You’re Kidding, Right??

Okay, gang. We are still primarily paying attention to the decertification of 2020. However, I have a couple of other things I wanted to post today, too.

This was on Chris Sky’s channel out of Canada –( I was kind of dumbfounded by this because I can’t believe there are still people out there pushing this fake pandemic crap. It is so far removed from how things are now where I live):

“… and they are trying to pretend this mask wearing quarantine app downloading world travelling to vax only events “celebrity” who thinks its “disrespectful” to have a concert during covid…. was NOT VACCINATED or injured!”

Travis Barker Says COVID-19 Concerts are “Disrespectful” | toofab
Blink 182 will not be joining the bands gigging during a pandemic: “People are dying.”


From Phil yesterday:

“Another day added by SCOTUS?

Why do you think that is?


(BTW, I think Phil will be doing a livestream tonight but, as always, check his channel later for updates.)

This was posted to Phil’s channel — very interesting, if you recall Phil’s tee shirt from the other night!!

“Phil said keep an eye on Kash Patel! Not sure if this is the real Kash…. but Phil’s FINAL FOUR might be States??”

Here’s Phil’s shirt from the other night.


And this was interesting– G. Maxwell got less time than R. Kelly… but far be it from me to insinuate that the system is still rigged.

From TruthTent:

R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison following sex trafficking conviction

R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison Wednesday after being convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking.

U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly imposed the sentence on Kelly after a nearly three-hour hearing. Kelly did not address the court during the hearing.

The victims held hands while the sentence was read while Kelly had no apparent reaction.”


This is from Whiplash347 — (I don’t actually understand it, but maybe you will. FYI, I know how to transfer money to XLM in Coinbase now ,and then transfer it to my lobstr wallet, but that’s it. That’s all I know, gang.):

“Who thinks Comex 589 begins today the same day Moneygram comes online?
Stellar XLM backed by Silver

Could Stellar rocket first before XRP?

Tether declared a Scam by S.E.C
Bitcoin, Ethereum & United States Dollar will Default.
See Evergrande.”

ALSO FROM Whiplash347:

“Setting up the 1st Arrest perhaps.
[NETANYAHU]= 9 Letters
Mossad’s Downfall
They did 9/11
Sanctioned by Queen [ELIZABETH]
They stopped NESARA.
Where did all the money & Gold go from the Pentagon 24hrs earlier?
It was for the people.

Now the Good People of ISRAEL have the POWER.
Fight for your FREEDOM

Archangel Michael on his way”


“Does this now all make sense now?
General MICHAEL Flynn to lead The Storm.
It is time to serve again Michael.

Daniel 7 3 & 7 17
The 4 Beasts in Daniel [2nd Set]
They came out of the Ocean & not the Land this time. Daniel didn’t know who they were back then.
Why Q says Four Carriers in the Pacific is Relevant.
July 3 – July 4 – July 17 [Genesis 7 17] The Arc Rests on Mt Ararat.
Noah’s Flood Genesis 7 11 – 24
July 10 Nikola Tesla Birthday
July 11 Greatest Flood in Human History.
[13-14 days between them both]
Both Sunday – Monday Scenario’s
Sunday Monday Tweet.

Started off as 17 Elite Forces.
Now well over 150.

Now June 30

The Evergiven took us on a journey last year at Passover.
From Turning Sideways in the Suez Canal [Drawing what it did]
Parting the Red Sea.
God said it would rain on 7 11 and the floods began on 7 11 last year.
The Evergiven had set sail and on 7 17 it was parallel with Mt Ararat, Turkey.

Always + 1
Here we are.”


From Michelle Fielding in the UK:


Dr. Zelenko’s health has been on a serious roller coaster, gang, and people the world over have been praying for him (myself, included).

From Code Monkey Z (Ron Watkins) by way of DSchlopes:

“Big update on Dr. Zelenko:

Zev’s numbers have miraculously improved and now the doctors believe he is 50/50 to live or die. Just a couple of hours ago they had everyone preparing to say their final goodbyes to him but then as everyone around him and all of you were praying his numbers began to drastically change!

The doctors still don’t know how this is even happening but I think they have started to become believers at this point.

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming prayers and support. I know it has been emotionally exhausting but please continue to pray and think about Zev, a true warrior for God. He still has more fight left in him!

I will update as soon as I know more.”




Gila Jed: My PERSONAL PROOF of NESARA (15 mins):



In other news…

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be part of a FREE livestream from the jazz festival at Montreaux, on Saturday July 2nd. There will be two re-broadcasts, as well.

Time zones are kind of impossible for me, gang, but here they are:

July 2nd 11 PM CEST (live)

July 2nd 11 PM (EDT) (re-broadcast — I’m pretty sure this is Eastern Daylight Time, USA, and they think people stay up this late!!) (Okay, it’s a holiday weekend, but still!!)

July 3rd 11PM AEST (re-broadcast)


It’s a good thing that Nick Cave doesn’t rely on me to tell him where/when he needs to be onstage, because last night was when they played Berlin. Not the night before.

However, the Berlin show looks like it was another amazing show, gang! Apparently they played for 2 and a 1/2 hours.

And I’m reasonably sure that Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Belfort, France, tomorrow night — Friday July 1st. You can buy tickets HERE!


And that’s it for today, gang, as we wait for news on the decertification of 2020.

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys! See ya!

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