Life During War Time

Okay. Not much has changed since yesterday, folks. At least, not on the surface.

The world is allegedly being overtaken by a non-existent deadly variant, aptly named moronicoops! I mean omicron. And so many people are falling for it, even though no one is dying from it. At the store, more and more customers are returning to wearing m*sks of their own free will. So discouraging.

Everything, worldwide, is set to look like the outbreak of WWIII. Which, if you’re late to the table , is allegedly preparing the world for mass arrests and for m i lit ary takeovers, to restore sovereignty to countries everywhere.

And yet it seems that all most people care about is trading in their dinar and dongs in order to become millionaires.

That is getting super tiresome, too.

The white hats are trying hard to make the fake B*den look increasingly imbecilic, since the alleged plan is to have him removed by Dec. 15th. We can only pray, gang.

But now, even Tr **p is saying that “2022 is going to be incredible.” What happened to his being restored as our legally elected Pr e s id ent in 2021?

What happened to the mountains of evidence showing v * ter fr *ud in all those swing States? Why is it just sitting there, and why is the M S M allowed to still spew itself all over the clueless masses? (And 99.9% of my family and friends fall into that group.)

That’s discouraging, too.

Now it seems that the best we can hope for is to be under mar t ial law for Christmas. We’ll see.


As far as feeling discouraged. S*mon P*rkes released a video update yesterday that I found completely discouraging. Especially since it arrived on the heels, yesterday, of that great transcript from his recent zoom call with worldwide CC coordinators. So I was expecting something great.

I’m not sure why he sent out the video, since there was nothing particularly new or encouraging in it, and usually his updates are the complete opposite.

However, I include it here, in case you watch it and feel otherwise! (Or fast-forward to the final 28 seconds (literally), where he says how excited he is about everything — something he doesn’t mention in the first hour and 7 minutes…)

Personally, I found the Restored Republic news update much more encouraging. From this morning (28 mins):

Sha r i R ye had no update yesterday, but she might be doing one today.

And beyond that, there is not really much that’s new to share with you, since I don’t want to get drawn in to all the chaos among the P*triot truthers out there who are infighting beyond belief.

Or the doom & gloomers, since there is enough doom & gloom without them, thank you very much.

You might enjoy this, though! Very empowering. (13 mins):

I’m not a Michelle Fielding follower, but a ton of people are, so you might enjoy this, too.

Nich o las Ven ia min chats with Michelle (1 hr 19 mins)

And Tarot by Janine and Ashley do a deep dive on, yes, money. Also a December re-cap (14 mins);

Mon key W e r x: Timing is everything (27 mins):

And I guess I’ll leave it at that.

So have a good Saturday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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