Still Looking Like Victory to Me, Gang!

All right, folks.

Welcome the imminent N e s a ra / G e sa ra.

When I went to the drive-thru at my bank yesterday morning to drop off my paycheck, the teller window was strung with white Christmas lights. Never saw that before, least of all in mid-September. And the teller herself was just as chipper as she could be.

I was going to ask her if she had any of those colorful U S Treasury notes yet, but I kept it to myself. It’ll happen when it happens, but it sure feels like it’s happening, doesn’t it, gang??

What is the Rainbow Currency?

2 from s h ar i r aye di gi tal sol dier: incredible world news update! E B S, Tr **p, etc. She also maintains that au str a lia only has about 4-5 days left of the onslaught. (20 mins) & N e s a r a and income tax, etc. (8 mins):

If you are still asleep about this: Do NOT va x your kids, people. Remembering B ra ndy V au gh an, whi stle blow er from m er ck over v a xes, who suddenly (!!) died at age 47. She explained that v a xes are the trigger for diseases to be unleashed in the body. America’s kids are sicker than kids anywhere else in the world. (9 mins):

Below: Woman explains the clinical trials and why some people get really sick from the va x e s while others do not (57 seconds):

P* trio t str eet figh ter roundtable with Scott, J*co, and N*No (1 hr 20 mins):

P* trio t str eet fighter with S e a n S t one (1 hr 25 mins):

Also, if you listened to Ch * r lie W * rd’s update yesterday morning, he says that r o ber t d a vi d s t ee l e is in protective custody and at gitmo to give witness testimony, not as a prisoner (??). Fog of War, gang…. who really knows at this point.

This was on sh a r i r a y’es update. You can visit this web site for documents to claim your common law birth certificate, as well as docs for soldiers who are being forced to m*sk up and get v a x ed. Other crucial info, as well.

I CANNOT link to this sight. You must go their yourself:

So did you hear that the once thought to be dead singer, Aaliyah, is the one playing our beloved k a m a la? Interesting!

Aaliyah: Remembering the singer 20 years after her tragic ...

And also: J am es w oo ds might be playing the fake b * den most of the time, but allegedly, when b*den is seated, he is played by s e a n co nn ery !!(??)

More V A E R S shenanigans at c d c. 726 separate v a x deaths bundled into one ID number. (Come on, people! If your loved one dies from this evil v a x, do you want him or her bundled into a mass grave of de-personalized ID numbers???) (3 mins):

What an actual mass grave looks like without the shield of an “ID number”:

Grandfather of Santa Barbara Shooter was Renowned ...

Well, well, well… T a li ban more awake than most of America? “In k a b ul, T al i ban paints over mural of g e o r ge fl oy d” (3 mins):

Before I forget, gang, Bad Seeds TeeVee is closing down on September 23rd at 6pm BST. On Nick’s birthday, September 22nd, they will do a day-long marathon of fan videos. Make sure to catch them before they’re gone, gang! They were incredible!!

And Sunday night, September 12th, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their tour of Carnage in Ipswich, UK, at the Regent Theatre at 8pm. You can buy tickets here.

From last night, in Blackpool, UK:

Okay, that’s it for today, gang. have a terrific Saturday, wherever you are in the world. If you are in D C or NYC today, 20th anniversary of 9 1 1 , stay alert and, if possible, just stay home!

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys! See ya.

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