A Fantastic Thursday in the Hinterlands!

Okay, gang. Today should be a really cool day around here.

Not only am I dropping off the last of all my banruptcy paperwork to the Legal Aid office, I am also having lunch today with Kevin!! The man who directed the staged reading of my play Tell My Bones — way back in November of 2020. He is now here in his (absolutely beautiful) summer home, gettng a break from NYC.

Because of the much-talked-about plan-demic, this will be our first in-person meeting to discuss how that reading went and what the plans for the future should be regarding the play.

Can you imagine, waiting 19 months before you can discuss the feedback on a staged reading of a play???

Anyway. On we go, right? I am so effing tired of that plan-demic and all things associated with it. I’m just trying to move forward now in whatever ways possible. And we are having lunch in Granville– our old stomping grounds from days of yore!!

And I will even be wearing eye makeup today!! (Assuming I remember how to do that. Since November 2020 up until recently, I spent 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, trying to help customers and their extended families survive the fake vaccines — a lot of the time, failing at that; so many of our customers and/or their family members died from those effing bioweapons vaccines — it wasn’t the time to be thinking about eye makeup, right?) (Plus, I spent every other waking hour, trying to stay on top of all Q-related news, that I wouldn’t have even had time to take the eye makeup off at night!)

Okay. Anyway.


From Ezra A Cohen yesterday:

“Failed assassination of Brett Kavanaugh

Try again


Devolution to Revolution

Devolve to Evolve

Dark to Light

Biden Body Double”

And this morning, he posted this:


And Phil posted this handy reminder:


He also posted this reminder, but read it only if you have either an open mind, or a strong stomach:

“Ever wonder why things are taking so long?

Now you know.”


Also this

“1,997 Mules now”


From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter — this is connected to Ezra’s photo this morning:

“Fox News is reporting that the National Guard is preparing to be deployed in the wake of the upcoming abortion ruling by the Supreme Court. I think we can all guess what that means considering that only one side riots when they don’t get their way.
All signs point to Roe V Wade finally falling and an ensuing hot summer.
Let’s go Patriots!”


(We have been told, though, that the Roe v. Wade ruling is obfuscating a ruling that will be more important. We shall see.)


Also from Pepe — this is definitely something we need to pay attention to, gang–

“I like how the world seems to be collapsing and Scavino is out there posting comfy AF golf pictures. 🤣🤣

It’s almost like he knows that this movie has a happy ending.
Don’t you think?”


Someone in Phil’s chat posted this, so I’m passing it along:

“I can’t answer questions, but I promise, this is absolutely LEGIT. There are things happening right now we are not being told about. If you pray, this is the time to do it! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

8th session of the Grand Jury Proceedings
Court of Public Opinion

Topic: Closing Arguments

June 9 – 11:00 a.m. CDT 🇺🇸
June 9 – 5:00 p.m. BST 🇬🇧
June 10 – 2 a.m. AEST 🇦🇺

A group of intern. attorneys and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modeled on the grand jury proceedings to present to the public all available evidence of past crimes against humanity related to Covid-19 of the “leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices” who assisted in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people, and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

By presenting a complete picture of the factual situation, including the geopolitical and historical background, the trial aims to raise awareness of the collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions.”

LINKS to livestream are HERE


Chris Sky has an important 3-minute video for Canadians — United Non- Compliance; watch out for arrests! Link is HERE.

“Important! Pre Canada day message”


And in other news–

Nick Cave sent out a really stunning Red Hand File this morning, wherein he discusses what he thinks God is . It is beautiful, complex, and might also surprise you —

“[…] Why does it take a devastation for the world to reveal its true spiritual nature? I don’t know the answer to this, but I do know there exists a kind of potentiality just beyond trauma. I suspect that trauma is the purifying fire through which we truly encounter the good in the world. […]”

You can read it in full, here.


And don’t forget:

Tonight in beautiful Porto, Portugal — Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds!

Buy tickets HERE.

And that is it for today, gang.

I hope you are having a lovely day, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting.

I leave you with a beautiful acoustic version of Sun Kil Moon’s “I Love Portugal”. Enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya!!


Gila Jed: TRUTH & KINDNESS & XRP (11 mins):

Restored Republic news updates (18 mins):


RedPill 78 news updates: Chesa Boudin recalled, Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt (22 mins):

And We Know: Roe v Wade soon? Infiltration, GOLF, J6, 2000mules, Sudden Death, ACTORS. PRAY! (56 mins):

Mel Carmine: Jim Willie, “Yes!! Russia with Gold Backed will be the first to roll out Gesara Nesara” IT’s HERE!! (1 hr 23 mins):

X22 Report: The ‘How’ Will Be Hard To Understand For Most, Focus On The ‘Why’, The ‘When’ Is Now (49 mins):

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