Yes! Still Waiting!!

All signs indicate that we are moving closer by the minute to the worldwide currency revaluation, which in turn, should launch us into E B S, some form of mar t ia l law, the official decertification of the 20 20 e l e c tion, Tr***p’s return as the legal P re s i d ent, and then, ultimately N e s a r a/ G e s a r a.

Even though it is truly beginning to feel imminent, gang, it obviously hasn’t happened yet.

Dare I say — yet again!!– extra food, water, cash on hand, gas in car??? Decide for yourself! However, I am hearing that most of the rolling blackouts are supposed to happen in densely populated areas, where there are still d **p st * t e players at large.

However, even though I live in Tiny Town, in the middle of absolute nowhere, I have extra food, water, cash on hand, gas in car.


There are a couple of different phone numbers surfacing (different from the one I posted yesterday) to dial in to the M a x well trial. There is also a go ver n ment web site where you can listen to the audio.

I have no idea if any of these things work because I work all day.

There are also a lot of things surfacing about the Judge of the trial being transgender (aka: Marxist & compromised); also this, from J a ck P r o s ob iec:

“The federal judge over the Gh * slai ne Max well case is Alison Nathan, an Ob * ma appointee who worked as a special assistant and counsel in the Ob * ma White House”

Also, C om ey’s daighter is said to be part of the Prosecution team.

All of these things are indications that justice will not be served in the M a x we ll case. But it is impossible to know if these are optics, and if so, from which side. Let’s just pray that justice will finally come, publicly, for all those poor children.

The world was a flame yesterday with news that D or sey had stepped down from t w* tter, however that is optics. He was taken out long ago. But it is helping to bring on the economic crash.

“Nancy Drew” had a rather interesting image of the C a p ito l yesterday:

“The tree is finished, at the prison, I mean The Ca pit ol. Sure does look like a prison, to me. Somehow, this doesn’t scream, Seasons Greetings. Wow, huh?”

Those new bulletproof, unclimbable fences are about 20 feet high.

If you are late to the table, it is estimated that about 80% of our esteemed C on g ress were arrested back in January. So anything you see or read about the C a p itol is mostly just a movie, gang.

So, what these new prison walls that surround this building now are meant for — who knows!!

Okay. So the new fake variant — omi c r on — said to be an anagram of MORONIC — is causing more l o ck do wns, more insane behavior, more cries for “boosters” — and is also said to be “very mild”. Like the ‘flu…

A word to the wise is sufficient, folks.

In other news….

Hurry! Today is the final day of the Black Friday sale at Cave Things! You can still get great deals on a lot of cool things designed & created by Nick Cave.

He also sent out a Red Hand File today, where he wrote eloquently once again. This time about the importance of forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness. You can read it here.

Okay. Here are the videos!

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Sh a ri Ra ye is back from her holiday break! (41 mins):

Restored Republic news update (22 mins):

Nich o las Ve ni amin chats with Mr Tr**p tastic about currency updates (22 mins):

Ni ch o las Ven i amin chats with G en e de c ode ( 42 mins):



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