One of These Days It’ll Be Too Late!

Okay. Not much news EXCEPT — many [17]-decoders saying the E B S is imminent because the stock market has tanked.

So, I’ll say it for the millionth time, before it’s too late: just to be safe, gang, make sure you have some extra food (for you & your pets), extra water, cash on hand, and gas in the car.

And then I guess we just wait and see.

This was all over te le g ram early this morning. Christine Anderson of the E U Parliament (a white hat op if I ever heard one!). And I also found the video posted on Voice of Reason in the U K:

“A POWERFUL Message To Australia From A German Lady 👏” (2 mins):

And, part of the written transcript of what she is saying, from Pepe Lives Matter on te le g ram:

Christine Anderson of the EU Parliament:

“I will do whatever I can to make it known to the world that your once free and liberal democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime which tramples on human rights, civil liberties, and the rule of law…

I am a German and we once asked our grandparents how they could have just stood by in silence allowing a horrific totalitarian regime to come about. Anyone could have known, all they had to do was open their eyes, and take a look. The vast majority chose not to.

So what will you tell your grandchildren? Will you tell them you did not know? Will you tell them you were just following orders?

You need to understand it is not about breaking the fourth wave. It is about breaking people…

We need to stop our governments from transforming our free and democratic societies into totalitarian regimes. We need to do it now. We need to stand up now.”


It does sort of feel like the final hour, doesn’t it? And the white hats are pushing hard to get people everywhere to revolt, perhaps in an effort to make the upcoming ma r tia l law not feel too alarming. In fact, help it feel liberating, which is what it will be.

There’s also some very creepy stuff about Cern being the doorway to C I A headquarters (way down underwater). Underground trains leave Genoa, Italy (?), and then arrive way down under Lake Geneva, where allegedly the C I A headquarters is/was. I found the info on several channels, but you can hear about it in the Restored Republic video, below.

Also, a massive international child sex tra ff icking ring, 5000 arrests. (That was news I forgot to post yesterday.)

It seems there is no end to the number of children who have been traf f icked. Some of the photos I’ve seen, gang. It is so revolting that it makes you not want to even be associated with Planet Earth anymore. But on we go.

All right.

Tarot by Janine took a look at the Max we ll trial yesterday and came to the conclusion that the trial indeed already happened and that what’s currently going on is a white hat op to make a point about justice in this country, but that it will ultimately end well. (And that all arrests, etc., were already made a while ago, as we have been hearing.)


Beyond that, I have to say I am flabbergasted anew by all the seemingly “awake” P * triots out there who still believe B*den is alive and is the Pr e s ident, and that his Admin is real.

This astounds me.

I would understand it from the Programmed Left, because I think of them as addicted to TV. But I guess plenty of P* triot s are still addicted to TV, too.

I have not watched TV since early 2017. Only because I felt it was a time-waster — all I ever did was watch re-runs of Perry Mason. But I haven’t relied on M S M news for anything at all since about 2012, such was my loathing for all things O b * ma and h i l l ar y. When the tractor beam is out of your life, gang, it’s amazingly easy to discern stories that make no sense.

Anyway. It is disheartening. And it also makes my sources for gathering news get smaller and smaller, even though a ton of these truthers I used to follow are still really popular.

Okay. Here is the Restored Republic news update for this morning (19 mins):

And I thought this was of interest. (I know of a couple of amateur photographers who are getting great shots of the Starlink satellites on Instagram.)

From bluewater. Followed by some intel on the bitchute page. (32 seconds):

“You will get 7 Presidential Msgs to your phones before they cut them off.
[Q] did say to download Signal App.
It has been previously used by CIA, but it a highly encrypted military App. There will be a military satellite sent up for it, just like the TURKSAT Rocket is a Military Satellite for Military Comms to TV’s/Radio’s for Europe, Africa, Mid East & Asia

“The Queen’s Mistress of the Robes dies at age 101” [full article here]


Last but not least, I think it’s going to be very interesting — P * tin’s meeting with the fake B * den. (Of course, there are also people who say that it’s a fake P * tin, too, and has been for several years… Who knows, right? But why the head of R * ssi a would waste his time meeting with a fake U S pr e s id ent — well, it will likely provide some very intriguing white hat ops.)

And I’m going to stop there, gang, because everything else is just more of the same. Wars and rumors of more and more wars. (And keep in mind, folks — the goal is to rid the world of NA T O. And the U N has allegedly already been defunded and dissolved. Question everything.)

Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. Stay alert. Question everything. It could save your life one of these days.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


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