Intensity Heats Up!!

Okay, gang.

Two big things:

Kazakh government resigns after MASSIVE protests and riots.

RT News (scroll UP for the many videos of the riots):

“⚡️Kazakhstan Govt Resigns after Night of Violent & Escalating Nationwide Protests

Officials will continue their duties until a new cabinet is formed.”

And Tr **p cancelled Jan 6th for an unbelievably lame reason (meaning: something that’s already been going on forever is suddenly enough to make him cancel an important speech). I wonder why?? Here’s what he “said”:

Tarot by Janine decodes Phil about what Tr **p is really saying (15 mins):

Tr**p has allegedly moved his speech to Saturday Jan 8th — Elvis’s birthday, btw!! (And Bowie’s birthday, too).

This is going to be a very, very interesting speech, gang.

Also, S *mon P *rkes is giving an intel update on Saturday at noon EST.

Saturday should be a killer day. Let’s wait and see.

Okay. Here in The Hinterlands yesterday, the skies were filled with grids created by jets spraying we-don’t-know-what. I’ve never seen anything like it, gang. I called my [Q]-following co-worker to come outside to the parking lot and look up at the sky. Wow. She couldn’t believe it, either. At that particular moment, there were no less than 5 jets visibly making grids all over the sky.

She went back inside, got on te le g ram and went to Richard Citizen Journalist’s channel and saw that people were commenting from all over the world that the same thing was happening where they were, too.

So that’s pretty interesting, right??

On a sad note… one of my favorite [Q]-following customers came into the store yesterday and said that 3 more people in her family had died from the v a x during the past week.

(Even if you’re in the movement, gang, often the people nearest and dearest to you just won’t listen. Most of the people I know are va xed ,t oo. but so far, not dying.)


[Q] The Storm Rider posted more from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Poland:

Bill Gates & Klaus Schwab Named In Genocide Case To Polish Parliament! – The True Defender !
People, nefarious reasons exist for events currently occurring in the world, caused by nefarious people.” [full article here]

And on a whole other note…

Cave’ Things announces the 3rd in the Warren Ellis Pure Exploitation series:

Style: Dressing comb
Size: 16 cm
Material: Tortoiseshell coloured plastic with gold foil stamping

#3 in the Warren Ellis Pure Exploitation series. Inspired by the great man’s immortal words ‘Proceed with absolute confidence’ from the movie, One More Time with Feeling, the Warren Ellis Pure Exploitation Comb is a must-have for all those who still have hair.”
Nick Cave

Part of the exploitation? It costs a whopping £10.00 plus shipping. Hurry and purchase it here!

Okay. That’s it for this fine Wednesday, as the world continues to go up in flames.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you are having a good day, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update — another one jam-packed with very interesting intel (30 mins):

Sh ari R a ye news update (34 mins):

Mafia assassins descend on Rome over exe c ut ion of Pope(11 mins):


Ch * r lie W *rd chats with Cl ay Cl ark :THE TIME LINE & BOOK OF REVELATIONS, GENETIC EDITING, BASEL 3 (52 mins):


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