Let’s Do the Math!

Okay, gang.

I’m still trying to get a feel for what’s actually going on.

Cir st en w reported yesterday that Tr***p is expected back “sometime after Aug. 21st.” She also said that many ar r e s t s have been happening since Aug 7th and will continue through next weekend (Aug. 22, as it turns out — the date that f o x news c laimed Tr **p would be “reinstated”). Cir sten also said that a lot of those ar rests happening now are taking out main stream me dia players. (Probably the reason why r a ch el ma d d ow is not wanting to “renew her contract” with m s n b c … guess we’ll eventually find out.)

But I want to draw your attention to this. It supposedly happened yesterday afternoon. A se na te p ress conference. Truth bombs are dropped beyond belief, gang. The U S s e n a te, all right? And if you listen to the Q & A at the end, almost sounds like the old m s m players are no longer heckling in that crowd (15 mins):

Meanwhile, Tr **p is calling on the fake b * den to resign. (Tr **p is also il do na ld o tr u m po on te le g ram, and is still posting all his funny memes, especially about the t ali ban taking over ka bul, even while the t a l i ban IS taking over k a bu l — so we have to once again ask : “What’s up with that?”) Anyway:

When we deconstruct this, gang, we have to consider that there are now 32 countries in the Allied Nations, including, of course, the U S, Rus s ia, ch * na, and in dia. Major players in the war department, with troops all over the place.

B* den is fake and his whole Admin is fake and his “woke” generals are (allegedly) fake and everyone knows this (except a bunch of sound asleep Americans), and most of c on gr e s s is apparently behind bars now, if not already ex e c uted for H igh trea son and other sundry awful things.

The U S courts are now mandating that something be done about the b or der, and no longer letting people come up through Mexico. And m s m is beginning to report on the adverse reactions to the v a x!!

So, really, gang: what is up??

Do those news videos coming out of k a bul look like the fall of Saigon on purpose???

R ic h ard ci ti zen jou rna list had some very interesting footage posted on t el e gram adn YT this morning. A long line of m * li tary tanks in Acworth G A! (2 mins):

And how about this:

From ch * r lie w * rd telegram

It seems like — scary as it no doubt is for anyone in k a bul right now — this “take over” is another one of those “look over here and not at what’s really happening” moments.

This is still in fact really happening: worldwide currency revaluation for Q F S (24 mins):

And this is maybe not “really happening”, but something just like it probably did: a d a m sc h iff dies by firing squad (3 mins):

And let me just take a personal moment to urge you to NOT BUY THIS eBook! They’re at it again, gang. Someone on Amazon has attached my name to an eBook I had nothing to do with. This new one is selling like hotcakes, too. I am in talks with Amazon to take it down. (So funny how quickly they ban my actual books, and still take forever to take down this plagiarized nonsense. I can only guess that whoever is posting these eBooks is the same person who asked that my real books be banned for offensive content, to eliminate the competition…):

NOT written by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

If you know my erotic work at all, gang, you know that I would never come up with a crass title like this one.

Anyway. Not sure why they are going after me. But I’m glad that my name is earning them some cash. They must really need it.

And I’m back on the i v er me c tin protocol. I am once again under attack from spike proteins! I awoke at 3am Saturday morning, unable to catch my breath and my right ovary was screaming at me again. Luckily, I always have i v er me c tin on hand now. So I guess, on we go. I’m getting kind of used to this now.

“Nancy Drew” was out and about yesterday. More footage of the W H. A ton of stuff is happening there, gang. Construction, etc., although the heavy machinery has now been removed from the roads and surrounding grounds. She says the C ap it ol is absolutely empty. Not a single car is parked there. No f b i, no c i a, no nothing. Below are 5 mins. of the W H, and then 7 mins of the British Embassy in D C (it’s “being torn to shreds” and the place “screams terrible energy”).

All right, that’s it for today, gang. Enjoy your Monday! Thanks for visiting. Stay alert. Try to look in the opposite directions of wherever they are asking you to focus. You could learn a lot. OKAY. I love you guys. See ya.

Below: X * 2 r * port: America will be unified again (1 hr):

2 thoughts on “Let’s Do the Math!”

  1. Remember? Rachel Kosanovic June to August 2008. Reversed TBI sent me back to who I was before 2003.
    Vietnam to Afghanistan seems I can’t get on a winning team

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