So, That’s Pretty Funny, Right??

I saw that meme on Sh ar i R aye’s te le g ram channel yesterday and it really made me laugh.

All of us, everywhere. Still waiting….


So while the world seems poised to explode into WWIII at any moment, there are indications everywhere that about 99.9% of this news is absolutely fake. (This is primarily based on money moving in Reno as the R V gets into place, worldwide — if the money is moving, the white hats are getting into place, gang.)

I’m not a big fan of A n n V an der steel, only because she is one of those truthers (like Mel K) who insists on acting as if the fake B*den is real. And that all those fake players in the fake Admin were not arrested long ago– some even ex e c uted already.

I don’t have time for that. But this is 3 minutes worth listening to, gang. Ch * r lie W *rd tells A n n that it’s all fake (3 mins):

This (below), I think, is also fake, in a way. But that the release of the info is being timed to help in the general Wake-Up call. I believe these people were already a r r est ed months ago.

From Mi ch a el J a ck son’s te le g ram channel:

Recap To the First Day of The Ghi sla in e Max well Trial:

The CEO Of Twitter Resigned. ✅

The CEO Of Walmart Resigned.✅

The CEO Of CNBC Resigned.✅”

Whether or not it happened yesterday, Monday, or months ago, what matters is that all of it is starting to trickle out. Way too many CEOs the world over have “resigned”.

I even heard that the M a x well trial itself already happened months ago and that arrests were made, tri bu nals happened, exe c uti ons took place. And that this current “trial” is just for show. But I have no idea about that, folks.

I do know that none of the circulated phone numbers or web sites (so far) are allowing people to access the audio of the trial. So who knows, right? Maybe it is a fake trail…

What does seem to be happening, though is that NDAs are being signed everywhere and there is even less and less and less actual news. No one’s talking. The M S M news cycle is clogged with fake deadly variant alarms, and worldwide mi li t ary posturing.

That said, here’s some more alleged news that, whether or not it happened recently, it’s still good to know!



Tr**p posted this yesterday and I found it interesting. Since he is still the Co m m an der- in – Chief, is he saying something else here?

“If Democrats don’t immediately stop smash-and-grab robberies, which are taking place in their cities, the National Guard must be called out. There has never been such a thing that has happened in our Country. Large numbers of stores are leaving San Francisco and other cities. Some chains are closing most of their stores, it is all not even believable.”

(And we know that the REAL Tr**p said this because who else ends a sentence with a really weirdly worded clause like that one??)


Well, whether or not the Max well trial is real, here is some testimony from the pilot of the L o li ta E x press.

From RT news:

Ghi slai n e Max well trial: Ep ste in’s pilot recalls seeing Bill Cl * n ton, Tr***p and Prince Andrew on “Lo lit a Ex press”

Larry Visoski, the pilot of the so-called “Lo lit a Ex press” testified during the trial of Gh* slai ne Max well that he flew presidents, princes and stars on Ep stein’s private jets for 30 years. (Independent)

Visoski namedropped high-profile passengers such as Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and Itzhak Perlman when asked if he remembered anyone during cross-examination.

The prosecution also introduced the birth certificate of one girl who flew on the jet anonymously in court as ‘Jane,’ who they described as a 14-year-old Max well and Ep stein met at a camp.”

PS: In the Restored Republic video below, they refute the claim that Tr**p was ever connected to Ep st ein or the island. (i.e., there is no record in the flight logs of Tr **p ever having been on the plane.) (And the ones who are in the flight logs as having been on that plane will knock your wee bonny socks off.)


I love how white hats have infiltrated tik tok.

This one is great. Watch the whole thing. It explains a lot about Max well, Br an son, Terramarr, et al. (3 mins):

And here is the Restored Republic news update (26 mins):

Okay. I think that’s it, gang.

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Have a great Wednesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


Sh ar i R aye news update (41 mins):

I liked this a lot, but the volume is a little out of balance. Ch* r lie W *rd chats with Kylie Att well: 4 LEVELS OF PROGRAMMING, IDENTIFY YOUR LIFE PURPOSE (1 hr):


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