How’s That FDA Approval Working Out for you?

Okay, gang, as we saw last night, the D O D , P f * zer, and the fake “B*den Administration” (they will probably go down as my most favorite fake Administration of all time) purposely misled the pubic about the F D A’s stand on E A U.

Pf * zer was not approved. The E A U was extended. There is a 13-page document that you can find here.

It was thrown out there to take attention away from the A Z a* dit results, which were due to be delivered to the A Z Senate yesterday, but only part of it was delivered, due to some c* vid illnesses. But Wednesday is expected to be the day that the rest of the a * dit results will be delivered to the A Z Senate.

Between the A Z a *dit results and the i r a qi d in ar revaluation, expect this to just be a week from hell, news-wise. (False flags, bl ack s wan events & retaliations)

But one great thing coming from all this A f g h an istan chaos is that pretty much the entire world now hates the fake b *den. So we are on schedule, gang. Let’s just try hard not to be distracted by any fake or doctored news — from all sides. For instance, why oh why do we need commercial airliners to rescue stranded Americans from ka bu l? When all other countries got their own people out and have also been assisting getting our people out? ALL OF IT is making b * den look bad…

Also, I just want to remind you that my dad was a Navy S E AL in Vietnam and was there in the helicopters, getting everyone out when Saigon fell. According to him, it was the worst day he had ever seen in his life. And he’d been in and around Vietnam since 1964. The greed, the fear, the selfishness and complete inhumanity of it. The desperation. I’m just not seeing anything reaching that peak right now. Even those guys clinging to the plane as it was taking off — some of those guys running on the runway were smiling and waving at the camera. Literally. Seriously. My gut is still telling me, even if people have been killed over there, we need to be very cautious about what we believe right now. And keep in mind that the goal is to boot the fake b*den out. The American people have to be onboard with that, otherwise it could end up being real chaos and things here in the U S could end up looking like Portland, OR on a massive scale. (And the violent an ti fa/pr ou d boy stuff coming out of Portland upsets me way more than what I see allegedly coming out of k a bu l…)

And now we have our beloved k * mala in Singapore and not coming out… What the heck is up with that??!! Doesn’t she know she’s needed back here, pronto, to become the first female pr e s id ent of the U S as soon as b*den is handed that 25th am mend ment??!! (Even the fake b*den is now saying k* ma la is gonna be pr e s id ent soon…)

Eye on the prize, gang. Eye on the prize. It might be making a hell of a lot of noise, but if it doesn’t quack like a duck, honey, it just ain’t a duck.

Another good thing that came out of yesterday’s false P f * zer agenda: we now know that 50% of all recipients of the P f * zer vax, between Dec. 2020 and March 2021, were indeed receiving saline placebos. This is coming straight from P f * zer P R.

The bad news, though is that P f * zer also stated that the second shot was 10,000 times stronger than the first shot, which is why the 2nd shot is the “kill shot,” gang. Also, this is why they are going so hard promoting the booster. P f * zer is warning that “early recipients are in danger of getting really sick and need the booster.” Which of course means they are trying to get as many of those saline recipients as possible and get another chance at injecting them with the possible “kill shot.”

In the real world, where I actually live, each day, we see more and more customers coming into the store, with more bad reactions to the v ax es. Bell’s Palsy is a big one, gang. It is striking (mostly men) of all ages. And, sadly, a 23 year-old man who worked as a cabinet maker in a store just down the street from us, got his second shot, and within 2 days of receiving it, had a heart attack at the job and then died. He thought he was having a bad asthma attack, so he called his mom to come and take him to the ER. Which she did, but he died before she could get him there.

Every day at the store, more and more awful stories. But more and more people are indeed waking up, saying things like “I got the first shot but no way am I going back for the second.” Or “I’ll quit my job if they mandate this.” Etc. (We, of course, encourage them to stay until they get fired, because it will be better for them in the long run.)

Anyway. We are selling more N A C and quercetin than we can keep in stock. It is literally flying off the shelves. People are driving in from all sorts of small towns, 50 miles away. So many people are waking up now. I honestly don’t know if N A C and zinc and quercetin are going to be able to save people who got both doses of the real thing, but we just keep trying, and we keep praying. When God is in the mix, there is no way of knowing what miracles could happen.

Meanwhile… d r z e l en ko announced that he has cancer again. He is saying that he is grateful for everyone’s prayers, but he is asking people to please take care of their immunity systems, to follow his protocol (zinc, Vit D3, Vit C, quercetin or hy drox ych lor oqu ine) and not to take the va x. (Even if he’s had cancer before, I can’t help but wonder if this new bout is a bio weapon of some kind.)

I also wonder what it’s like at gitmo now, or someplace similar, where all these incarcerated d ** p st * te players know that there are actors playing them back in the States. What the hell does the world like like to them, now? From their POV? Looking at life in prison or a death sentence, and knowing that much of Am erica is still asleep.

Okay. Gotta scoot. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Hang in there and hold the line. According to some interpretations of De v o lution, we could still have several more months of this stuff! All right. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Ch * r lie W * rd, the light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion (1 hr):

Below: Ni ch o las Ven i a min chats about ne s ar / ge s ara, i raq RV, wealth transfer (28 mins):

Below: Short announcement from d r z e len ko; his pleas to everyone (2 mins):

Below: s t ew p e ters, F d a approval is illegal (19 mins):

Below: R * d P * ll 7 8 news update: F D A extends E U A only (12 mins):

Below : x * 2 r * port: shadow players are the deadliest (48 mins):

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