Going to have to be quick today!

My Internet connection is going in & out here so I’m going to try to just post quickly today and hope for the best!!

You likely saw that Pr e s i d e nt T r**p was in NYC yesterday for the 20th Anniversary of 9 1 1. (Did you notice that when he was speaking to the NYFD that he had s e c r e t se r vice men all over??)

He was well-received by First Responders in NYC (12 seconds):

He was also well received by the NYPD (42 seconds):

And he also addressed the Nation (1 min 44 seconds):

I think that says all we need to know about his still being the pr e s id ent.

What I found really, really interesting is that Tom Num bers was in NYC yesterday, too. With Ne g 4 8 — who didn’t see that coming? So what’s up with that? T N flies in from U K, goes to D C first, then NYC and is with Neg 4 8 and Tr **p is also there??

Okay! So here’s some quick footage of what Neg 4 8 looks like. Not j f k jr, but still looks like a k e nn e dy to me. Maybe one of those long-thought-dead siblings, like P a tr ick??? I just don’t know! (48 seconds):

Meanwhile, sign up for this brand new podcast coming soon to r u m ble. com (they won’t let me embed it): “Life According to Marz: Story at 6

A word to the wise is likely sufficient.

“Nancy Drew” had some very interesting observations in D C on Friday: A pres i d en t i al motorcade while the fake b*den is off giving a speech! Hmmm…. (and wasn’t Friday when Tom Num ber s flew into D C ??) (4 mins):

And the b b c has announced that there will be no v a x p ass po rt for eng land… yay!!!!!

Before I forget!! Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their tour of Carnage, tonight in Ipswich, UK, at the Regent Theatre. Buy tickets here!

This bit of news was curious, indeed. When anyone in the entertainment industry suddenly “dies” nowadays, you have to consider that they might have been taken out for crimes against humanity. It is so hard to know what’s really up right now.

So this was interesting to me. M ic k B r ig den, 73, the tour manager for the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan died in a “freak accident” — he was at his home in Santa Clara, California, and digging a grave for his recently deceased dog. (Dog comms are a big [17] thing, gang.)

He then went into the hospital — although they don’t say exactly why. And then he died there suddenly on September 5th.

Everything about that sounds super suspicious.

Also, considering that B o b d y lan has now been accused of the r a p e & drug thing of the 12 year old girl back in 1965… (which I’m seriously hoping will just disappear and go away as non-factual but I guess we’ll see.) Anyway. All of it seems to be raising some red fla gs.

Now, with the recent death of Stones’ drummer Charlie Watts — he had undergone surgery in the UK and the Rolling Stones already knew he would not be able to do the upcoming US Tour. But I don’t think anyone was expecting Charlie to die. Although he was 80 and the surgery sounded serious. I seriously don’t think he was taken out for crimes against humanity, gang… however, it sure is looking like the Stones’ tour of the US next month is going to be — well, let’s say — a “miracle” to pull off.

I really don’t understand why musicians are doing any tours right now. Waiting until 2022, when most of this stuff will have blown over, seems like a better idea to me, but then that’s just me.

:Russell-Jay: Gould announced yesterday that he is filing a legal action against all m* sk and v a x mandates. So that will be interesting to follow (25 mins):

In France, 9 straight weekends of protests. They got a little out of control:

And my absolute favorite way to spend Saturday night! The UFO Man Saturday Night livestream. It was really good! (1 hr 34 mins):

Okay, with that, I’m outta here! Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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