The Lunatics are Running the Asylum!

Well, that’s how it feels this morning, gang. There are so many truthers turning on other truthers right now, that it feels nothing short of planned chaos.

A plan by the white hats, perhaps — to add to that feeling of WW3?

Create as much doubt as possible, throw everyone under the bus, cast aspersions, and leave no stone unturned in the quest to create all-out chaos in the truther movement? Making it next to impossible to ferret out actual intel?

I don’t honestly know, gang, but that is how it feels to me right now so I am going to leave all of that alone.

Even the Restored Republic news update today felt like nothing but fear mongering (I would focus on their Ben j a min F ul ford update today, instead — it’s down below).

If you step back from all the noisy name-calling, the one thing that is standing out as really, really alarming is that darned W H and, also, the US C a pi tol building.

What the heck is going on there?!

That alone tells us that something truly intense is going down now, gang, and that all the other noise is trying to get us to look away from it.

I’ll focus on “Nancy Drew” today.

This was the most alarming:

“1/1822. 😳😳💥💥💥

Woahhhhhh….I do not know, what in the world was going on here, but listen for the mans voice in my video. Hes a Reverend, and he was calling about me videoing!! I gotta a wee bit scared so I abruptly shut down, and got the hell outta dodge. Im safe, on the outskirts of the govt district, and am heading home. I usually dont get nervous like that. What in the world?????? 🧐🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

[Watch this ASAP in case it gets deleted] “DC-Video 3-Capitol Again-Lady w/ Zip ties & Reverend Calling on Nancy Videoing” (5 mins):

She also had more footage of the W H, and she had some thoughts about what looked like gunfire at the W H Sunday night:

 “DC- Video 2- Second Stop WH- Thoughts on Nighttime Happenings/Front Door” (9 mins):

And at the end of yesterday, she uncovered something truly amazing:

Il don aldo tr **po had posted a brief and very odd tweet: “I’m Batman”:

And then “Nancy” received a text from a viewer, who said that she got an E B S (!!) that was very strange. The woman lives in Missouri, not in Gotham City (Gotham, after all, is where Batman lives!! A “head’s up” perhaps??):

This is what “Nancy” had to say:

And, this was Phil’s comment yesterday about “Nancy’s” W H footage:

“Never, in the history of the White House, has there been a “glass door” enclosure over the front door of the structure.

Still think nothing is happening?”


Phil also made some comments about the 5G hysteria going on in the US right now involving airplanes:

“For the record, I 100% DO NOT believe the Boeing issue has anything to do with 5G.

That’s just another cover story for the MSM narrative.

Stay tuned. Plenty more to come on this particular topic 💯”


“Bank of America coming into the spotlight very soon 😘”

(He also asked for prayers for his grandmother, who is very sick right now and in the hospital.)




And as for those endlessly endless rumors of wars…

In light of everything we’ve been hearing from Whiplash347, this doesn’t sound like war to me. (FYI: apparently Whiplash will be leaving soon, meaning, I think, that the war is indeed almost over, gang.) Anyway.

From RT News:

⚡️Russia & Ukraine leaders invited to Turkey by President Erdogan to “settle differences” – Turkish President’s Spox


And in my opinion, gang, that is the news for this morning.

And on a personal note….

While we did get a ton of (beautiful) snow dumped on us on Monday, we did not have any power outages, and the next county over (where I work), got a fraction of the snow that we got.

And as far as the grocery store — I went after work yesterday and, honestly, gang, we have no food shortages here at all. None. Everything I always get, is always there. (I shop at a small market that specializes in affordable organic and non-GMO food — but it’s still an international chain grocery store.)

The only thing that is getting complicated to get around here is cat food. So I’ve been stocking up on all kinds of high-end brands that I don’t usually buy. But the cats are loving it…

So that’s it.

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


This originated from Real Raw News (which means be mindful how you listen — the messages lay beneath what’s being said) (4 mins):


Sha ri R a ye news update (38 mins):

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