Eyes On Poland!

The news is lots more encouraging today, gang.

It seems Poland is taking the lead. From Sons of Enos; “They are using their military to defend against the Globalist’s invasion horde instead of targeting their own people with the suicide-shot” (56 seconds):


And this was fascinating. A taste of the justice that is coming for every country. Poland apparently is first.

Nuremberg 2 Trial against World Leaders for Crimes Against Humanity finally Kicks Off in Poland


“We cordially invite you to a live broadcast of the first Republic of Poland Members of Parliament Investigation Committee as part of the Nuremberg 2.0 project with the special guest Dr. Reiner Fuellmich attendance. […]

“The committee will be led by the Member of Parliament Grzegorz Braun and prof. Mirosław Piotrowski, Paweł Skutecki, attorney Jacek Wilk.

“Among other guests attending the committee you can find: attorney Arkadiusz Tetela, attorney Krzysztof Łopatowski and attorney Jarosław Litwin. […]

About Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank.
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich will lead over 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 medical specialists and sue CDC, WHO and Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

What is the Nuremberg 2.0 project?
The Nuremberg 2.0 project is a civic initiative created from the necessity of the moment and the need of the heart.

What are the goals of the project?
The goal of the project is to activate conscious and responsible Poles to collect historical and legal documentation describing acts of crimes, lawlessness, abuses and omissions of public authority and to document individual tragedies unknown to the wider public today, which you will want to voluntarily share with us.

“How are we going to achieve the goals of the project?
We will collect and register documentation and individual legal acts will be prepared to formulate charges and indict specific persons directly or indirectly responsible for the committed crimes. We will also register professional archival documentation and on its basis, we will publish historical journals under the collective name of “Journals Nuremberg 2.0”.

“What was the reason for setting up the project?
As a consequence of the decisions of the Polish government, and in particular of the Ministry of Health and its subordinate agencies, many human injustices and grievances were caused and the victims were primarily Poles – citizens of the Republic of Poland. […]”

[full article & video is here]

Hallelujah — right, gang?

Also from Sons of Enos, mirrored from Stew P e t er s: CALLING OUT FAKE “HUMANITARIAN” CELEBRITIES, ATHLETES & POLITICIANS ON ABORIGINE PLIGHT in Au s tr a lia (not for the squeamish) (9 mins):

And the Restored Republic news update was particularly uplifting this morning. (19 mins):

As promised, Sh a ri R aye had an update last evening. AND she sang a little bit of “Mele Kalikimaka” which is one of my favorite Christmas songs, so what could be better than that? (36 mins):

And in other quick news updates…

More staffers from our beloved fake k * ma l a’s office are resigning. Hopefully because they suspect the fake B*den will be made to stand down on or around Dec. 15th.

More Judges are striking down other v a x mandates from the fake B*den: government contractors, health workers. (And specifically here in Ohio (finally!), land of the RINOs.) (I asked my co-workers if they wanted to charter a small plane and go down and visit our beloved Go ver nor in his cell at gitmo. Curiously, no one was interested.) (And also, curiously, my co-workers ignore 90% of what I say anymore because I am always proposing useless stuff like that.) (I seriously need a new life, gang. I truly do. But on we go.)

There has been a lot of footage from the violent protests in Vienna. Extremely intense. Here is but one sample: AUSTRIA: POLICE & PROTESTERS CLASH… PROTESTERS 1 POLICE 0 (56 seconds):

This was a welcome bit of humor last evening:

Voice of Reason U K: LIVE From Sadiq’s £2M Gunt 🤦‍♂️ 😝 (3 mins):

And more good news from Voice of Reason this morning! Watch this!! GAME OVER BORIS 😂 People Couldn’t Care Less 👏 LIVE ON OXFORD STREET LONDON @ Christmas 🎄 (3 mins):

And as always…

Saturday night is a big night around here for UFOs and non-terrestrial-type updates.

This was great!! Coast to Coast: George Knapp – Life After Death: What It Means on Quantum Scale – COAST TO COAST AM 2021 (39 mins):

And this was great, too — although, as always, too short! “Remote Viewers Pinpointed Strange Ancient Structures & UFOs on Mars” (15 mins):

And we can’t forget…

UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream! “Witnessed – The Brooklyn Bridge Abduction/UFO Review/UFO News” (1 hr 28 mins):

And in non-news…

Here’s something I love. A great scene from a fantastic film, “20,000 Days on Earth”: Nick Cave on religion, church, and drugs (1 min):

And this was wonderful, although in a totally different vein. “Nick Cave reads the text of his song “Dead Joe”, London 1992″ It’s priceless. (And he almost smokes that cigarette) (1 min):

And that pretty much wraps it up, gang.

I leave you with my late-night listening music from yesterday. A real gem from the late 1970s, which I find I am relating to more and more as the years barrel on. , As I listened to this song (on repeat), I was lying in bed with the lights out, and all the neighbors’ Christmas lights were shining through my windows. And I sang almost at the top of my voice. (I used to be a professional singer, and the voice is holding up rather well, I’m happy to say!!)

A killer song about a train. Emmylou Harris, “Tulsa Queen” (remaster 2003):

All righty!

Have a happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

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