What Is Up With That??

Okay, gang. Still more Fog of War, all across the board.

Did you catch Phil’s live last night? What was up with that?

It was brief – especially if you don’t count the intro music that goes on for about 15 minutes. And it was super angry.

He is still adamantly predicting that there will be no elections this November. That all these primaries do not really matter, because it’s all still rigged.

Well, they matter, in that they are showing the world how many millions of people will vote for anyone & everyone that Trump endorses. But they don’t matter because the Supreme Court has already decertified the 2020 election for massive fraud, so everything is going to change drastically, really soon.

As far as the elections still being rigged — here where I live, it is now all paper ballots, there were no mail-in ballots sent out, and ID is always required. And I also have to wonder, if enough States (allegedly at least 46 of them) decertified their electors, then it means that the Legislatures in at least 46 States know that elections are “rigged”– so why have the Primaries happened at all? Illustrating a point of some kind?? Hmmmm….

So that’s kind of why I keep saying that all of this feels like a psy-op from the White Hats.

But this doesn’t —

I thought it was strange that Phil tried to illustrate his point about rigged primaries not meaning anything, by telling a story of a car and a large truck heading straight on toward each other on a one-lane highway, and the car gets basically obliterated.

Well, hmmmm.

From yesterday:

Shadow of Ezra:

“Hot August. Only day three.”

Indiana GOP Rep. Walorski, three others die in auto accident
The fatal Wednesday crash also killed the congresswoman’s aide Emma Thomson and two others, according to the sheriff’s office in Elkhart County, Ind.”

From President Trump:

“I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my good friend, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, her aide Emma Thomson, and community leader Zachery Potts. Jackie was a wonderful woman and an impassioned advocate for the people of Indiana. We worked together very closely, and I was privileged to know her for many years. May the families and loved ones of Jackie, Emma, and Zachery find comfort during this tragic time. They will be greatly missed!”

From Q the Storm:

BREAKING: GOP Congresswoman Jackie Walorski of Indiana has tragically been killed in a car crash.

Car crash or car kill?”

PERGRAM: Deceased GOP Rep. Jackie Walorski was traveling in a SUV going southbound when a northbound car went left of center and crashed head on into the SUV. Four people killed in all, Rep. Walorski, two aides and the driver of the other car also died.”


“April 29, 2022 President Trump Endorses Congresswoman Jackie Walorski for her 2022 re-election campaign.

Today she died in a car accident.

Sounds somewhat suspicious to me.”


Anyway. Here is Phil’s replay. It ends quite abruptly, too. The whole thing was sort of intense and strange.

Phil talks about the recent Republican victories in the primary elections, and why we shouldn’t be too quick to celebrate. (55 misn):


ASB Military pointed out something quite interesting:

“Amnesty International acknowledged Ukraine’s violations of military law. Experts noted that in 19 cities of Ukraine, as well as the DPR and LPR, the Ukrainian army installed and used military equipment directly from the territory of densely populated residential areas, without evacuating the civilian population.

USA Changing the narrative 🌚”


Perhaps it’s because we’re also supposed to watch Xi take out Taiwan now, and forget all about “standing with Ukraine”?


A few posts from Aquila — (and please keep in mind that Fancy Nancy has been under arrest since January 2021; she is followed by US Marshals wherever she goes, and even if she weren’t, why on Earth would she be making these alleged trips? It’s all “misdirection,” gang):

Here we go..🇰🇵⚡️🇰🇷

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas during her trip to South Korea, an official says.”


Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense announced that China launched several Dongfeng ballistic missiles towards the northeastern and southwestern waters of Taiwan at 1:56 p.m. local time.”

“🇨🇳⚡️🇹🇼 From earlier today showing DF-15B medium rage ballistic missile fired by China.”

“🇹🇼⚡️🇨🇳 The Taiwanese army began to mobilize 155-mm howitzers M114 and 120-mm mortars closer to the areas of the exercises of the PLA.”

“🚨BREAKING – Five missiles launched by China during military drills near Taiwan fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone, Japan defense chief says.”


Well, we’ve known since February 2021 that Xi would take out the DUMBs in Taiwan (hence all those many earthquakes) and then go in and remove the Deep State. If we’ve known for well over a year — and we aren’t acutally anybody — then I’m guessing Taiwan knew, too…


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich posted this very interesting video clip. It is only 5 minutes, very informative, and well worth investing those 5 minutes of your time.

The Elites Have a ‘Suicide Pact’ to Reduce the World’s Population
Fmr. Greenpeace President Dr. Patrick Moore

Former Greenpeace President discusses what Greenpeace has gradually become:


Chris Sky also had something very interesting to point out, this one is about UNESCO and the UN — (and you think the owner of this wee bonny blog you’re reading right now hasn’t been targetted for 2 years? you can effing guess again. Even in smalltown nowhere, they find you instantly….):

“We are winning so much with #justsayno and #unitednoncompliance the UN had an international summit “declaring war on conspiracy theories” we are going for WORLD WIDE NPC PSYOP. :D”


Update from QTSR:


The reason RT NEWS was blocked in many countries is because RUSSIA started DECLASSIFYING Intelligence reports that were gathered the past 22 years …. That starts with Bush,>OBAMA< HRC >>> HUNTER BIDEN<<<…. JOE

RUSSIAN Ministry starts declassifying more INTEL and reports world wide…. (There are
Several major countries that haven’t blocked RT NEWS and Russian channels > with BILLIONS of viewers!!!!)

Russian ministry of defense has currently gave full disclosure to several countries including inside EU military the REPORTS & DECLAS of BIDEN REGIMEN, OBAMA CONNECTED> GEORGE SOROS FOUNDATION< THAT HAS CREATED NUCLEAR ⚠️>WEAPONS IN UKRAINE.<

World money laundering schemes

And it’s all connected to HUNTER BIDEN running these labs with Rosemont Seneca in UKRAINE.

It’s getting closer WORLD EVENTS……”


And that’s it for right now.

The “news” is coming fast & furious, gang, but it ALL feels like a huge psy-op to me. Nevertheless, I will keep an eye on all of it.


Here’s a photo from Rastatt, Germany last night:

And don’t forget Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Klam, Austria tomorrow, Friday August 5th! Buy tickets here!


And, as always, this was incredibly informative!!

James Tabor: My Overview of the First 40 Years of the Jesus Movement (1 hr 20 mins):

And coming this fall, Dr.James Tabor will offer an online mini-course in The Gospel of Mark (1 minute):

All righty!!

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting, gang. Stay alert. I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with– yes!! — Dusty Springfield, “Son of A Preacher Man”!! Enjoy!!

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