Apparently Things Have Changed

Wow, last night felt so ominous.

Part of it was because we had a thunderstorm here — and now thunderstorms add to my chronic PTSD because I worry that the rest of my enormous maple tree will fall over and crush someone else’s house. (Yes, that was me, leaving another panicked message on the mayor’s voicemail.)

Another part of it was because they began the local fireworks here the minute the storm ended and then they whipped through them at “lightning” speed, as it were. To get them over with before more rain came along. (I didn’t attend the fireworks, I was listening from my bed, in the dark. It sounded insane. BANG BANG, BOOM BOOM, BANG BANG, BOOM BOOM — at breakneck speed.)

The other ominous part was that Phil kept posting stuff, most of which were comms so I could not understand them. But he did say this at 9:15 pm:

“I was about to go Live today at 3PM Eastern, and I received a message that told me I cannot.

I’m sorry for the cancelation, but we live in extraordinary times.

My reporting is extremely important, and sometimes, I dive too deep into things that I cannot currently be diving in to.

I will return when I get the green light. In the meantime:


And then Phil posted fireworks with “I TQld You So” (meaning the election will somehow be decertified by the 4th?)

And Dan Scavino also posted fireworks…

There was also something about a military airport in Smara, administered by Morocco.

As breathless as I am over the end of this war apparently being close at hand…

QTSR posted something that broke my heart, even though it is something Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward have been saying for months now– this is the part I’m referring to (full post is here):

“Trump is protected by MILITARY …..but He was removed from becoming President for 2024…. For several reasons…( This doesn’t mean he won’t run.. But other plans are in play to bring in another President//)… The White HATS ALLIANCE thought It was best to start over.. Their was to much civil unrest in several countries between those who loved Trump and those who hate him….. They want to start with a new era and let the Trump saga start to calm down…. The shaking of government officials through the world would feel safer if a new U.S. president would step in… They fear he has to much control over their countries and people…. Especially for the coming East Asia new digital currency backed by GOLD system . They want to trade with U.S in import/export and fear their share holders won’t comply fully if Trump remains in power in the world stage.”


You know that saying that you won the war but lost everything else? (Those Revolutionary War soldiers who won an almost unthinkable war, went home and found their homes burned to the ground, their wives dead, their children fled to God only knew where. Ultimately, they won the war for us and our freedom, not for themselves…)

That’s how I feel this morning. I lost everything to a fake pandemic aimed at depopulating the entire world. I’m just barely hanging on to my house and my car, everything else is gone baby gone because of the highly manufactured “COVID”.

But I was in this fight willingly, because I wanted to see the Deep State dismantled once and for all. I wanted the children to be left alone, to live in peace and without terror. And I still want to see that rigged election from 2020 decertified. However.

They estimate that 80 million Americans voted for Trump. But I guess that doesn’t matter in the end. The ones that hate him, hate him so fiercely that it looks like they actually win. So I guess hate wins over love, overall.

I have voted in every election since I was 18 and old enough to vote. That’s over 4 decades of voting — and almost never winning, by the way. The people I vote for in any office, at any level, almost never win, but I vote anyway because I think it’s part of my responsibility to a Constitutional Republic.

Now I don’t feel like I ever want to vote again.

Anyway. Hopefully, this war truly is almost over and we can soon move on with life.

Don’t forget — tonight, live from the Montreux Jazz Festival (yesterday’s post has all the details):

Have a great Saturday, everyone– wherever you are in the world. If you live Stateside, enjoy the holiday weekend.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

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