The Times They Are A’Changin’!

Indeed, gang.

I am still trying to find news that disputes the claim that the c a b a l is done, and I can’t really find any.

There is still a ton of really bad news regarding the effects of the v a x es, worldwide. But that’s not really “new” news, at this point.

And still some really hard to comprehend shit going down in a u st r a li a (although the people seem to winning). Here’s a very short clip from a longer segment that went viral over the weekend, but I love this. Powerful! Melbourne vs. the police, set to music. 28 seconds:

J*co chatted (for almost 3 hours) with ju an o sa v in. And they spoke about the potential for the near death experience regarding a war between ch * na and Formosa, involving the U S , but this is intel that cir sten w had all the way back in February, gang. That a seemingly potential war between ch * na and Formosa (aka: t a i wan, if you’re not old enough to know that!!), which would look to trigger WWIII (which we’ve already been in for, like, I don’t know — at least a year and half).

Anyway, this was going to signal the end of the movie, and that J i and p u tin and tr **p are allies, as well as M o di in India. And that’s when we saw fl y n n ‘s brother, general ch arl es fl ynn, become head of the P acific fleet.

So, even though that intel came out in February (7 months ago), it is gearing to play out in October exactly as it was reported back then. So it is hard for me to feel that this is something we are supposed to actually be afraid of. I’m just not sure. Ju an reports it in 2 different ways: it’s going to be huge and awful — but don’t worry!

Anyway. Here is the lengthy chat between j*co and ju an (2 hrs 31 mins):

If you have less than 2 and a half hours to spare, here’s a great quicky from Pr y m e Mini ster — a clip with Ne g 4 8 (25 mins):

Some key arrests were made in Brazil yesterday re: the plan d em ic. This video clip is curtesy Laura Aboli’s te l e g r egram channel. Along with this:

“The mayor and health secretary of Guaruja (Brazil) have been arrested.
The two politicians are accused of corruption in connection with the Corona measures. Bo ls on ar o, who is critical of the measures, was empowered by the mass protests on Independence Day to take consistent action against the corruption of the Corona measures supporters.”

[17] The Storm Rider had a great update on all the protests worldwide:

by QTSR see

_ HAWAII out Protesting against the va x es and lockdowns since March
Israel night protests, against va x es and mandates carry on into midnight hours _Tens of thousands march against the va x mandates in New York city _Glasgow protest against va x passports _SWITZERLAND 7 days of protest against the v a x laws and mandates.. people eating in the streets defy C* vid
DC PROTEST has more officers. FBI. law officials and MEDIA crews than Protesters.. Only 400 protesters showed up for the false flag event _Berlin Germany protest continue through the month
_FRANCE railway workers and civilians continue 2 weeks PROTEST against mandates
_ANTIFA ,BLM protest in Liepzig burn buildings in protest.. And ANTIFA members turn on each other during protest and spark fights
_Australians plans Major protest for coming weeks and unifying against the tyranny
_Austalians fed up with governments.. And civilians speak of civil War
_Texas city declare State of EMERGENCY
_Over 230 significant antigovernment protests have erupted worldwide

You will love how the Story ends_


So there is still some really severe weather stuff going on, worldwide. However, the 3 g or g e s d am and all its evil is finally done. Over. kaput.

Many threats of food shortages — although, fingers crossed, I’m not seeing anything like that around here.

Su ss man has only one charge against him in the indictment, which, according to ju an o sa vin, means that he is being cooperative (aka: “spilling the beans”) and that others are going to to go down quickly.

Real Raw News is reporting that our beloved che ls ea cl * n ton and her hubby have been arr est ed. I seriously cannot believe they waited this long to arrest those two. If they are even still alive, they’ve gotta be well settled in at gitmo by now. We’ll see.

I’m still hearing that the markets are going to crash, crash, crash in October, gang. So plan accordingly. It is not going to take long to recover from it, as it switches over to the new system. But still — start looking at precious metals and certain cryptos instead of the stock market. Everyone imaginable is saying that, so probably we should listen. (Although, I feel like my $19 is completely safe, so I’m not too worried as of right now…)

(Although somebody drove into my mailbox during the night Friday and drove off, and now I have to figure out to replace it. I can’t get it to go back into the ground and stay standing…. aarrggghfff) (I’m guessing that $19 is not enough to buy a new mailbox but we shall see!)

As you likely saw, tens of thousands of people from Central America and H a i ti are set to enter the US illegally. All those people under that bridge, and all those oncoming caravans. I guess we’ll just see, folks. (Meaning: how long will it take for sleepy Am er ic ans to call for B*den to be hung upside down from a meat hook at the local gas station….)

(Well, it would actually be the actor playing b*den and that doesn’t seem fair. But I guess we’ll just see if something goes horribly wrong there.)

Meanwhile. the rest of the news seems exactly the same: v ax, war, vote au dit, weather.


Don’t forget that tonight, in Edinburgh, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their tour of Carnage. They will be at the playhouse, show starts at 8PM. Buy tickets here!

And also tonight at 8PM EST, pr o ject ver i t as will drop huge whistle blower info on C * vid (36 seconds):

Tarot by Janine looks at deep truth (18 mins):

Beyond Alta! Deep Woo! Jean-Claude and Cliff High and David Mor g an (1 hr 39 mins):

X * 2 r * port: sc a vi no message received! (52 mins):

That’s it for today, gang! Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

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