Harder then Ever to See through this Stuff

Okay. First off, S*mon P*rkes updated yesterday, and the news is very good, so you might want to watch it ASAP (47 mins):

And also this:

Nic h ol as V en i amin chats with Mi chelle F I el ding (1 hr 29 mins):

Sh ar i Ra ye news update (29 mins):

In Sh ar i Ra ye’s video above, she has an item about the alleged murder of Neil A r mstr ong in an Ohio hospital back in 2012, and that he didn’t really die in 2019. The hospital allegedly paid Ar mst ron g’s family $30 million to keep quiet (?). The implication is that he was getting ready — at age 82 — to spill the beans about the 1969 “moon walk” (?). Here’s hoping that one day we’ll know what’s true about that.

Aside from that question mark…

It is getting incredibly hard right now to discern anything that might be true. The amount of obfuscation going on out there — bitchute videos and especially te l e g ram — you really have to wade carefully to try to determine for yourself what you are willing to believe.

As far as I could see, M ic h ael J ackson was the first to report on tel e g ram very early this morning that the King of S au di A r abia was dead.

Whiplash347 gave more details about 3 hours later:

Sau di Ara bi an King Ab dul lah dies
Ally of U.S. in fight against al Qaeda had sought to modernize conservative Muslim nation”

(It’s interesting to note that a man who is allegedly dead — MJ — posts news faster than those who are allegedly alive — i.e., Whiplash, who is also allegedly D ee p S t ate, C a b al, C I A, and a pe do phile. etc., etc., etc.. Did I miss any monikers there?)


[Q] The Storm Rider is ill:

“I have been sick a few days PATRIOTS… Send some good vibrations and blessings my way… I dearly appreciate and Thank you 🌹”

[Q]tah is also ill.

From Pe pe Lives Ma tter:

I really pray for these truthers, gang, because I know too well how it feels to be unbelievably sick for two months with no one able to figure out what was wrong with me. (Until I went to a naturopath, that is — he had me cured in 5 days.) It is so hard to keep posting the news when you are that sick.


Some very good news (we knew it was coming but it sure took long enough)…

From RT News:

US judge shuts down B* den v ac ci ne mandate for federal employees

A Texas judge blocked the BIden administration from enforcing its executive order which requires all federal employees to be jabbed against C* vid ^^19. (CNBC)

Judge Jeffrey Brown wrote in a 20-page order that the mandate “amounts to a presidential mandate that all federal employees consent to va cci na tion against C*vid ^^19 or lose their jobs.”

The ruling is the latest set back to B*den’s va cc ine mandate plans which comes on the coattails of the Supreme Court’s ruling to strike down the admin’s broader vaccination plans for private employees.”


In my opinion, this was incredibly suspicious. Why take out an entire prison? Who was in there?

From RT News:

“⚡️At least 70 killed in air strike on Yemen prison – AFP citing aid agency


And if you’re still shopping at W a l mart, after everything we have learned about them (all of it evil), consider this:

“Have you heard about the underground tunnels across the world? Here is the machine used to make them. Oh, and the W al M art logo.”


From RT News

Still more record snowfalls in I r an:

Record Snowfall Blankets Iran – Army assisting on the roads

A number of northern, central and western provinces in the country are completely blanketed with record-breaking snow, as huge storms sweep in from the mountains.

Even army vehicles, including BMP-2s, had to be deployed at the Asadabad Pass in Hamadan province to help civilian vehicles stuck.” [videos at this link]


And how about Ireland, gang??!!

From il d o nal do tr **po:


And from RT News:

“❗️Irish PM Micheál Martin announces majority of coronavirus restrictions will be lifted Saturday

The Republic of Ireland has announced it will drop almost all C*vid curbs with only mask rules and health passes to be kept in place for hospitality venues from tomorrow.”

And this is making the rounds:

(I have no idea if that is true, but, regardless, all this back-peddling is thanks to the white hat version of C*vid, better known as Omi c r on, and allegedly identical to a common cold…)


Aside from that, the narrative around Lt Gen M Fly n n continues to shift — now they are saying he has been ar r est ed.

I have no way of knowing which narratives are true because there is so much disinformation on te le g ram right now about everyone that it is mind-boggling.

However, as with everything else imaginable, we’ll have to wait and see.


There was no Restored Republic news update this morning, so I share this with you, instead:

Awaken with JP: “Learning the Masterful CHARM of Kamala Harris!” (8 mins):

And that is it for this fine Saturday, gang!

Have a great day, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with this incredible song: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Oh My Lord,” from the album No More Shall We Part, 2001. And also, this truly great photo of Nick from God only knows when:

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