Full Speed Ahead, Gang!

Okay, if you listened to Phil last night — I agree with him: right now, the only thing we should be focusing on is decertifying 2020.

He still maintains that several states have decertified behind closed doors and that several will likely publicly decertify at the same time, because no one state wants to go first and be out there alone.

As we know, a few of the GOP-halves of legislatures — i.e., TX and AZ — have deceritifed. But that is only half of each of the legislatures and can’t be considered an offical announcement from the state itself.

But it does seem to be coming closer, gang. And after that, of course, the deluge.

Here is the replay: Fixing 2020 – June 28th, 2022 (1 hr):


Okay. Locally, some good news.

A proposed statue for the Ohio Constitution (which would become Amendment 22) has been approved by the Ohio Attorney General to be presented to the Ballot Board and then be offered for Ohoians to vote on.

This is the proposed Amendment 22:

Section 22: Medical Right to Refuse

(A) An individual’s right to refuse any medical procedure, treatment, injection, vaccine, prophylactic, pharmaceutical, or medical device shall be absolute.

(B) No law, rule, regulation, person, employer, entity, or healthcare provider shall require, mandate, or coerce any person to receive or use a medical procedure, treatment, injection, vaccine, prophylactic, pharmaceutical, or medical device nor shall they discriminate against the individual who exercises this right.

(C) No other provision of the Ohio Constitution shall impair or limit the rights contained herein.


There was another Q drop at 3 in the morning:

Intel Drop #4958
What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who was surprised? Who will be surprised? Use your logic. Can emotions be used to influence decisions? How do you control emotion? Define ‘Plant’. How do you insert a plant? Can emotions be used to insert a plant? Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan. Q”

(I’m thinking this has something to do with the fake Jan6th garbage which I am not paying attention to, but I could be wrong, God knows.)


I was really happy to see this, because I always liked Jerry Hall and I was kinda wondering what she was going to do about being married to one of Satan’s minions…

From Whiplash347:

Rupert Murdoch, 91, and Jerry Hall, 65, are divorcing after just six years of marriage
Billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch and supermodel Jerry Hall are getting a divorce after six years of marriage. “

(They included this photo, which doesn’t look like any version of Jerry Hall that I’ve ever seen, so here’s hoping this is somewhat based in reality.)


An update from the Copyright Alliance:

“Copyright infringements can be resolved without going to federal court, now that the new Copyright Claims Board (CCB) has launched within the U.S. Copyright Office. The work does not have to be registered at the time it is infringed, but a registration application does have to be submitted before the CCB can accept the claim.”

And if you are a prolific creative, you can get an affordable account:

“You can register works directly with the Copyright Office or through the new copyright management suite, RightsClick, designed by copyright experts/advocates who care about making the system work for independent creative professionals like you.”


There was an update from ProtectAmerica.vote – please join and/or donate:

“ProtectAmerica.vote will begin work immediately to secure our elections: 

1. EMPOWERING SHERIFFS Starting immediately, ProtectAmerica.vote will provide local Sheriffs with the training, resources and tools to have real-time eyes on voting in their county.

2. ONE PERSON ONE VOTE Starting August 1st, ProtectAmerica.vote will begin a national campaign on TV, online and radio to educate voters state-by-state on what they can and can’t do at the ballot box.

3. SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING Starting August 1st, voters can call the National Election Integrity Voter Hotline to report suspicious activity at any voting center or drop box. Through partnerships with county sheriffs, calls will be quickly evaluated by trained monitors and routed to the correct Sheriff’s department.”


From Charlie Ward’s channel yesterday:

BREAKING!🚨 Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison and a $750k fine.”

(This was for helping Epstein to sex-traffick tons of underaged victims, among the other horrible things she was invloved in, the world-over. 20 years seems like a cake walk, if you ask me.)


Gene Decode Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin (1 hr 11 mins):


Nancy Drew” had a few interesting posts yesterday:

In connection to Jan 6th committee death, posted yesterday:

“I went by to check on the flags at the Smithsonians to see if they were all still at half staff like they’ve been. What I found very bizarre was here at The American history Museum the State flags have all been raised, but that was it. Old Glory was still at half staff, as well as the other 2 Smithsonian buildings. Why would they be left at half staff? Interesting….. 🤔🧐”

And then this:

“Ummmm…. is that even the same woman????🤔🧐 hmmm…..”


From Simon Parkes:

UK Prepared To Cut Off EU Gas Pipeline…
UK Government is prepared to cut off natural gas supplies to Europe which it exports – If domestic stocks dip below danger levels.”


And from Cave Things, this happy thing!! (I totally want this tea set.) (I have something like 5 or 6 tea sets already, though…)

Tea set with flower painting by Nick Cave
White glazed ceramic with yellow and black print
Available individually or in sets for one and two people

Size of tea pot: 1,1 litre (4 cups)
Size of cup with saucer: 300ml / 10oz
Size of plate: 21 cm in diameter

`Feeling down, despondent, miserable and depressed? Have a cup of tea!
Spokesperson for Nick Cave

Purchase HERE.


And this awesome photo from the concert in Berlin last night:

Clearly, these people are insane — but I mean that in the nicest way…

And Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Belfort, France, on Friday, July 1st! Buy tickets here!!


And beyond that —

Peitor, my partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions, is back in the South of France as of today and so we will resume work on our micro-short, Lita måste gå!, very soon! I’m really happy about that.

If you’re interested in what else is happening in my luminous life:

More court orders arriving in the mail, announcing that more creditors are suing me and requesting my presence at the Muskingum County courthouse. (I am in the process of filing for bankruptcy, fyi.)

The Ohio Attorney General wrote to me, saying that due to non- payment of school taxes, they will put a lein against my property and a Sheriff will auction off all my goods in 10 days…

When I called the Ohio taxation department, to find out why my tax refund was not applied toward the school tax debt, they informed me they never got my tax filing and so I must refile, post-haste

And, of course, my neighbor’s insurance company is still suing me because a huge chunk of my tree fell upon and crushed a huge part of his beloved house.

In better news…

…a gorgeous Maine Coon cat seems to have taken up permanent residence at my house. She is so lovely and so affectionate, and she obviously belongs to someone else, however, she never goes home. She is always at my house. Always. And she always happily greets me when I come home from work in the evening. She’s there on the kitchen porch all night and then happily greets me at 5am, and then sleeps under my hydrangea bush all day.

I love this dear & affectionate creature — but I already have seven cats….


And that is it, gang.

Here’s hoping that decertification of 2020 is arriving ANY moment! We shall see!

Enjoy your beautiful Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music from this morning! “The Last DJ” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, 2002. From the album of the same name. A harbinger of all this evil shit that was coming… Enjoy.


As always, I loved this and learned so much about the ancient history of Christianity, etc.:

James Tabor & Catholic Canadian: Ask Tabor Anything (1 hr 25 mins):

X22 Report: Sometimes It’s The People In The Background That Are Significant, Other Investigations (43 mins):

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