Is it Too Soon to Wish You A Happy Freedom Day?

I am of course speaking about U k r a in e. Sovereignty. And getting rid of N A T O and d e e p st at e….

From [Q] The Storm Rider in the wee small hours of this morning:

“BREAKING – Spokesman for the DPR’s People’s Militia Oleg Nikitin released an “emergency statement”

Saying the situation on the line of contact “remains tense” and “continues to further escalate”.

Accuses Ukraine of preparing for offensive ops.”

“🚨BREAKING – Russian media & LPR media now stating the Ukrainian military is shelling the frontlines using Rocket launchers, Grenade launchers & Motars.”

“🇺🇦⚡️Retaliatory fire now being conducted by the Donbas forces targeting Ukrainian positions.”

“Here we go!!

Russian news agencies now stating that authorities are looking if there were any casualties or Material damage following the Barrage from the Ukrainian Armed forces.”

“⚡️🇷🇺 Russian Media – At least eight settlements of the overall Donbass region (Luhansk & Donetsk) were subjected to massive shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine early this morning.”

“🚨BREAKING – Ukraine has begun using heavy weaponry in Donbass, violates 2020 ceasefire measures – LPR”

From Whiplash347 by way of QuantumLight1111 yesterday:

From Phil this morning:

Putin has been rejecting B* den’s phone calls for over a year.

He has spoke to Tr **p multiple times in the last 30 days.

What does that tell you?




On a different Liberation Front:

From RT News:

“⚡️Japan will reopen its borders to foreign students & work travel – after pressure from business leaders and ruling party members to drop restrictions (Japan Times)”


JUST IN – Switzerland is lifting almost all C*vid restrictions starting tomorrow, including vaccine passports and mask mandates (except for public transport and health facilities).

As of April 1, the country’s C*VID taskforce will be disbanded and the “special situation” due to the pandemic will end. The remaining mask and isolation requirements then end, too.”

JUST IN – Austria will lift almost all C*vid restrictions by March 5, Minister of Health and Social Affairs Mückstein announced.

In addition, a decision on compulsory vaccination is expected by March 15, which may result in a “temporary suspension.”


From RT News:

Macron to Announce Mali Military Pullout

The French President will reportedly announce the withdrawal of troops from the West African nation after nine years on Wednesday evening, amid a breakdown of relations with Mali’s military leaders.

The country has suffered two coups since 2020, with the army breaking a vow to hold elections and expelling the French ambassador this month.

The news comes right before a two-day EU-African Union summit begins in Brussels.”


Oh, and here’s this:


And here’s this–

From il donaldo tr**po on rumble:



And here’s an informative meme from King John Smarty:


From “Nancy Drew” last night:

“So. What I can say, right now, is there were quite a few Black Hawks in the sky, today. 🤔🧐 I did watch something very interesting, take place, but will wait until the morning, when I can check some things out, and know its ok for me to post what I have. Just know, White Hats are in complete control. Complete control. 🙌💖”


From Pro je c t V er itas and the F D A:

BREAKING: F D A Executive Officer on Hidden Cam Reveals Future COVID policy

“You’ll have to get an annual shot”

On Biden’s vaccine vision: “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible”

On the F D A Emergency Use Authorization for vaccinating children as young as six months “They’re[FDA] not going to not approve it”

BREAKING PART II: F D A Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies

“They[Pharma] give you[F D A] more money…that’s great, and it increases the chance of approval”

“A billion dollars a year into F D A’s budget from people we regulate”

“They pay us hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products.”

“We charge the industry millions of dollars in order to hire more drug reviewers and vaccine reviewers- So, they [pharmaceutical companies] make more money.”

[Full report is here]


Two posts from Donald J Tr **p yesterday:

“Much of the now-uncovered espionage campaign of the De m ocr ats breaking into the White House and my New York City apartment, took place after the 2016 Election as yet another way to undermine the upcoming 2020 Election. This spying into the Oval Office continued for a long period of time and further served to undermine and discredit the 2020 Election, along with massive ballot harvesting, phantom voters, and so many other things that made the Election a sham. The voting numbers were big and determinative!”

“Why isn’t the media asking who gave Crooked H i l l ary Cl in ton’s “plumbers” their orders? With Watergate it was the coverup that turned out to be the far bigger crime. With Hillarygate it is the Mainstream Media Coverup that is almost as big of a crime as the act of treasonous espionage itself. It is showing the world why our media is truly the enemy of the people!”


And more on Surety Bonds, gang. They are working!

From Co d e Mon k ey z :

“I just heard that the Scottsdale Unified School District has stood down after Miki and I served them a few weeks back.

Bonds for the win!

More parents are standing up for their kids around the country and successfully serving school boards with surety bond claims.

I have a plan to escalate the surety bond strategy and test the limits of the system … more info soon.”

“Surety bonds provide financial guarantees that bondholders such as public officials, companies, contractors, or unions will uphold their contracts according to mutual terms.

Surety bonds protect WE THE PEOPLE from fraud and malpractice. When a bondholder breaks a bond’s terms, the harmed party can make a claim on the bond to recover losses. […]

Learn more here.”

Also this:

20,000 More Children LIBERATED – Iredell Statesville School District  (50 mins);


From Dr R e in er Fu ell mich yesterday:

Pf* zer Trial Whistleblower Presses Forward With Lawsuit Without US Government’s Help

“A former clinical trial overseer for a contractor holding trials of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is pressing forward with a lawsuit against Pfizer and her former company despite the U.S. government declining to side with her.

Brook Jackson was fired by the contractor, Ventavia Research Group, in 2020. She came forward as a whistleblower in 2021.”

[full article here]


And a thought regarding C an a da… Tr * d e au is fake. Mar tial law takes out d e e p st a te.


And that’s it for now, gang.

I leave you with this awesome photo of Nick Cave, proving that he is so incredibly creative that his head actually smokes:

And I leave you also with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!!

You know, when I was a young girl, I was not romantic at all. When it came to music, I preferred sexy songs, or tragedy, irony, or even humor. I was not a sucker for romance. Oddly enough, however, I did find this song really, really appealing and very romantic when I was about 12. A big hit from Top 40 radio that year — “Rings” by Cymarron. It holds up well, in my 61-year-old romantic opinion! Enjoy the romance, gang!! And thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (30 mins):


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