of a Grand Jury, putting forth evidence and handing out more indictments…. But Tr**p says: “Where’s D u r ha m?”

We also have reports that — worldwide — there have been a total of 2,700,000 executions for crimes against humanity — so far. (P o li t ic ians, ro y a ls, Va ti can, i ll u mi nat i.) Not only is that Nuremberg 2.0, that’s like Galactic Nuremberg 2.0. In the first Nuremberg trial (hopefully this will be the last), there were 37 out of 199 actually sentenced to death…

There are unbelievable (literally) government man dates re: fake c * vid and the real bio weapon v a x popping up all over the place. The worst being U K, NYC, the U S M * l i tary, the e u, and some western States in the U S. (There are actually still places in the U S where they are mandating m *sks and practicing social distancing, etc. The rest of us, regardless of who we voted for, thank God, are saying: Are you fucking kidding me?)

Do the research, people! Don’t live on your fucking knees! (Although, sadly, as ch * r lie w * rd pointed out to Jason [17] yesterday, there are still grown-up, intelligent people who don’t even know how to access Bitchute and see the rest of the news…)

As a “good news” follow-up to L * n dell’s symposium (where a huge amount of how the v *t e fr* ud was accomplished was revealed — and where chaos attempted to reign, but did not, and where L *n dell was physically attacked outside his hotel by a n t * fa but prevailed): A Z s e n a t or w e n d y r * gers announces the formation of the E l * ction In tegrity Caucus, consisting of lawmakers from all 50 States!

So that’s great news. Seems like everyone, everywhere is going to have to start getting onboard… (Sorry, no sleeper cars are available on this train.)

But pretty much, everyone else has really bad news to share today. And I mean everyone. So guess what? No videos. Have a beautiful Sunday today instead!! The bad news can wait.

I leave you with your choice of “Beautiful Sunday” by Daniel Boone, 1972:

Or this favorite in all times of stress & difficulty: Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart’s version of “People Get Ready” (“You don’t need no ticket, you just thank the Lord…”) :

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a beautiful day. I love you guys, See ya!

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