It’s Coming Together, Gang!

Wow. So, yesterday afternoon in my inbox, I finally got the transcript from S*mon P*rkes’ recent zoom call with 63 international coordinators of Connecting Consciousness.

It took me an hour to read it. It was very long. But it did have some really great info. Some of it was already included in the Restored Republic news update yesterday. But the email had a lot more details:

“[…] we had information believe it or not that the United States Marshalls were actually in South A FRIC A working with people and we’ve been sent the copy of what we would call the Emergency Broadcast System which is due to go out to South Africa next week (by tomorrow, Dec 4th). So, it looks like the first country to receive military action will be South A FRIC A. We can talk fairly openly about it now as clearly the bad guys know. “

“[,,,] we know they are prioritizing South A F R IC A and then S * mon believes that A u stra l ia will be the next country that is engaged with. The European Union, the Strasbourg One World government wants to lock every Euro Currency country down. This has nothing to do with the variant, it […] is an excuse to lock people down because they know impending military actions are occurring. [,,,]”

“[,,,] The difficultly we have is that at the moment, so much is behind the scenes and it is about to become public. The information I can share with you, but can’t say it’s 100% going to happen, I can only tell you that what we’ve been told is that B*den will be forced to stand down around the 15th December. […]”

“[…] S* mon has been told that B* den will step down 15th December, if that’s true that means the military would be in charge of the world over Christmas which seems bizarre but that’s a pattern. Then in January a public inauguration for Pr esi d ent Tr***p and the return of Tr**p. We do know that Pr esi de nt Tr** p had a private inauguration some 2 or 3 days ago. So, what has happened is what we would call a private inauguration, by invitation only, without the public or the cameras being there. […]”

“[…] Reality is there is still a sizable proportion of the military who are very uncomfortable about deposing a government even when that government is illegal. So, some military people wanted comfort is the correct word for it /protection so they could not be prosecuted. They also wanted to feel they were upholding the republic and not working against it. Many were invited to witness the inauguration. Up until that moment going back to march Pr esi de nt Tr** p was accepted as the commander in chief of the Military Forces, then there was a split between Milley who was removed privately and replaced with Marine General Berger. Publicly Milley is still the joint Chiefs but in reality, Marine General Berger is. So Tr **p is now no longer just the Commander In Chief he is also the Pr esi de nt. […]”

It goes on and on and on, but it was really great.

And then, immediately following that, I watched the video below. It was great, too! And in it, Ch *r lie W *rd says he believes the G h i s la ine Ma x well trial happened earlier this year…. Hmmmm.

Ch*rlie W*rd chats with Un der ground P * triot: DAVID BOWIE KNEW! WEATHER WEAPONS, UNDERGROUND TUNNELS. Listen! Its really good. (47 mins):

And jut FYI, here is what David Bowie knew: BOWIE ~ OMIKRON ~ PROMO 1999 (2 mins):

And as for the Max well trial…

From [17] the Storm Rider:


This Prison location code can’t be found?

On Monday the day beginning of the Max well trial… Multiple flights flew from Gitmo to DC ///
More over the DOJ and Director of Homeland Security and Deputy Director of Homeland Security have Wiped Flights c101 and c202 from flight trackers/
____________________________053 Philadelphia
054 Manhattan
Are New York prison code locations

Supposedly MAX WELL is in Manhattan.. But her prison code is 509?

And can’t be found.. For most prison codes only register from 001-100

Epstein was in Manhattan at 054 .
____________________________where is Max well?
Why so many flights to Gitmo?

If White HATS didn’t exist.. Why would the most Elite PEDOPHILIA, human trafficking ring leaders (Ep ste in/Max well) connected to all countries and all Fortune 500 companies be Brought to justice and being tried????

Good people behind the scenes working (WHs)”

He credits this video from Mo n key W e rx: “Where is Gh isl ai ne Max well?” (39 mins):

Okay. Also…

By now, you likely already know this. However! The country with those insanely intense l o ck downs (Austria): From S*mon P*arkes post last evening:

Austrian Resignations

“Austrian chancellor resigns after a white hat operation against the 4th Reich cabal.

“Sebastian Kurz, a former chancellor under investigation for influence-buying and corruption, said he was quitting politics. Within hours, his successor and ally also resigned, after only two months on the job.”

[full article here]


I thought this was cool!

From RT News:

Rogue Anti-Vax Ad Sneakily Appears at Brooklyn Bus Stop

“10 Reasons NOT to get vaccinated” the poster reads, mimicking the city Health Department’s vaccination campaign.

A spokesperson for the NY Transport responded, “Disinformation has no place in our city, or our street furniture,” while transport authorities said they “would prefer not to have objectionable messages marketed to our customers.”

The company JC Deveaux has claimed to have no knowledge about the ad or how it got there.”


“Nancy Drew” was at the tree lighting ceremony in D C last night.

“This is supposed to be a short clip of The Sleepys, at the tree lighting tonight. So, here in this video, his back is to the WH, so we should be able to see it, all lit up. Clearly, actually. Its pitch dark behind them. My real question is, who stuck that enormous light pole, in the middle of all those little trees that represent the states? There arent any light poles in the middle of the elipse, especially one 5ft behind Sleepy. 🤦‍♀️🙄 Remember, in my 2nd live tonight, I mentioned that I heard LL Cool J introduce Sleepy & Jill clearly, and yet there was nothing, but quiet. There was absolutely nothing. Not a peep. Actually, those little trees are everywhere surrounding the big one. I would think we should see those as well, and all lit up. 🤔”

Alleged tree lighting ceremony (2 mins):


From DC Clothesline:

Smoking gun confidential Pf* zer document exposes F D A criminal cover-up of VA CC IN E DEATHS… they knew the jab was killing people in early 2021… three times more WOMEN than MEN

[full article here]

And last but not least…

In other news!

Cave Things announces a new Polaroid just in time for Christmas!

The Adoration Polaroid 2021

Limited edition Christmas Polaroid from 2021 based on a digital Polaroid by Nick Cave
Signed and altered by Nick Cave
Edition of 250 Size: 9 x 11 cm
Material: Original Polaroid
Every Polaroid is unique and will differ from the product image
 ‘I have a thing about Polaroids. I love that they are square. I love how they frame the image. I love that they contain secret coded messages—each with their own riddle trapped within.’
Nick Cave

Purchase yours here.


And that is it for today, gang.

Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world. Stay safe! The end of this movie is almost here!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (31 mins):

Sh ar i Ra ye news update (36 mins):

From Real Raw news: Chris C u o mo allegedly eludes M il i tary Capture (5 mins):


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