Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!

You’d think that even for someone like me, at the lofty age pf 61 and a 1/2, that having a snow day would still be a blast!!

Well. I did technically go out into it — but only to spend about 20 minutes uncovering my car from under a foot of snow so that it wouldn’t be a frozen mess this morning.

And since I’d thought that Sunday would be my only day off, I got everything done on Sunday that needed to be done. So yesterday, I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. I spent a lot of time reading. And I also spent a lot of time on t e le g ram, but there was no real new news

And then — yes! when I awaken this morning at 3:30am, there is suddenly more news than I have the time to keep up with. Today is not a snow day.

Oh well. Okay. Here we go.

In my humble opinion, this was the most interesting bit of news from yesterday. It was on Phil’s te le g ram channel, and it seems to have been from Sunday night (?). Footage from the W H live cam. What the heck is it?? It looks like gunfire on the second floor of the W H. Some sort of firing squad/ ex ec ut ions?

You must watch the whole thing — 2 minutes. Also note that there is clearly someone standing down below, outside right by the steps.

Phil comments:

“Anyone have an explanation to this?

Watch those windows..” [video is here]


My next favorite thing from yesterday, was on il donaldo tr **p’s channel, wherein he basically admits (in my opinion) that it was a body double at the A Z rally:

“I KNOW.😎”

Then on the official Tr **p channel, a press release was posted. Even I can tell that it’s full of comms, however, I am not very good and decoding comms.

Luckily, Phil is super good at it and he promises to pick it apart sometime today:

“Silver and Gold, eh, Mr. President?

How interesting 😎

This entire statement is LOADED with Comms, with the silver & gold reference of NESARA being only one of them.

I’ll pick it apart tomorrow and post the results here.”

In case you did not see this yet, regarding the rally in A Z on Saturday night, “ne s ar a / g e sara” was sort of randomly sent across the screen during the fake Tr **p’s speech:

S*mon P*rkes posted the image:

“New Change Announced In The Most Unlikely Way!

Ch * rlie W *rd, S *mon and Mel k discuss it, among other things, here (53 mins):


In an awkward sort of homage to Martin Luther King Day, RT News reminded us that in 2020, an already fake B *d en compared the impact of the alleged death of G eo r ge Fl oyd (who is not really dead, or at least he didn’t die when or how they wanted you to think he did — he was a C I A psy op) with MLK Jr:

“FLASHBACK: B * den said George Floyd’s death had a greater “worldwide impact” than Martin Luther King’s assassination

As the United States celebrates MLK Day in remembrance of the late civil rights leader, it’s worth looking back at when the now-President B* den compared King, to George Floyd.

During a roundtable economic discussion on June 11 2020, B* den said “even Dr King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did.”

Floyd’s death triggered international protests and months of violent rioting.”


Tarot by Janine now has a tele g r am channel. And she posted a very interesting undercover video from the UK. [Video is 2 minutes and is here.] DESCRIPTION:

“The doctor recorded in the call below, whilst diagnosing an adverse reaction, advises the patient seeking advice that the entire vaxxtermination programme is about to be pulled. Because justice is coming for everybody who has participated in the crimes of C*VID-1984. The phone number checks out too as St Richard’s in Chichester. A call back from 111 service”

[the doctor on the phone clearly states that the patient should get no more v a c c ines because new information has to come to light that the v a cc in es are dangerous and the program will soon be stopped.]


A very important reminder from Whiplash347, as sleepers all over the USA are suddenly becoming terrified of the “upcoming” 5G towers:

Co V Fe Fe

[…] Trump signed two EO’s, one for the ENERGY GRID and the other for 5G PROTECTION!

[…] Trump is passing his EO ensuring it is SAFE (*and it is understood by using COBALT (Co), IRON (Fe) AND VANADUIUM (V) (CovFeFe) Covfefe is a FORMULA!

CoVFeFe is already used in TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICES, and also in Directed ENERGY WEAPONS and other MILITARY DEVICES that use electromagnetic radiation. TO REDUCE THE HARM AND PROMOTES HIGHER ENERGY USAGE: (IE; 5G)

[full article here, from 2019]


From RT News [link includes video news footage from Iran TV]:

❗️Unprecedented & Heavy Snow Falls on Iran”


An update from Co de Mon key Z :

“I am driving down to the border wall between ARIZONA and MEXICO tonight to try and help identify ongoing human trafficking and smuggling.
I talked with border patrol and they were very cordial and are doing a fantastic job out here.

I am anti-trafficking and PRO-WALL.
Please contribute to my congressional campaign, if you want someone who will always fight for you and the future of our country.

You can donate here.”


From Whiplash347:

Tonga Volcano Aftermath: Undersea Cable Breaks Cutting Island off from World

Operators who run the undersea cable carrying 99% of Tonga’s connectivity say $250k+ damage to it could take weeks to fix, while satellite coms are disrupted by ash clouds. Update:

▪️At least two reportedly dead after Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai eruption, the largest recorded in decades
▪️Capital Nuku’alofa blanketed in volcanic ash and dust preventing aid planes landing
▪️Tsunami warnings in Japan & US, oil spill in Peru
▪️Two remote islands have sent distress signals after surveillance flights captured extensive damage


“I will get posts out on the 777 books soon, when they get back to me.

Subs break underwater Internet Cables.
You know why DUMB taken out that links to Australia, US & Asia. + the new quantum internet”

[By “777” he is referring to the hundreds of “books” that were deleted from the Bible, which were found in the tunnels underneath the Va tican. These are not necessarily books, though. These are likely the religious texts that became illegal in the 4th Century, when it was dictated by Constantine’s Vat ic an what we would be allowed to know about Jesus’s original teachings from then on (i.e., not very much. What we mostly know are Paul’s teachings. And Paul and Jesus’s family, who was continuing the Jesus Movement after the Crucifixion, did not get along, at all). (In my opinion, The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas likely tells us more about Jesus than our entire current New Testament.) (Yes, this is one of the reasons why, even though I graduated summa cum laude from Divinity School, they told me I would make a great Chaplain — because no one in their right mind would ever give me my own congregation…) ]


In other news…

Nick Cave sent out another really great Red Hand File this morning, about the nature of Spirit and imagination, and are our creations ever really our own? You can read it here.

And Cave Things announces a winter sale!!

Here is just one of the items on sale (use code SUCKMY22)!


Okay! That’s it, gang. Now I am gonna be REALLY super late!! Gotta scoot.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

Restored Republic news update (24 mins):

Sha ri R a ye news update (37 mins):

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