Yes! I Overslept!! But it Was Wonderful!

I’m not really posting today, and not just because I overslept, but because there is nothing really worth posting this morning.

All of it is either stuff we already know, or it is a false flag (DC riot), or it is a psy-op, both white hats and black hats. (Barbie & Ken IRS weirdness in Utah, etc.)

Phil is supposed to go live tonight at 8PM Eastern. If you have not been able to join his channel, it is OPEN right now and you can join!! I think until tomorrow. Join HERE.

And here is a very brief video he did in his car yesterday, basically saying what we thought was the case– tons of stuff going on behind the scenes, which has kept him from doing a livestream. So tonight should be informative.

I will at least mention that 2 more false flags are anticipated: Stay away from Philadelphia, if possible. And do not ride the NYC subways this week, if at all possible. Shootings expected. (??) Don’t know if it’s true, but head’s up, gang.


The good news is that YES!!!!!!! They came and took away the tree lodged in my nieghbors house yesterday. There is still a ton of damage left to look at outside my windows and a bunch of tree-debris all over his yard, but at least they got that enormous tree branch out of there, finally.

However, the workmen were working late into the evening — they didn’t leave until almost 10PM last night (I can’t believe how light it still was outside by 10PM). But it also meant that while I was in my bed, trying to go to sleep, the workmen were on my neighbor’s roof, which is basically saying that they were right inside my bedroom….

So it took me a while to fall asleep.

Also!!!! I have that TeraHertz Healing Wand right now, and wow, is it cool, gang. I don’t suffer from any pain issues, but I am trying to clear up my vision issues. I have already noticed a little progress there — things in the distance are noticeably clearer when I don’t have my glasses on. So cool!

Meanwhile, that Wand gives you a truckload of incredibly upbeat energy & joy. It is, honestly, incredible. (If you treat filtered water with the wand for about 3 minutes, and then drink the water throughout the day, it is an amazing mood booster.) So that also had me awake later than usual.

But I slept great. I didn’t even care that when I opened my eyes, it was almost 5AM.

All righty. A couple of videos from Gila Jed. (What she has to say about “Mr. Smith” is very interesting.)


Dominique and Gila discuss how we build the NEW EARTH (33 mins):


And that is it!!

Don’t forget that Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be playing in the beautiful city of Prague on Thursday, June 23rd. You can buy tickets HERE. This summer festival tour they are on is really just off the charts, gang. So go and see them if you can.

Enjoy your terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!!

I leave you with this: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ “My Life, Your World”. An incredible LIVE version — Mike Campbell and that guitar!! Yay. And oddly enough, it was at an outdoor concert in Ohio!! Late 1980s, I believe. Enjoy!! Okay, I love you guys. See ya!!


X22 Financial Reprot: Fed Structure Change Coming, [CB] Attempt To Transition The People Will Fail (21 mins):

X22 Report: The Game Is Over When The Public Knows, Keystone, Seditious Conspiracy, Treason (47 mins):

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