A Fine and Happy Saturday in the Hinterlands!

Okay, gang!

It’s raining here today, but it’s that gentle summer rain — no high winds, mild temperatures. I can still keep all the windows open. No additional threats to my maple tree.

In fact, around 3AM, I heard the sound of the rain outside and I opened one sleepy eye — and there was Huckleberry, sitting in the open window opposite my bed. She was just watching the rain through the screen.

So peaceful.

It made me feel so safe and so happy.

Okay, yesterday, I forgot to mention that the new Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck album, “18,” was officially released!! It’s in MP3, vinyl, and CD. You can buy it everywhere!


So, in keeping with that feeling of peace I had at 3AM, Mr Pool posted two incredible comms late last night — even I can decode them!!

One said, “New Times” and the other said, “Stay Calm.”

And then Phil posted this, early this morning:

“God’s creation is so amazingly beautiful.”


Benjamin Fulford had a great update yesterday. Try to listen to it–

“MASSIVE FRIDAY INTELLIGENCE UPDATE! 7/15/2022. Macron is being indicted. Putins in Iran, while the fake Biden avatar visits Isreal, and Saudi Arabia. UN being disbanded for not representing the people of the world, the new one will include Africa,Russia, China, East Asia(Oceania) and the Middle East. This is only in the beginning stages at this time. Japan and Germany have removed their Khazarian overlords, and will return to their old national land holdings. Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia ask to join BRICS. These groups will not be replacing Governments, they will tackle tasks to big for a single Country to handle. Thing’s are happening at the highest tier of finance, the IMF is bankrupt. US living style continues in a downward plummet, as the fake Biden regime act like junkies pawning off American assets to Stay afloat. The Rothschild’s family has split into two different warring factions, against each other. Take all your funds out of banks and buy gold. we are also hoping the fake Biden regime is arrested while in Saudi Arabia. This and more in this massive Friday Intel update.” (31 mins):


More good news–



As always — busting the myths about Black Americans.

Against All Odds Episode 34 – Gun Laws (6 mins):


This was extremely interesting.

When New Religious Movements Cause Harm–An Academic Discussion (2 hrs 43 mins):


Another sanity-saver!!

davidji — Infinite Possibilities – 28 Minute Guided Meditation (28 mins):


And we’ll close with “Nancy Drew’s” timely reminder about today, July 16th–


That’s it, at least for right now, gang.

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!! Vanessa Paradis’ “Marilyn & John,” — her loving homage to JFK and Marilyn Monroe, from M&J, 1988. Enjoy!! I love you guys! See ya!!

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