All Systems Go, Gang!

Okay, first off, Japan has just suspended use of M o d ern a, due to some sort of possible contamination of 1 million doses.

And now: look at this! From S*mon P*rkes yesterday morning: The new financial system has begun and Z im b ab we is first! (Expecting i r a q to follow, any moment now.)

Next, we’re going to look at n ew z e al and and au st ral ia.

Tuesday, Au gu st 3 1 st 9 AM: to all people there: BOOTS ON THE GROUND! (please watch short video immediately following these instructions for more detailed information about your region, & share ).

The bush t e l e graph system: For Tues Aug 3 1 st 9 AM, Co ordin ated b att le pla ns for all people of aus tr a lia and new zea land: What You Need To Know (15 mins):


As far as I can tell, the agenda I should likely be pushing is: Oh no, the p f * zer v ax has been approved! Vax mandates coming!! We’re helpless!

But I’m still not buying it. Why do some top level research doctors think there were TWO letters, and that there are TWO closely related v ax es? One approved — bio N t ech — that isn’t even in production yet;, and one not so approved, only extended for emergency use — p f * zer — that will put the folks at p f * zer, f d a, in prison for life or worse.

If you’re coming to this blog, you’re already awake. So I say sit back, let the pandemonium play out and wake up more sleepers.

I feel the same way about af gh an ist an. The old corrupt d**p st * te gov ern ment is now OUT, and the c i a and their endless opium war there is now OUT. tr**p-friendly t al i ban is IN.

I can’t speak for anything actually happening on the ground there, or at the k a b *l airport, obviously. But the long view shows me the above-mentioned stuff.

Combine both these things with the fact that the white hats need the American people to topple the fake b*den (boy, Americans sure can SLEEP), and everything simply looks different.

So, in keeping with that outlook:

Below: F D A gaslights the world with fake “approval” (48 mins):

And this next video clip (below) was very informative. Dr. L e e M e r r i tt offers advice to the already-va x ed to add these 2 amino acids to your immunity routine (in addition to N A C, zinc, Vit D3, Vit C):

“DMG (dimethylglycine) is an active amino acid and intermediate metabolite in the one-carbon Choline cycle. Its primary function is to contribute methyl groups for the methylation reactions and provide other essential building blocks. Scientists have been aware of DMG’s potential benefits for over a half-century, and it’s been used to enhance athletic performance for decades.” {full article is here]

Source naturals is my absolute favorite brand for supplements

“Betaine (trimethylglycine) is an active metabolite of Choline in the body and a component of beetroot. It serves a vital role in methylation in the body alongside folate, and is an osmoregulator like Creatine. Betaine is also a possible ergogenic aid.” [more info here]

The m R N A fake- va xes will destroy your immune system, so act right away if you’ve been v a xed. Do not wait until you catch another cold or flu.

Below: Info Wars clip with Dr. L e e M er r i t t from a longer episode: C * vid v ax detox (11 mins):

And on another topic altogether…

I thought this was really interesting, so I signed up. A free webinar on Saturday, Sept 4th at 3PM Eastern Time: I Can Grow Food. (sign up for free at that link)

“How To Grow Lots Of Food In A Grid Down Situation Even If You Have No Experience, Are Older, And Out Of Shape”

“For more than 20 years, Marjory Wildcraft has been the strongest female leader in survival and preparedness. Her passion has been to figure out the best ways to keep your family fed when the trucks have stopped, the stores shut down, and no food is available. She teaches people with no skills how to produce very quickly.”

Another topic…

“Nancy Drew” had a couple of interesting short videos of the W H and 15th & 17th Streets. What’s up over there???!! (Each are about 4 mins):

Okay. So.

Are Bowie, George Michael and Prince really still alive? Sounds like it, gang. This was a really great way to spend an hour and a half. (If you are not into Gematria, stick with it; the video gets seriously interesting the deeper into it you get!) Tarot by Janine, Mikki Klan, Tom Numbers, and Negative 48

And here’s another one from Monday, but with Ch * rlie W *rd and Hammer Girl. Again, the Gematria can get really overwhelming, but stick with it. Incredible information comes out (1hr 12 mins):

I personally think Neg a t ive 48 is connected to some kind of white hat op. He popped up almost out of nowhere and then exploded with P * triot str ee t fighter, Tom Numbers, Ch* rlie Ward, now Tarot by Janine, etc., and he always brings jaw-dropping intel. It’s usually almost more than your brain can process. But you’ve got to wade through all the Gematria, which can simply get overwhelming. To me, anyway.

Below: Part 2 of the interview with John “Smarty” Mendez (aka Sananda Galactic), off-planet founder of Holotech and those Source Directives frequency videos I post here (1 hr):

Below: Mel K chatted with 2 of our favorite warriors: Tom Renz Esq, and Dr. Christiane Northrop (1 hr):

Okay, gang. I’m gonna close and get back to doing the laundry, etc. Things are really reaching peak intensity, the world over, so pick which scenario makes sense to you, from your level of awake or asleep-ness, and keep that in your sites. It will help keep you sane — and maybe even excited about where the future is heading at a rapid pace!

If you are heading out for protests, watch out for tear gas and bullets, rubber or otherwise. Stay alert.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

Below: X * 2 R * port: Fire & fury; OWL (58 mins):

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