Who’s That Creepin’ ‘Round the W H??!!

Well, gang, this is going to be another short one!

Now that I’m over the weird sinus & ear stuff, I am now combatting a UTI, so I got very little sleep last night and need to go back to bed before I go in to work.

But I really needed to post here. Such great stuff!

To see this 6 minute video, you have to visit “Nancy Drew’s” channel on te l e g r am.

The video is here. It is from yesterday morning, and it’s of Marine One landing at the Oval Office in D C to pick up Tr ***p and get him on board!

She then received this message, which she also posted:

Sent to Nancy Drew yesterday morning — her real name is Kelly, fyi

Tr **p then took off in Marine One and allegedly went to NYC.

This is all really exciting, gang.

And then Tarot by Janine took a look at the c a b al surrendering, and she came up with some great stuff, too! She says that the beginning of the end has begun!! (15 mins):

Hw great, right?

Okay. Here’s that whistle blower from pro ject v er it as re: C *vid vax e s that he released last night:

Doctor says: “The darn v ac c in e is full of shit! This is bullshit!” (13 mins):

And way up in space, a UFO swarm enters the atmosphere by the ISS Space Station . Filmed 9/15, shown on UFO Man yesterday (3 mins):

J*co, cir st en w, and patrick bergy (1 hr):

Okay, and guess what? Suddenly I got 3 separate notifications from Amazon during the night that I have royalties coming at the end of the month (next week.) That was a huge happy surprise. looks like, for some reason, they decided to pay me my money. We shall see!

All righty.

It looked like Nick Cave & Warren Ellis had a great show last night in Edinburgh. They are taking 2 days off and then will be in Sheffield on Sept. 23rd. You can buy tickets here.

Here is Nick Cave, saying goodnight to Edinburgh last night:

And here is a shot of at least the title of Nick’s upcoming memoir. This won’t be the actual cover:

Okay. I gotta scoot, gang! But such great things are at long last happening!Yay!!

Enjoy your Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

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