And the insanity COntinues…

All right, gang.

This will probably be a strange post because I am trying to wade through what seems to be “mockingbird me di a” in reverse now.

The white hat agenda being: the Americans have to wake up and demand that the B* den/ H * rris admin be removed for gross incompetency, so that everything can finally be revealed.

In the meantime, it’s looking like Americans still refuse to wake-up. And then last night, on F *x, we have p re s id ent Tr **p giving a speech that sounds & looks like a speech a sitting pre si dent would make to his country; and then we have our alleged pres i dent, the fake B*den, just doing his usual bumbling weird ass shit.

(I have to wonder what the heck that actor(s) who plays b * den thinks to himself privately about Americans. Honestly. I mean, seriously. Who is buying this crap? And it’s been 8 months now.)

Here is a short video clip below of c ir sten w from a few days ago, maintaining that Tr **p will indeed be back (or did come back?) on Aug 22nd, but it is all behind the scenes. he’s sure acting like he’s back. (She is primarily addressing the issue in new z ea land here, but she talks about arr e st s and Tr **p, as well.) (8 mins):

So let’s just keep that in mind.

If this isn’t all staged — even a f gh ani stan — then Tr **p is one heck of a psychic individual, since he predicts everything, right on schedule. (i.e., “wait until the killings start” and then, voila, af g h ani stan…)

Then you have another perfect set up with the fake f d a “approval” and Tr ***p saying yesterday morning, up front & out loud, that P f * zer is running the f d a.

From Ni ch ol as ven iamin’s telegram post:

“I do think that Pf *zer, I will say this, the F D A is bureaucratically run, would have taken five years to get it approved, would have never even had it if it weren’t for me. And I learned things. The F D A is virtually controlled by Pf * zer. Pf * zer has control, not Johnson and Johnson, not Mod * rna, but Pf * zer has control over the FDA. It’s not a good thing.” (Gosh, he’s subtle.)

Hello. Wake up. It’s a sting. It’s a fake approval. There were two letters — where’d that other one go?

It doesn’t actually matter anymore, because it’s ALL m o c king bird me dia now, on all sides. Who knows what the actual news is? it is so hard to wade through it.

Then this popped up last evening. “K* bul airport: Do you Believe the News Reports? Question Everything? Your Thoughts? ” Why is it up there? Over 5000 people have seen it already:

The only person who doesn’t seem to be towing the white hat mo cking bird me dia line right now, is P * trio t str eet fighter, saying that this seems staged, like everything else right now:

(And don’t miss P a trio t street fighter tonight at 6 pm ET! He will have Nega tive 48 back on! As usual, it will probably blow our minds. It will be at this link on YT. Don’t miss!!)

So, as much as I love M ar jo rie T ay lor Gr eene, she has now brought 3 Articles of Impeachment against an actor and some cgi… what’s up with that?

(Oh, this is off topic, but allegedly, Ghi s laine ma x well, tried to barricade herself in the prison conference room, by blocking the door with the cart of legal documents…guessing those legal documents weigh a fucking ton now.)

Also, another D H S whistle blo w er at pr o ject ver itas:

Oh, and this was cool! Moments after I posted that happy update yesterday afternoon — about Germany’s government resigning and now Germany is banning the c vid vaxes for dangerous side-effects, and (if you listen to the German carefully, and not the English translator) Dr. Fuellmich is at the head of the coming health decisions for Germany right now. (If that doesn’t reinforce my belief in my own judgment all these months, nothing will!) [I am talking about yesterday afternoon’s post here]

Anyway, right after I posted that, I watched the video below by Tarot by Janine, where she goes into the situation with Germany and Denmark and calls it “dominoes falling” (!!) — what a confirmation that we’re all sharing One Mind — when we want to access it , that is. (15 mins):

Okay, switching topics.

This was really cool! Coast to Coast AM, The Bosnian Pyramids; 12,000 years old and taller than the ones in Egypt. (41 mins):

And this was cool! Over at Cave Things, Nick Cave, a man who doesn’t necessarily “believe in God,” gifts us with some God pencils! Just in time!!!

And then this was also cool. The first video from the upcoming B-Sides & Rarities Pt. 2 by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds; the song “Vortex” (and don’t forget that the U K tour for Carnage kicks off on Sept. 2nd. You can buy tickets here, but you also have to follow strict C*vid guidelines at each venue.)

Okay, so that’s kind of it, gang. As far as I can tell, the news is still good. Zimbabwe launches the new financial system, i r aq is still expected to follow any day now; the German govt resigns and bans c*vid vaxes; Denmark getting ready to ban c*vid vaxes, as well. The f d a approval of P f* zer is a sting. The A Z audit report is ready to go public soon.

But since we are still asleep — S*mon P * rkes is warning of more black swan events, right around the corner. (And ju an o s av in is still saying we won’t be out of this sleepiness until Oct. 15th, when the market crashes big time…) (Don’t tell me people care more about their (basically worthless now) money??? Go figure!!)

Hang in there, gang. And maybe try setting a bunch of really loud alarm clocks, all over the world!

Have a nice Friday. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Info Wars: F D A approval of v ax was a scam (47 mins):

Below: France — restaurants demand vax pass, they eat in the streets! (28 seconds):

Below: Mel k chats with Michael L: lies, approvals, mandates (52 mins):

Below: Nich o las ven iamin chats with Alan foun tain (29 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: De v o lu tion! (52 mins):

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