The Intensity Intensifies!

Well. Not only was there a lot of interesting “news” to sort through early this morning and then (try to) post to the blog, but my laptop also decided it was time to update!

It took 45 minutes!!

I was able to get most of the laundry done, while still waiting for that laptop to update…

But anyway. Now it has updated. And the day is still young…

Probably the most important news from yesterday was that the (fake) Bo r is John son has finally let go of the c * vid and v ax hoax for all of the U K.

This is very good news.

From Phil’s channel yesterday (originating from RT News):

“It begins…

❗️Britain to ‘Treat Coronavirus Like a Cold’: Bojo readies to Scrap Plan B & End all C* vid Restrictions

PM Bo ri s Joh nso n is going to drop plan B and let C* vid measures expire come March. Here’s what you need to know:

▪️Working from home – DROPPED

▪️Mask Mandate – DROPPED from Thursday

▪️Compulsory C* vid certification – DROPPED (Jan 27)

▪️Self-Isolation to expire March 24

Westminster is now developing a “long-term strategy for living with C*vid-19.”

Phil followed that with this:

“Czech ✅:

Czech Prime Minister Ends Vaccine Mandates: ‘We Do Not Want to Deepen the Rifts in Society’


Another Phil post

(This is all I’m going to say about this topic because, as I posted yesterday, I think it is a huge distraction that is being done on purpose.)

“Anyone find it strange that S*d ney P * well just congratulated Li n W ** d on his victory in Delaware today?

Especially considering Li n’s recent public comments & views of S* dney?

I’ve never believed it. I still don’t and neither should you.

‘Appear weak when you are strong.’ — The Art of War”



An image from il do n aldo tr **po yesterday:


M i ch a el J ack son’s te le g ram channel had a 9 minute excerpt from the documentary In Lies We Trust — Bioterrorism, Genocide, Vac cin es, HIV and AIDS manmade origins. (Back in the 1970s.)

You have to visit this link on his channel to watch it but it is an extremely enlightening 9 minutes. Especially if practically everyone you knew in NYC in the 1980s died a horrible death from AIDS…


Dr. Re i ner F U ell mich has more individual videos of guests at the 87th Co ro na Investigative Committee (click the main link to watch the individual testimonies):

➥ Prof. Mattias Desmet:
Mass Formation explained and about the fuss about the new term after Dr. Robert Malone popularized it as “Mass Formation Psychosis” on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

➥ Riccardo Bosi:
The political and social situation in Australia, smear campaigns and the role of China.

➥ Deanna McLeod:
On the Pf* zer va c ci ne trial: what went wrong and how adverse outcomes that put the risk-benefit ratio in a bad light were masked.

➥ Aurelian Popa:
)A Romanian activist who mobilized to local protests across the country, pushing back against green pass legislation.


Whiplash347 posted this from Law of the Storm, for everyone who is expecting things to change dramatically either today, or tomorrow:

“Re: subchapter 11.3.2 ‘Duration of GC Obligations in the Case of Occupied Territory’, the Geneva Conventions last for 1 year after the end of occupation in a territory (after the military occupation was ended there).
The occupation hasn’t ended yet, therefore 1/20/2022 bears no significance because 1/20/2021 – when B* den was inaugurated as President – was the beginning of occupation, not the end of occupation.
What will happen when 1/20/2022 passes and nothing happens?
Will you stop following the clowns pushing this date?
Or will you keep following them?
Just actually read the 11.3.2 subchapter, it’s honestly not that hard to understand.
People have been pushing dates since the very beginning of this movement, but it was never about dates (see proof), but about MILITARY LAW, and the Q Plan, which is based on military law.
Since the Law of War/Q proof connections are far too strong to ignore or refute, clowns have changed their tactics to mislead gullible anons about the Law of War. These clowns were unable to contain the spread of the Law of War/Q theory aka my LOWTS proofs/videos, which shows how big this decode has become at this point (i.e. too hot to handle). These channels/personalities are trying to mislead anyone they can at this point by presenting a half truth and half falsehood and getting their followers’ hopes up, only for their hopes to be inevitably dashed once these dates/time frames pass, in an endless cycle of an abuse relationship.

18.18 Reprisals by the US Military will trigger 11.3 End of Occupation, which is when the US Military does a military capture (arrest) of the B* den administration for violations of the laws of war by pretending to be, and acting like a sovereign power, when they are legally an occupying power; when this happens the US Military will take over the government and White House, instituting military government and martial law in America. The B* den administration is a puppet government for China, the occupying power, holding control of the White House in Washington DC (the occupied territory) via election fr a u d since the 2020 Presidential election.

If this occupation is taking too long for you, then FORCE the Military’s hand.
Call on them to remove the B* den administration/occupying power.
Tell them that if they don’t end the military occupation of China, then YOU will.



There were more very strange lights at the W H during the night. Whiplash posted this short video from the W H live cam. 24 seconds. The lights are fucking strange.

Also — there are now concrete walls going up around the C a na d ian Parliament — exactly like the concrete wall erected last week around the W H.

A lot of people are speculating that these walls are for the upcoming Rods of God demolition of S at a nic buildings worldwide, but honestly, I have no clue. We have to wait and see.


And on the heels of the exe c ut ion of the truly repugnant B o b S a get last week for Crimes Against Humanity (he was the star of the popular “family” tv sitcom, Full House)…

This even more repugnant bit of news… The producer of Full House has put his home up for sale. (Hmmm. Wonder if he’s on a permanent vacation at git mo?)

You’ll note that he lived in the house where Sharon Tate and her guests (and her unborn baby) were brutally murdered by the Ma n son F a mily — and it is now priced at $85 million, as if it were a shrine. I’m not understanding why they didn’t demolish this really sad building decades ago.

However — a timely [Q] drop!


These following posts have to do with cryptocurrencies, which I know next to nothing about, along with the Doomsday Clock.

All from Whiplash347:

“The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce will hold a hybrid hearing that includes both in-person and remote attendance on Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 10:30 a.m.”

Congress Announces Hearing on Bitcoin’s Energy Use
The U.S. Congress will hold a hearing on the energy use and environmental impact of bitcoin mining on January 20, its Energy and Commerce Oversight Subcommittee announced on Thursday”

“This Oversight Committee hearing lines right up with Doomsday Clock time.

ELON MUSK👨‍🚀(17)
*10:45PM EST

Do you believe in coincidences?
“Blunt & Direct Time”
Think Currency
Think fireworks.
Message delivered.
These people are sick!

EU regulator calls for ban on energy-intensive Bitcoin mining

Erik Thedeen said the bloc should weigh a ban on Bitcoin mining as it is doing harm to the environment and was setting back efforts to fight climate change. (New York Post)

Thedeen told the Financial Times the EU should ban “proof of work” mining in favor of more efficient “proof of stake.”

“Proof of work” is an energy-intensive form of Bitcoin mining, which competes against other rigs to crack the code of an algorithm using high-powered computers.

“Proof of stake” is where miners pledge a stake of digital coins before validating transactions.

Nothing is over until Wall Street says it’s over
And guess what: shares of Moderna and BioNTech are cratering

The hedge funds have finally realized there will be no fourth shot. And that mRNA technology, erm, still has a few issues to work out. (1 billion people aren’t gonna love hearing that, but too late now. Mistakes were made, stuff happens, amirite?)
Moderna and BioNTech are down 8-10% today, 60% since August. Oh, how I wish I could have shorted them.

Fire up those Memes!
Please stand by.
Ready to play?
MOAB incoming.
QFake pic push by MSM.
Videos / backup.
Google kill.
YouTube kill.
FB kill.
Twitter kill.
Yahoo kill.
Bing kill.
Instagram kill.
Net will be paused.

Since its founding in 1947, the clock has been moved forward 16 times, and back just eight. Its initial position was seven minutes to midnight

This would make it “17”

Starts at 1500 GMT

Just under 9 hrs away.

Law of War 11.3.2 could be 11.5 Activates January 20/21
Bidan 114 minutes 11.4 warning Mass Cyber Attacks – Swift Stock Market, Social Media, Internet etc
Atlas V511 = 11.5 (2pm Washington D.C)

Doomsday Clock 2022 to be unveiled today as scientists explain if Earth is closer to apocalypseMirror Online

NOW – Doomsday Clock set once again at 100 seconds to midnight, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced. — DiscloseTV


So there we have it.

And that was what I found to be most interesting today, gang.

I hope you have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning: “The Witness Song” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, from their awesome album, The Good Son, 1990.


Sha ri r aye news update (32 mins):

Restored Republic news update (20 mins):

A happy Real Raw News update: DICK CHENEY CONVICTED OF TREASON, HOMICIDE (5 mins):



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