Global Ceasefire Coming Up!!

Wow, gang. Okay!

Yesterday was another miracle day — my state tax return finally appeared in my bank account! Just in the nick of time! Thanks for all your prayers!

I was able to buy all the cats all of their food. I could put gas in the car. Pay my water bill and my past-due electric bill!!

Yippee ki yi yay!

Plus, I got a notification from the electric company yesterday that I might qualify for some financial assistance on the next bill, so I have to apply for that today. That bill is due in 2 weeks — so everything is really easing up around here.

In my opinon, that is all part of NESARA. (The electric bill help, plus the letter I got yesterday regarding possible help with my mortgage; and my heating/gas bill has been covered for the last 8 months already, and my student loans seem to be in a permanent holding pattern — and they’ve disappeared entirely from one of my credit reports. )

If our “government” is broke, then how come there’s all this assistance available, right? To me, that just feels like NESARA already in the background.

And then Phil’s livestream last night had some of the best news so far — a global ceasefire is underway, gang. That is definitely one of the terms of NESARA-GESARA: World peace.

According to Phil, troops worlwide are being withdrawn from wherever they’ve been and ceasefires are underway, all over the world.

Phil also added, after his livestream:

“Regardless of the intel dropped tonight (good intel and VERY good news), the SCOTUS has -still-overturned the 2020 election.

The announcement of a new “special election” that we spoke about tonight is simply the finality of the SCOTUS’ decision.

Think of it like having the General Election in early November, but waiting for the inauguration until January.

Same concept here.”

And here is the REPLAY of the livestream, in case you missed it. It is under an hour this time.

Phil drops a NEW piece of intel regarding the next moves for our country, and the rest of the people around the world. (52 mins — 10 mins opening music intro):


Aside from all that great stuff, there was this bit of interesting news from Whiplash347:

Italy’s government on the brink as 5-Star threatens to boycott confidence vote
Populist party says it won’t back cost of living package and could withdraw from fragile coalition” [full article here]

And that is really it for today, gang.

As always these days, there is a ton of stuff happening in the digital currency world, but I am really just in over my head with all that stuff. However, here’s this, which is always informative, if you can keep up with it:

Mel Carmine roundtable– QFS XRP XLM, State Nationals cannot VOTE? True or false? Neg-48, Gesara Nesara: Trolls Destroyed: (1 hr):

The rest of the news is the usual subterfuge, misdirection, and/or chaos, which you can easily find for yourselves if you want to look for it.

But here’s this–

Outdoor Chef Life reaches Alaska! (And they spend a night in a hotel!! They’ve been camping all the way from California up to Alaska.)

WILD SOCKEYE SCOTCH EGG + ROE?! | Trip of a Lifetime with Subscribers Prt.1 [Warning: Not Vegetarian, but beautiful lakes!!] (40 mins):


And that is it.

Today is another really gorgeous day here. I’m trying to take full advatange of all this great weather, gang, because next week looks like we will have a few days in a row of rain — but I should add that the crops look fantastic around here. The corn is so green and getting so tall. I just love seeing all that.

This evening, I’m supposed to have a conference call with Peitor, my partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions, as we get back to work on one of our micro-short screenplays. He is currently on the Mediterranean in the South of France and he posted some beautiiful photos on Instagram of the Bastille Day fireworks from last evening.

So today should be a peaceful day.

Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

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