Let’s just Stick With This & See Where it Goes!

Okay, gang. I’m doing a double-post tonight because I have to be out early tomorrow morning and won’t be able to post then.

There is still a lot of outcry regarding f d a allegedly approving the P f * zer va x. and some podcasters even changing their tune.

However, Dr. M al one, Inventor of m R N A vaccines and RNA as a drug, “Bench to Bedside” vaccines and biologics consulting, has stated on tw * tter and on the W ar Room that there are two different v a xes, one from P F * zer and one from Bi o N tech and these two drugs are purposely being blurred by f d a.

And the tw * tter comment. “F D A Pf * zer authorization (Comirnaty)” […] :I should clarify my title – the FDA authorization is for the BioNtech product (Comirnaty), NOT Pf*zer.”

I guess all we can do is watch this, gang, and try to figure out who is more reliable here — D r. m a lone or f d a/ p f * zer.

Nick Cave put out a really lovely Red Hand File today. It broke my wee little heart! You can read it here. His memories of a bar in Brazil, in the days when his son, Luke, was small. The bar is being torn down.

Nick & Luke Cave in Brazil early 90s

Okay! Allegedly, B * l l g a tes’ tribunal has begun! I love these real raw news stories (8 mins):

Also, S * mon P * rkes has updated for August (40 mins):

P r o jec t V er i tas has a new whistleblower. This one from D H S, about how migrant gang members can get away with the s e x tr a f f ick ing of children. A legal loophole! (17 mins):

Also, the U S S u pr eme Court has ordered that the “Remain in Mexico” policy be re-instated. You can read the Judges’ order on [17]tah’s telegram account.

Source Directives has a new frequency download. This one to remove ph * rm a & va c c ine side- effects; de-program (play this near your glass or pitcher of water, then drink the water to absorb the frequencies):

M a r c E li as is jumping ship ahead of the d ur h am report. [full article here]

And from Lt. Col. W e ndy Rogers, of A Z State Senate:

This week, the audit report will be delivered to the Arizona Senate. And in the coming weeks, the report will be released. Here’s what to expect.

The draft report should be finished this coming week. Then the A Z Senate’s specialized legal team will comb through it. This team includes the auditor, Senate president, Senate Judiciary chair, attorneys, and key Senate staff.

“They will verify the draft for accuracy, proof of documentation, and clarity. The A Z Senate will only issue a report that can be proven and is void of possible misinterpretation.

“Once these specialized Senate experts fully examine this report, the auditors will then prepare the final report, which will be presented to A Z Senate Judiciary Committee and the public.

“[…} Senate President K a ren Fa n n warned of Ma ric*pa County forensic audit, ‘If there was something that was done inappropriately, if it was done criminally, I’m gonna turn it over to the attorney general’s office. We have a department there, a division that deals with election integrity.”

“‘I’d like to turn it over to them and let them get to the bottom of whatever we find. We will turn a lot of that over,’ she indicated.

“‘If we find that some of our procedures just aren’t working very well, then as a senate body, that’s our job to tweak those laws to make sure things aren’t falling between the cracks, that we’re doing this right. Again, this has been nothing more than just election integrity and answering the questions,’ the Arizona senate president added.

All righty!!

This was quite interesting: Melissa Red pill chats with Ni ch olas Ven iamin. Af gh anist an, Tr **p — it’s all biblical (48 mind):

X *2 R * port: If America falls, the world falls (1 hr):

Okay that’s it!! See you on Thursday, folks. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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