Welcome to the Revolution!

That photo above (also the photo from yesterday) is of actual soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War and lived long enough to see the invention of photography.

I just love looking at stuff like that.

Oh, I want to post this — from General Flynn:



A gorgeous holiday weekend here, it’s almost too hard to believe. Absolutely perfect weather. (Probably chemtrails, right?? White hats decided to let Crazeysburg have a perfect holiday, since everything else imaginable pretty much sucks.)

The only really newsworthy thing that has happened here in the US, was that an Emregency Alert system went off in DC three times yesterday morning.

From “Nancy Drew” — (there is a 7-minunte video at that link with the alerts going off):

“A test of the Capitol Police Emergency Notification System??😳🧐🤔”

“I have NEVER heard anything like that before. I have NEVER heard any intercom system used this whole time for any reason. Even the message we heard about Trump & Kennedy leaving the Capitol, to clear the “Avenue” was over an officers radio, not an intercom system. Very interesting indeed!”

From Phil, at the same time yesterday:


Emergency alerts going off in the streets of DC.

3 alerts have sounded so far.

Eyess on 👀”


Also, here in the Hinterlands of Ohio, we had an Amber Alert on Friday. That type of alert involves kidnapped children, but it could also have been a test of the Emergency Alert System. (?)

However, there were also some sex traffickers that got arrested not far from here that day, too. 12 men were arrested for running a prostitution ring, but it didn’t say that the prostitutes were underage or anything.


Phil also posted a ton of ads on his channel yesterday, and usually the time stamps of when he posts those things are comms for Q drops.

He also posted this, as he was entering Arizona yesterday:

“AZ ❤️


Followed by:

“We aren’t stressed because we know how this ends 😏



So I’m guessing the States will decertify soon…… whatever the heck “soon” means at this point, gang.

Other than that, nothing I saw was worth posting here. It was just the same thing, over & over — digital currency, vaccines are permanently disabling people and/or killing them, all sorts of military stuff happening in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and everyone in the US is either pro-choice or against choice and very few people (women, mostly) seem to be talking strictly about the quality of life.

(I even saw something posted by someone I really respect, about how Vegans are basically hypocrites because they tend to be pro-choice. Amazing that it was never once mentioned how, for Vegans especially, QUALITY of life is above all things.)

Okay. I’m done with that topic. Hopefully, for all time.


In other news!!

I got paid yesterday, so I bought the MP3 of this and it is WONDERFUL!!!!

Also, I watched the Qello FREE livestream of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the Montreux Jazz Festival. (It started here at 5 PM, and went for 2 and a half hours.)

It was beautiful. The audience seemed more low key than some of the other concerts they’ve done recently, but the vibe was still just beautiful. Here is a shot from my wee bonny phone:

And don’t forget: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Verona, Italy tomorrow, Monday July 4th. Buy tickets here!

And also don’t forget that for the entire month of July, my titles on Smashwords are all available to download for FREE. (Adults only)

So far, everyone is downloading The Muse Revisited titles, which always makes me smile, since those stories — let’s face it — are really OLD, man!! But people still want to read them. Yay.

And that is it, gang.

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world. And if you are Stateside, have a terrific holiday weekend!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music: “Runnin’ Down A Dream” – that mega hit by Tom Petty, from his solo album, Full Moon Fever, 1989. Certified 5x platinum in the US, and 6x platinum in Canada…Enjoy, gang!!


UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream: Roswell NM UFO Festival Highlights From Day #1 (1 hr 10 mins):

Outdoor Chef Life: LAKE ISLAND CAMPING IN CANADA | Burbot(freshwater cod) Sushi (WARNING: Not for vegetarians) (32 mins):

Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, & Goldbusters: 99% Of People Are In The Dark… (27 mins):

Lee Camp: Dems Ban 3rd Parties From Running (& More) (1 hr):

X22 Report, Spotlight Interview: Catherine Engelbrecht – Mules Tracked To NGO’s, Evidence Building, Constitutional Sheriffs Are In Position (32 mins):

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