It Was A Great Night For Good Signs, Gang!!

I didn’t post here yesterday morning because the only real news was the daily video update from Restored Republic. But by evening and into the night, it seemed like lots of things were publicly shifting, gang. I do indeed think that it is already a good Christmas.

First of all, if you had forgotten, Tr **p was in TX over the weekend. He spoke in Houston and twice in Dallas. Everywhere he went, he was greeted by incredibly enthusiastic crowds.

From Tr **p’s t e le g ram page. He is in Dallas, being interviewed once again by Bill O’Reilly:

However, in the evening, Sh ar i R aye (who lives in TX), suddenly posted a quick audio, that had some very great intel. The link is here, but essentially she says:

The RV is underway; Ne s ar a in the US is underway, and the US Treasury is going to be located in Houston, T X. And the US Government, new W H, etc., will also be located in T X. (not sure if that will also be Houston, though.)

Wow! how exciting is that?? (For many months now, Ch * r lie W *rd has been hinting that the new U S Government and W H would indeed be located in T X.)

Dan Sc * vina posted this, from the earlier talk in Dallas, at a church. He posted a warning that this image could cause Tr**p Derangement Syndrome (too funny):

And here you can listen to Tr **p’s full speech at the Dallas Church. It is on il Donald Trumpo’s rumble channel. (il Donaldo is also Tr **p, but the more candid, funny, & usually scathing Tr **p, rather than the “official” U S Pre s id ent Tr**p.)

Then Cod e Monk ey Z posted on te le gram:

C N N is closing their offices.

Due to a pandemic of the vaccinated?

Or damage control for a pandemic of pedophile producers?

PNN’s Pandemic of Pedophile Producers:

How many more Pedos is PNN hiding?
How did a PNN favorite Perv, Toobin, get his job back so fast?
Will PNN bring back the others presently suspended?

Will Cuomo disavow his Pedo Producer?
Will Tapper?
Do they care?
Does Acosta have a Pedo Producer in hiding?

Why haven’t they addressed their pedo problem on-air?

Apples dont fall far from the tree.
There’s something foul over at PNN.”


And here’s another Wow.

So, “Nancy Drew” had some really interesting things to say last evening!

First, she noticed that the POW flag is rather suddenly no longer flying at the U S Capitol. But it is still flying at the W H:

“Sun. Dec. 19, 2021
The Capitol Building

“So guys, all of a sudden, the POW flag, is no longer hanging at The Capitol!!!! What in the world? I came to check out the fence. Funny things is, I went and checked out the live cam at the WH, and its still flying. Hmm…..🙏”

A little later, she added:

“Ok. So after noticing the POW flag has been removed from The Capitol, I checked the live cam and saw the one at the WH still flying. I drove here to confirm. Could this potentially mean, that those within the Capitol have already been “dealt with”, yet Sleepy, has yet to be? Why else would it have been removed it the Capitol, and not the WH? Its also still flying at the Wright building that I showed you the other day. Its still, fenced in. Hmmm…. 🤔 Now THIS, I find, is very interesting. 🤔”

POW flags still flying at the W H
Wright building fenced in, and still flying the POW flag

Then, later, she posted the most amazing news of all!! She’s going to gitmo to cover the 9 1 1 tri bu nals! WOW!


More good news!

This is from the Restored Republic update this morning. It specifically says that members of the E U and N A T O were arrested in a sting on Friday, December 17th, as they were trying to flee to Antarctica. They are now being held there for tri bun als. (It’s about halfway into the video.) (11 mins):

And here is a great update from [Q] The Storm Rider last night:

“its all happening…..
Connecting to GREAT _EVENTS
if you still don’t know..XI is getting ready to pull the switch on the CCP / PUTIN is getting rid of ALL KAZARIAN/ROTHSCHILD influence banks in his country./TRUMP. MILITARY is getting ready for 11.3/ GERMANY UK. CANADA are inside their own Continuity of Government plans //// many head Nations are inside a silent Mil.Operation <<<<<<
_The Works is CONNECTED<

Russia and China’s announcement of an independent financial trading platform will free nations under US sanctions from western intrusion into their commercial activities…

Vladimir Putin got straight to the point. At the opening of his one hour and fourteen minute video conversation with Xi Jinping on 15 December, he described Russia-China relations as “an example of genuine inter-state cooperation in the 21st century.”

Their myriad levels of cooperation have been known for years now – from trade, oil and gas, finance, aerospace and the fight against Covid-19, to the progressive interconnection of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU).

But now the stage was set for the announcement of a serious counter-move in their carefully coordinated ballet opposing the relentless Hybrid War/Cold War 2.0 combo deployed by Empire.

As Assistant to the President for Foreign Policy Yuri Ushakov succinctly explained, Putin and Xi agreed to create an “independent financial structure for trade operations that could not be influenced by other countries.”

Now we’ve come to the crunch. And the catalyzing EVENT…..

We are coming to the>PRECIPITOUS





Oh, and I have my own great little update. In addition to my paycheck on Friday, I got an unexpected and quite wonderful Christmas bonus from the store! Over the weekend, I was able to get caught up on 90% of my bills. What a fantastic feeling, and right before Christmas, too.

Another little personal update, but this one is weird.

For the second time in the past 6 months, a strange vehicle was parked in front of my house.

Back in July, late evening (but the sun was still up, since it was summer), a huge tour bus with blacked-out windows stopped in front of my house for several minutes.

Tour buses never, ever, EVER come to Tiny Town (least of all, with blacked-out windows) — because, not only are we off the main highway, we are barely even on the map. 1300 people live here. And my house is not in the center of the village. You have to drive 3 streets over. I found this very curious indeed. I watched it from my upstairs window. Later, my [Q] – following friend at work said: “Why didn’t you take a picture of it?!!”

Well, last night, after it was dark out, I sat on my bed and looked out the window. My bedroom was lit only by candlelight and my Himalayan salt lamp. And I noticed a very strange car, parked down the block, in front of where the Methodist minister’s house is. It had it’s parking lights on and I noticed this because they were a strange orange color. It was kind of creepy looking, so I decided to stop watching it because I figured it could see me up in my window.

But then, suddenly, it drives up the block , still with only its parking lights on — and where did it stop for several minutes?? Right in front of my house. This time I did take a picture of it. Whoever was in there had a GPS lit up and they were doing something on their phone. It was also a brand new car. there was no back license plate. There was a temp tag taped inside the back window. But even that was a strange tag — it was too small to read!

Again. I can’t stress enough how small this village is and how my house is so NOT at the center of the village. It wouldn’t be the first place (or even the second place) to stop to get your bearings in the dark.

Then, when a pickup truck was heading toward it, coming the opposite way, the car suddenly turned on its headlights and took off down the street.



I think that’s it for the really interesting news. I leave you with some interesting videos below, though, as well.

Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world, gang!

Thanks for visiting (except for maybe that guy in the strange car last night). I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. (Oh, and there is allegedly a really great new tribute album to Nick Cave out there now, but the band are known Satanists with an underage girl singer (not the best combination in this day & age), so I’m not going to link it here. However, in the event you like bands that are known Satanists with underage girl singers and you also love Nick Cave, feel free to search for it online!!) (HINT: the band also had a disturbing connection to (at the time, also underage) M il e y C y rus, one of the most aggressively M K Ultra-abused gals in show business…)

Meanwhile, my breakfast-listening music! Johnny Mathis, from the 1960s, “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas”! Enjoy, gang.


Okay. Well, I found some great footage (52 seconds) of protesters surrounding the PM’s house in Israel but the footage is GONE! Hmmmm.

Tarot by Janine did a cool deep dive on Al ex C o ll i er, and also another great December update (14 mins):

Awaken with JP lets us know why we need a BO O STER life jacket!! (7 mins):

Another great live Sunday night phone-in with Voice of Reason U K : (1 hr 48 mins):

UFO Man Saturday Night livestream!! (1 hr 30 mins):


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