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Okay, gang. Underneath all the chaos, floods, explosions, v a x p ass port s and v a x deaths, internment camps, and threats of WWIII…

The limited intel that’s available is STILL pointing toward this god-awful movie coming to a successful close really soon!

To access S*mon P * rkes‘ Christmas update for Connecting Consciousness, it looks like you have to go directly to his web site. You can watch it here. It’s 2 hours long. [UPDATE: I found a mirror of the video, it is posted down below.]

One of the key things he says (he explains a lot of white hat stuff in detail — for instance, why there might not be an E B S — but this detail really stuck out to me): If the U K goes into l* ck down on Dec. 27th, then it is a white hat op and the white hats are in control. If it happens before Christmas, then it’s bad news.

From all signs as of today, the U K l * ck down is set to begin on Dec. 27th! So, even though people in the U K are angry about this, it is actually really, really good news. (The remaining d**p st * te players will be removed during the l *ck down.) (And I’m hearing to expect this same procedure in other E u ro pe an countries around the same time. This equals what Ch * r lie W *rd said recently: “worldwide” lockdown will end the movie.)

FYI: From last night:

Voice of Reason U K: No Lockdown BEFORE CHRISTMAS 🎄 Confirmed By Hypocrite Boris (3 mins):

S*mon also had this to say about the D as vo s Forum being cancelled again:

Davos Economic Forum Cancelled…

“The World Economic Forum has cancelled DAVOS.

“They say it’s due to new virus variant… So nothing to do with the US being bankrupt on the 15th then? Or the partial collapse of the d**p st*te middle managers? This is a very positive report.”


From A Z Sen a tor W e ndy R ogers:

“[…] You recall PA? When Pre sid e nt T ** p was up over 600,000 on election night? Where Philly excluded observers, even when ordered to allow them by the U.S. Supreme Court?

Now we have receipts.

In Philadelphia County:

792 out of 1,703 precincts had more votes than voters

These precincts account for 346,484 votes for President

It is against the law to certify these results without an investigation, which has not been conducted

It is literally illegal to certify an election in Pennsylvania if the books don’t match. And the quantity of precincts where the impossible took place, make it clear: PA should never have been certified. ” […]


Wow. So some shills are really attacking “Nancy Drew” after her post yesterday (re: 9 1 1 trials at gitmo):

She had this to say in reply (go, Nancy!):

“Like Daddy T says….

FAKE NEWS!!!!💥💥💥💥💥💥

If I fail, ‘Ill be the first to tell ya. But just so you know, I am registered with the Maryland Board of Nursing, was cleared for hand gun training, am a sharpshooter, and am licensced to own my weapons, in,the state of Maryland. I do not, however, know if my arrest at The White House, by the Secret Service, will affect my clearance, or not. What I do know, is while I was in jail, for 24 hrs, a VERY thorough investigation was completed, on me, by the Secret Service. Very thorough, and I am still in DC, every day, with those same agents. I was facing Federal weapons charges, as I had my sons BB gun in my car, however all charges, were dismissed against me. At this time, I have completed all paperwork necessary, to be vetted, and am waiting, for a response. I will certainly share, those results, as soon as I got them, either way. I have NOTHING to hide. And BTW, I DESPISE fake news, and that is exactly why, I go to that city almost every day. Good night y’all.”


In an utterly surprising move……

A mi li tary tr i bunal found G W B*sh guilty of treason and murder. He is sentenced to hang on Jan. 4th 2022.

From Real Raw News (fyi: G W B was allegedly ex ec uted quite a while ago.) (5 mins):

Also in the news….

Much hoopla yet again over Tr **p and his support of the v a x e s. He is, in fact, in support of your freedom to choose. If he says he got a “booster,” that derails the Left’s agenda. No one can accuse him of being anti-v a x and adding to the mounting death toll (mostly of the va xed, as it turns out). So use your brain and THINK! It will feel refreshing!!

And in non-related news:

Gift vouchers are now available over at Cave Things. You can get them in digital or physical formats. Get them here!


Nick Cave sent out another beautiful Red Hand File yesterday, this one about hope, optimism, and Christmas. You can read it here. He concluded his thoughts with these remarks:

I want to thank everyone who has supported The Red Hand Files through this difficult year. This week has seen our 50,000th question and each and every one fills me with that very hope and radical optimism. Have a peaceful and blessed Christmas and may all your dreams — those points of momentary light — come true in the New Year. See you then.

Love, Nick

Okay, that’s it for today, gang.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Johnny Mathis singing “Sleigh Ride”, 1958 (from one of the best Christmas records, ever.) Enjoy!


Voice of Reason UK : Flatline Stats 👏 Bad For Journalists & Troublemakers (8 mins):

davidji: 15 Minute Guided Meditation for Manifesting More TRUST in your Life (Let Go of FEAR!) (15 mins):

Oh! here’s a mirror to the S*mon P *rkes video!! (2 hrs):

Restored Republic news update (9 mins):

Sh ar i R aye news update (33 mins):

cir st en w: THE STAGE IS SET #TAKEDOWN (37 mins):


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