Better Late than Never!

Sorry for the delay, yet again!

I wanted to re-publish Twilight of the Immortal while I had the time, and it ended up taking longer than I thought.

However, I am happy to announce that Twilight of the Immortal is back in print!! For the first time since 2011.

You can purchase the new print edition here, and a new eBook edition here. (The eBook is no longer available on Amazon or Smashwords.)

By the way, Twilight of the Immortal is historical literary fiction, and suitable for all readers. It is not erotica. You can read the back cover blurb here.

And again, I want to thank everyone who is supporting my move away from Amazon and buying my self-published books from LULU now. I truly appreciate it.

Well. I looked everywhere for some backup news to support this news that the c a b a l surrendered on either Thursday or Friday.

I could not find that specific statement repeated anywhere other than on A r t o f the d e a l. However, I am noticing signs that cause me to believe it is true.

There was no f a l se f lag in D C yesterday. In fact, the event is being called “FedFest” on te l e g ram since it seems that the F B I and undercover cops were the only people who showed up. (It was a trap for Tr ***p supporters but it backfired.)

Also, nothing but good news involving the A Z au dit — which is set to announce its findings on 9 2 4 (which, oddly enough (!!), on the Julian calendar, would have been 9 11 (!!) and Neg 4 8 told us to expect good things on 9 24…)

If there are no fa l se flags before 9 24, then I will believe that it is true, the c a b al is done. (According to ar t o f th e deal, terms of the sur ren der included: if there are any more fal se flags before the A Z audit report is released, the E B S will begin.)

Also the m c a fee thing didn’t seem to actually happen yesterday, as ju an o s a vin had been anticipating.

Also, the D u r ham indictments started.

Also, the W H O is now stating on their website that “animal doses of i v er mec tin are safe for humans” and not hazardous.

Also, the FDA is now against the p f * zer booster. And is also publicly stating that the v a xe s are killing more people than they are saving.

Also, the Su pr eme Court of the United States will now hear the case to reinstate Tr **p.

Also, NHS in UK is now saying that Tr**p’s cure for C *VID was the right one! (Alex Belfield The Voice of Reason — 4 MINS):

Also, the main-page video on R um ble today is Tulsi Hubbard asking “How much is a little girl worth?” — getting ready to redpill America about child s e x tr a ff icking, gang??!!

These are huge changes, gang. Really, just huge.

The troublesome spots are still the v a xe s and the hospitals. If you are sick, if at all possible, do not go to a hospital.

Below: Amazing Polly (1 hr 23 mins):

And be on the lookout for this: the 3 main v a xes have changed their names! (And they are silly names: Pf * zer/ Bio N tech is of course the unpronounceable “Comirnaty,” Astro z en e c a is now “Vaxzevria” and M o d erna is “SpikeVax.”)

Below is old news already, it is from Friday — [17] The Storm Rider news update on te le gr am. I guess read it with a curious eye at this point. I did not have time to post it until now:


_Police in Melbourne have made over 200 arrests and deployed capsicum spray as violent anti-lockdown protests erupted as protestors chant “YOU SERVE US” at officers.
_Railway Workers Protest as Macron Unveils New High-speed Train at Paris Station_Strike is expected
_Brazil: Man Throws Explosive Device at Chinese Consulate in Rio
_General Milley faces congressional investigation forTREASON
Gen. Milley asked military leaders to swear an oath to him during secret meeting
_Tom Renz: Hospitals are now becoming killing fields Brighteon.TV
_Backfire: Detroit TV station asks for stories of unvaccinated covid fatalities, gets bombarded with vaccinated deaths
_Dr. Stella Immanuel talks about how hospitals are ignoring hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as effective treatments
_COVID PLANDEMIC: Healthcare insiders blow lid on widespread elder abuse, medical fraud, forced vaccines
_Same ivermectin that US government doesn’t want Americans to receive is saving lives across India
_Top FDA Scientists Write Letter to Lancet Warning Against Fauci’s Booster Shots
_Biden Regime Confesses To Indiscriminate Slaughter Of 10 Innocent Afghan Civilians, Children With Drone Strike
_FDA Votes 16-2 AGAINST Widespread Covid-19 Booster Shots
_Giulia Lucenti: 16-year-old Italian girl dead less than 24 hours after second Pfizer mRNA injection”

All right.

If you want to take a look at all this really amazing stuff about the once-thought-to-be-dead Kennedy children, and the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and the Kennedy’s — and Tr **p and ELVIS!!, visit this te le gram channel:

J F K Jr & Kenn edys R Alive: The Druze/Kahlouni Connection. Honestly, it is fascinating.

And Tom Nu m ber s is still in NYC and last night he did a reading on St. Patrick’s Cathedral, for a “friend” who will be nameless for now — could the friend’s name be Patrick (as in the no-longer-dead Kennedy??? Maybe Neg 4 8 ??) (3 mins):

Okay, there was an earthquake in Los Angeles, that town where they are up to their eyeballs now in voter-fr * ud. And an oil refinery there lost power (8 mins):

There are still anti-vax protests all over Europe, in A u str a lia, and even in NYC. And there are still just tons of videos and news events about the v a x es killing and injuring people. So that is still something to be cautious of, okay?

But everything else seems to be pointing us in a different direction now. So let’s just wait and see if things are, indeed, getting better.


Tomorrow, Monday, September 20th, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will be in Edinburgh, at the Playhouse. You can buy tickets here.

And Nick Cave announced the other day that he has a memoir in the works! So that will be exciting! (Although the memoir covers his son, Arthur’s, death and then the c* vid l*ck d*wns, etc., etc., so perhaps the word “moving” is more appropriate.)

All right, gang.

I leave you with two more things:

This was cool! Coast to Coast AM: Alien implants: Remote ET Listening Devices (1 hr):

And then, of course, my favorite thing — last night’s UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream (1 hr 34 mins):

Okay, gang, enjoy what’s left of your Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya!!

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