A Curious Friday, Indeed

Okay, as usual — I’m not sure what’s going on but things feel curious, indeed.

Ivana Trump passed away yesterday. For some reason, that strikes me as kind of curious. Not sure why. I thought I heard something about her having been poisoned the other day? I have no clue, at this point, where I heard that or if it was anything remotely true.

Regardless, RIP, Ivana.

This happened yesterday, too–

From Aquila:

Italian PM Mario Draghi announces his resignation after government loses backing of populist coalition partner
Breaking news from around the world.”

Then it was followed by this:

UPDATE – Italy’s president rejects PM Draghi’s resignation, asks Draghi to address parliament in order to gauge political situation.”


Then we had this from Whiplash347:

Breaking News.🚨

Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas has just resigned.”


There were many comms from Mr Pool, a couple about the EBS, but then quite a few that seemed very upbeat and happy. Again — I cannot post them here, or even a link to his channel.


“Nancy Drew” reported that a lot of fencing and barricades in DC are now gone:

“I was pretty happy today. Seeing that all the concrete barriers which lined the streets and parking lots on the west side of The Capitol had been removed was a great sign. They would only remove those once things were completely under control there. They’ve been there forever it seems. Also, there were barely any DHS Protective Services Agents behind the SC bldg for the first time in a while now with minimal Capitol Police in the area. To me, these are 2 small victories which ultimately will lead to our Yuge and long awaited victory, CHECKMATE. Clearly, Patriots are in control!!🙌💥💯 Now we just keep an eye on all the fencing and see when they start removing it from The Capitol or the Supreme Court. I’d love to see the roads reopened, also.”


And I got a strange email (then, later, a text) from America First, saying that President Trump would be speaking in DC next weekend, and that I needed to register to receive the link for the livestream.

So I did, but I thought that was curious. Why not just send out a text to everyone with the livestream link next weekend?


Dan Scavino posted this — (Trump boarding Airforce One and returning to DC??):


And speaking of the Air Force—

Okay, I TOLD YOU SO, damn it!!!!!!!!! (This goes out to someone specific who will remain nameless but I begged him NOT to get the vax, but he didn’t want to stand down and so he got it.)

From DeSchlopes yesterday:

Judge Demands Answers from Air Force After Sending Its Vaccine Mandate Down in Flames
‘The Air Force now has 14 days to explain to the judge why he shouldn’t issue an injunction.'” [full article here]


From Ezra A Cohen — curious, indeed:

“Last name Kissinger.
First name Henry.”


Putin is definitely up to something big today–

From Aquila:

“❗️🇷🇺 Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for an operational meeting today with permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation – Peskov”

“❗️🇷🇺 Putin is expected to make an announcement during this operational meeting.”

From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺 At today’s operational meeting with members of the Security Council, Putin may make an announcement, information about which, obtained by US intelligence, previously caused an urgent appeal by the United States to its citizens with a call to leave Ukraine.”


Someone posted this curious photo to Phil’s channel — (this is the only fencing left around the Capitol, I think):

And Phil responded:

“I believe the photo has much to do with the EBS, and many happenings regarding many topics we spoke about in my recent Lives, including: SCOTUS overturning 2020 election, GESARA, arrests of congressmen, and martial law”


And then this was also posted on Phil’s channel:

And he replied:


Do you remember when it was said, “All 50 US States will decertify”?
Was it a guess?
A prediction?
A prophecy?
Or was it a [PLAN]?
Eyes on the Prize.
Trust the Plan.
[ALL] dominoes in their RIght[FULL] place, before we drop the First.
No mistakes.”


In case you didn’t know this, you’d better learn it, gang. This was no “ideology”. It’s about control and gold and depopulation and always has been. Wake UP:



There were some serious fires raging in both Spain and Portugal yesterday. I don’t know why.


COVID is now being called a BA5 variant. Please don’t be an idot and fall for this, okay?


And that’s it, gang. The rest is just the usual noise and hate-spewing chaos. Oh, and, yes, a TON of stuff about digital currency markets.

Things here are pretty good, btw. After an interesting phone call with my mortgage company, I filled out a bunch of paperwork online and it looks very promising that I will be able to get some help ASAP with the house. So that’s a big relief.

The insurance guy called to say that an arborist is coming out next week to make a report on (what’s left of) my tree. And from there, the lawsuit against me will likely be dropped. We shall see.

I had a great phone conference with Peitor yesterday, regarding Abstract Absurdity Productions and our current micro-short script, Lita måste gå! (Lita’s Got to Go!)

I also got a bunch of editing done yesterday, and I put a bunch of old stories, short memoirs, and screenplays up on the blog (From the Vault2).

And I studied my French on the Mondly App (now the highlight of my evening). And I hung out with the many cats and I watered the flowers. And, overall, yesterday was a very calm and productive day.

Try to have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

“It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go”

I am a backseat driver from America
They drive to the left on Falls Road
The man at the wheel’s name is Seamus
We pass a child on the corner he knows
And Seamus says, “Now, what chance has that kid got?”
And I say from the back, “I don’t know”
He says, “There’s barbed wire at all of these exits
And there ain’t no place in Belfast for that kid to go”

It’s a hard life
It’s a hard life
It’s a very hard life
It’s a hard life wherever you go
If we poison our children with hatred
Then, the hard life is all they’ll ever know
And there ain’t no place in (Belfast) for these kids to go
(This world)

A cafeteria line in Chicago
The fat man in front of me
Is calling black people trash to his children
He’s the only trash here I see
And I’m thinking this man wears a white hood
In the night when his children should sleep
But, they slip to their window and they see him
And they think that white hood’s all they need

I was a child in the sixties
Dreams could be held through TV
With Disney and Cronkite and Martibn Luther
Oh, I believed, I believed, I believed
Now, I am a backstreet driver from America
I am not at the wheel of control
I am guilty, I am war I am the root of all evil
Lord, and I can’t drive on the left side of the road

c-1989 Nanci Griffith

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