A Change in the Weather

All right, gang. If you’ve been coming here over the last few days, you’ll note the vibrational shift.

The best way I can explain it is that I have felt the vibrational shift from being in the thick of the war to now being in the light at the end of the tunnel.

Because of that shift, I am now changing focus again (I do this periodically) to news items or videos that I feel point in the direction of what is coming and not where most people “think we are.”

With that in mind, I also wanted to focus again on the importance of a good immunity system right now.

Flu & cold season is still upcoming. This could be a really difficult one, all recent bio we ap on things considered.

I’ve posted this here tons of times, but in case you’re new here:

Basic Ze l en ko protocol is:

  • Vit C 1000 mgs
  • Vit D3 5000 IUs
  • Quer ce tin 500 mgs
  • Zinc 50 mgs

Take those daily. If possible, add:

  • N A C 600 mgs
  • L-Lysine 500 mgs
  • Colloidal silver nasal spray
  • Activated charcoal (powder or capsules)

If you are feeling a cold or flu coming on, immediately take H C Q twice a day (video here for making it at home. It is SUPER easy and incredibly effective.) Also, do a “shot” once a week to maintain health during cold & flu season.

In a pinch, also try green tea extract supplements (aka: EGCG).

If you have been exposed to v a x ed people who are shedding spike proteins, shikimic acid will kill the spike proteins. You can find this compound in:

  • Star anise tea (preferably homemade)
  • Pine needle tea (preferably made at home from white pine)
  • Dandelion leaf extract tea (homemade preferable, but make sure the leaves are pesticide-free)
  • Fennel seed tea (homemade is best)

It is important to note that while making any of these teas, do not boil the water, just use very hot water. Then cover the tea cup for about 8 minutes before drinking.

Elderberry and echinacea are also a powerful combination for killing cold & flu viruses, or to help build immunity during the cold & flu season. Do not take these plant supplements year-round. They will lose their effectiveness.

And I posted a video about this stuff below a couple months back and, of course, immediately made it and found it to be incredible stuff. Now I always have it on hand. I take it 3 times a week because I am constantly surrounded by people are who fully v a x ed and spike proteins seem to just love me!

This gives you a combination of raw zinc, H C Q, and shikimic acid. It is very similar to making HCQ.

  • 3 grapefruits & 3 lemons (preferably organic)
  • 1 can of beans, mashed (any type, preferably organic)
  • A dash of citric acid
  • 10 cups of purified water
  • A bunch of white pine needles, branch and all

In a large stainless steel pot with a glass lid (no steam escape valve), add the mashed beans and citric acid; squeeze the grapefruits & lemons into the pot and then add them to the pot, rinds and all. Add the water, add the pine needles with the branch. Cover and simmer for 5 hours. Cool for several hours. Strain and then keep liquid in tightly sealed jars. Can be stored in freezer.

That stuff is amazing, gang!

And if you do get sick with a coronavirus (bio-engineered or otherwise) and either your doctor won’t prescribe i v er me c tin, or your pharmacist won’t fill the prescription….. each notch equals 50 pounds of body weight. Round it up. Follow with plenty of water and then eat something with heavy fat, like yogurt or peanut butter.

If you’ve already been v a x ed, still do all of the above as soon as you start to feel sick. Most importantly, stay out of the hospital when at all possible.

Also, keep in mind that it is always best to get your vitamins and minerals from actual food when at all possible, gang. Non-GMO, organic.

And also, as we are starting to see more & more: All supplements have vibrational frequencies (along with everything else in the universe. literally). It is probably a good idea to start getting familiar with the power of vibrational frequencies, if you are new to all this.

Body Align Energy Wellness


Source Directives (Healing Sessions)

Good Vibes Binaural Beats

Sound Health Options (Bio Acoustics)

Okay, gang!

A few days ago, S * mon P * rkes sent out his request to all connecting consciousness chapters, worldwide, to start submitting our ideas for community projects — humanitarian projects that will help the communities we live in. So I have been working on my idea and am going to submit it today. (And there is a big zoom meeting tomorrow for many regions at once, which I think is interesting since it’s the eve before the 9 1 1 twentieth anniversary.)

Okay. I’m focusing on just a couple of items today.

If you are following Neg 4 8, he has mentioned that the famous moon landing was actually filmed by Stanley Kubrick on the set of his film, “200l: A Space Odyssey.” If you click this te le g ram link, you can watch the outtakes from that “moon landing.”

Very curious, indeed, gang. (I have heard that the reason NASA couldn’t actually film anyone walking on the moon is because there was too much stuff already up there on the moon that they didn’t want us to see.) Anyway, I find all this kind of sad, since that summer of 1969 was os exciting. Oh well.

Here is some really good footage of the D U M Bs and of the technology used in making them. And some stills from the video:

{17} The St orm Rider had an interesting post about whistle blo wer s:

>Very important people are currently being taken into protective custody.. In many countries…>>These important doctors, scientist, Whistleblowers, ect,ect…< Are being taken to secure locations../// WITHIN THE U.S. , Germany, UK. Canada, Italy, Australia///>>
Several inside sources confirm
Something major is happening and White HATS are securing these people from Retributions
The Death of the Queen .. Has opened up chaos in the laws that over see corporation States (U.S. Canada, Germany ect.).//
The Death of the Queen insures the death of these broke Corporation States<<

He also says to “keep eyes on Switzerland.”

I’m also hearing that the market is in the process of crashing, so be vigilant about that, if you’ve got money in the market. (But also expect Q F S to go into full effect once the market actually crashes.)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis played Nottingham last night and there were so many great photos that I cannot possibly post them all here! So here is just one:

They will resume their tour of Carnage tomorrow night (Sept. 10th) in Blackpool at the Opera House at 7PM. Buy tickets here.

Oh, and here was their set list from last night:

All righty. That’s it for today! Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: “Nancy Drew” update from D C: 15th Street gate is getting ready for tourists to return (?) (9 mins):

Below: UFO Man: another sighting over Brazil (2 mins):

Below: Tom Numbers is in DC and has footage of the W H (5 mins):

Below: With Ch* rlie W *rd: learn about common law! It’s important!! (42 mins):

Below: Mel K and Michael L catch up on big ph ar ma (54 mins):

Below: S t e w p e t er s: whistle blower nurse: patients are the v a xed (14 mins):

Below: Salty Cracker: White hat g al, Ro se Mac Gowan, exposes (dead) H i ll ary and (life imprisoned) b i ll. (7 mins):

Below: Mexican troops break up caravan heading to U S border. Hmmm… why didn’t they do this all along! ( 4 mins):

Below: S t e w p e t er s exposes the Mayo Clinic. Must watch!! (11 mins):

Below: Space shot with ju an o sa vin ( 2 hrs):

Below: X * 2 r * port: Think military! (47 mins):

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