As Expected!!

No, the Supreme Court did not give their opinions yesterday on decertifying 2020, which was kind of expected (hoped for, anyway).

And it did rule that public school officials have a right to pray publicly and lead students in prayer at public events. (That was unexpected yesterday, although I totally agree with the ruling. In my wee bonny girlhood, we said the Pledge of Allegiance , however we didn’t pray in shcool. We were about 99% Jewish in that school and prayer among Jews is a whole different ballgame. But we were nonetheless very religious. I think that separating children from a relationship with God is the cornerstone of creating a society that is emotionally lost and highly controllable.)

So, those were not what “was expected”. This was–

As I said back when all the truthers began their early celebrations over the SCOTUS (fake ) leak about Roe vs Wade: Just because safe & legal abortions have become illegal across many US states, abortion is going nowhere. It never does.

Going Viral:

I’m not going to spend my whole blog post talking about abortions again, but I do want to say something more about all of this.

This is what our fight is primarily supposed to be about: Protecting and restoring our Constitution.

And in order to do that, people have to be taught what the Constitution is and what it isn’t and what it’s intended for. Luckily, I was taught about the Constitution, about American History, and State/Federal Government in public school in the 1970s. But most students aren’t taught that in school anymore. That was done on purpose, to create generations of ignorant Americans.

And read/watch this, if you want to see what was happening to the US Constitution until Q came along:

From the PatriotAcademy:

What Is A COURTstitution?

Do you know what a COURTstitution is?

A COURTstitution occurs when the judicial branch begins having more power than the Constitution. In today’s America, out nation’s policy is directed more by what judges on the bench say, rather than what the Constitution of the Nation says.” (Short video here)


The situation in America right now is making huge strides in protecting our Constitution — and overturning Roe vs Wade by returning that type of vote to “We The People” is part of that.

Everything the Supreme Court did over the past few days is part of that. And I support all of that.

What makes me extremely downhearted about this whole Q movement, though, is the absolute glee, and the mocking and ridiculing among truthers, of all those FELLOW AMERICANS who do not want to see safe & legal abortions disappear. (Trust me — no one wants a country full of unwanted babies. It brings with it more violent crimes, suicides, drug addiction, a society brimming with general lovelessness, and opportunities to sell more babies for God only knows what purpose.)

I work with several extremely conservative, Christian women, two of whom are Catholic. All of them are mothers, most are grandmothers, and none of them wants to see abortions become illegal again.

So don’t think that it’s just whacked out Leftists and Liberals who are “frothing at the mouth” and going crazy about the overturning of Roe vs Wade.

The real crime here is doing this without providing ANY widely circulated context about the enumerated powers of the Constitution and why this law should not be a Federal law, but a state decision. And without providing any guidelines for learning about safe & effective brithcontrol measures. Without providing an open door for debate about future state legislation that takes into account pregnant children (ie. my own mother, who was 12 when she conceived me), or pregnancies caused by rape, or pregnancies that are life-threatening to the mother in any way.

None of these topics were a significant part of any of this, providing ripe opportunities for hysteria and fear. And the truthers were the first to behave in truly un-Christian ways towards their fellow human beings and their fellow Americans (of whom they are supposed to be so fond).

What happened to all that empathy we were supposed to show towards all these victims of Operation Mockingbird?? All these victims of a truly lousy public school system here in America (Common Core & CRT), that have left so many of our fellow Americans ignorant and manipulated by fear??

I took my Q oath 2 years ago and I’m sticking with it, but I have lost faith in a huge part of this movement. I had hoped that by taking this long, circuitous route to help people wake-up to what the Deep State had been getting away with — the atrocities to the children, and to the fetuses; the massively rigged elections, the depopulation agendas that were already in full swing, all over the world, etc.

Let’s wake people up as gently as possible, right? With no bloodshed, no civil war. Maybe even FINALLY get them to see that Trump was the best President this county has ever had. And even while I am an ordained minister and a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, I am not a Conservative and I am only now a registered Republican because I had to choose the lesser of two evils in order to help change this country. But I do believe in Trump and was hoping that old-school Liberals and old-school Democrats could gently wake up to everything he put into place to save this country.

But now, it won’t happen. None of that “gentle awakening”. And it won’t happen because even with Trump as a President in the background, and everyone believing the fake Biden is the President — everyone on the Left wholly blames Trump for overturning Roe vs Wade, mainly by getting those Judges on to the Supreme Court in the first place. (Which was his very succinctly & publicly stated goal.)

So we have really accomplished next to nothing that I was hoping would eventually occur.

Now all I am fighting for is the decertification of 2020 and protecting that Constitution, and if people wake up, they wake up. And if they don’t, they just don’t and the people in this country will be forever at odds with one another. I find this so sad, so heatbreaking, so regrettable. (And I’ve stopped following quite a few truthers, too, because I think they’re hypocrites. And oddly enough, they’re all men.)



From Whiplash347:

Maricopa County Republican leaders pass resolution to reject Arizona’s 2020 election results
Executive Board unanimously approved a resolution last week to reject Arizona’s 2020 presidential election results, reporting that “substantial election fraud” unfairly skewed the results in favor of Joe Biden, according to the Arizona Sun Times.” [full article here]


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇮🇷🇦🇷⚡️Iran and Argentina applied to join the BRICS — M. Zakharova.”


From Ron Watkins (Code Monkey Z):

“Everybody pray for Dr. Zelenko.

He is currently in critical condition in the ICU.


(Seriously — pray, gang. Lots of murders take place in the ICU.)


“The J6 Committee is not going to accomplish anything except free television air time for the Dems and RINOS on the committee.

Primary and General Election opponents of the committee members should demand equal air time.”


Also, yesterday–

From Whiplash347:

And from GEORGE News:

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is now saying Michael Stenger was found dead and she just highlighted the clip of him admitting there were paid agitators at January 6th.”


From Whiplash347 by way of Azazel news (includes really cool brief video footage):

This morning in the Netherlands

Farmers Coming together against the EU parliament and Dutch government that is trying to impose nitrogen restrictions.”


From QTSR:


Over a 1000 websites CRASH
Multiple government sites & portals down
Mobile services frozen
Several private investment firms hit

_A Russian-speaking hacking group, known as Killnet, claimed responsibility for at least SOME ( but not all) of the hacks, saying they were in retaliation for Lithuania blocking the shipment of some goods to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which is wedged between Lithuania and Poland.

“It is highly probable that such, or even more, intense attacks will continue into the coming days, especially against the communications, energy and financial sectors,” acting NKSC Director Jonas Skardinskas

In these moments of CYBERATTACKS money is being stolen through Lithuania and the country won’t be able to see the stolen finances till weeks later ///

The DEEP STATE in EU is desperate for money as the systematic financial COLLAPSE continues

German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz, French President Emmanuelle Macron, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Romanian President Klaus Ichannis went to Ukraine last week to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky. The reason they went is that “they are trying to figure out how to obtain their last amount of stolen money. They all know it is Game Over for them,”

G7 meeting ( Gathering of the KAZARIAN Mafia)… Emergency meeting

Angela Hitler gathers lieutenants in Germany to mourn loss of Fourth Reich
In an echo of History, Angela Hitler gathered her lieutenants at her father’s castle in Bavaria to vow to fight (to) the last Ukrainian in the face of inevitable defeat by overwhelming Russian forces. This so-called G7 meeting is part of an emergency gathering of Khazarian mafia leaders who now face both military defeat and war crimes tribunals.

A look at the situation in Europe, the US and around the world makes it very clear we are dealing with the end of an era. Even the Jerusalem Post, the flagship newspaper for the former Khazarian mafia stronghold of Israel, admits this now:

We are nearing the death of the old geopolitical system and of the world order that has kept repeating itself from the medieval ages.

It seems, finally, that this cycle of plague, war and famine will be the last of Western hegemony and the birth of a new world order, a new world order which will probably bring back the balance of power to Asia and Africa, which were the centers of global wealth and power long before the industrial revolution.

) Credited Wires; Ben.F

Military Colonel Viktor Baranets RT news

Let us start with the situation in Ukraine. In a sign of total military defeat, Ukrainian “recruiters” are now snatching people from their houses, the streets, restaurants and entertainment facilities and sending them untrained and poorly armed to the front lines. “A large number of seasoned Nazis were put out of action and those reservists who are now sent into battle aren’t fit for the task,”

Inside the Storm

The world is connected//))”


Also this:

“EUROPEAN UNION >WILL<be the first to FALL

Are the forces behind the pandemic, world wars, human trafficking, weapons trade, bioweapon BIOLABS in Ukraine, Nicaragua, Australia Congo, Nigeria, India, Kenya, Ghana, Haiti, Ethiopia, Georgia, ect ect ect ect….

_The growth of the CABAL after Israel/Egypt (KAZARIAN Mafia dominance) [DS] begins it’s world domination from the Old Country>EUROPE<>>Italy. The Roman empire the VATICAN who created the first Centralized banking systems through the NightsTempler a Catholic Military, the most wealthiest of the Christian order who like today’s CIA created Wars in many countries for control of resources and installing regimes faithful to the Jesuit/KAZARIAN M. monarchy

The only way to defeat the CABAL is to destroy their Regimen in Europe. [ COLLAPSE] the oil and gas. PUTIN knows what he is doing
… Cutting off the Gas/oil…./// The DEEP STATE in EU have been dependent on the oil for many reasons that is connected to Share holders through VANGUARD/ BLACKROCK/State Street ….. Hundreds of BILLIONS € is traded through the resources of oil, gas and petroleum products daily, that connect to shipping, supply chains, production in all industries through the European Union…

The boycott of Central banking system backed by USD (in debt nearing 250 trillion $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) is happening through the world and systematical COLLAPSE of the EUROPEAN UNION is happening!!!!….

👇 from Ben.F

Russians and others have cut off gas to the E.U because nobody wants to accept their nothing backed fiat money as payment.Italy and Slovakia reported receiving less than half of the usual volumes of gas from Russia. France has had no gas since June 15th. Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands have already had their Russian gas deliveries suspended. Germany is also facing a cut off soon.

The Europeans cannot find gas elsewhere. Algeria, for example, has also cut off half the gas supply it sends to Europe via pipeline

The fake Biden regime promised Europeans they would replace Russian gas but, their main gas export terminal has been blown up and will not resume full operations before years’ end.

The squeeze is also being put on oil. The oil the Europeans have been stealing from Libya ever since the murder of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 has been cut off.

Also, Ukraine’s largest oil refinery has been destroyed, cutting off another major source of European oil.

How do you EXPOSE the OLD GUARD CABAL IN THE E.U that controls NATO, UN and the world AGENDA that created the PLANDEMIC and almost everything through the world connected to Jesuits DAVOS/VATICAN KAZARIAN MAFIA ROTHSCHILDS ECT. ORGS???????????




This was excellent.



Gila Jed: It’s been an emotional morning! (4 mins):

A win for pro-choice:



And don’t forget!! Tomorrow, in Berlin, Germany (June 29th): Nick Cave & the Bad Sees!! Buy tickets here!


And that is it for today, gang!!

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


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