Better Than Yesterday!

Okay, gang. I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday. I think I’m over the whole shock & horror thing of these last 2 and 1/2 years.

For now, anyway.

I am only keeping track of news that doesn’t seem to be connected to the scare event — whatever that really ends up being. And I’m trying to focus on either things that stand out as interesting or worth watching.

SGAnon will have a new file sometime this evening on rumble, so watch for that. Meanwhile, he had a ton of interesting posts on Truth Social yesterday, but I have trouble posting anything from Truth Social here to the blog, so here is his direct link.

His gives some updates on what’s happening re: those explosions under the FBI building — it lines up with what Phil told us in his live the other night. (Getting rid of the trafficking tunnels/underground city.)


An excerpt from Restored Republic (6 mins):




UK & Australia —Banks Hit By Massive Outage After Central Bank Loses Record Amount Of Cash… (11 mins):

And posted by Santa Surfing on Phil’s channel:

WOAH…this announcement was today 10/12/2022!

Bank of England (BOE) Announcement!!!
They told pension fund managers they have 3 days to finish rebalancing their positions by Friday when the British Central Bank is due to end its emergency support for the country’s fragile bond market!!!



Also from Phil:

And just FYI, Phil is not planning to go live again until Monday.


From Tony Lin —

Unexplained Cancer Clusters After 2021 – Doctors Baffled (14 mins):

[Update] Congressman’s Teenage Daughter Mysterious Death Disclosed (2 mins):


From GEORGE News early this morning:

“⚡️France has 2,500 gas stations without fuel, and almost 2,000 gas stations with a partial shortage!”


From Derek Johnson:

“Gitmo Plane has been veryyy busy ☠️🇺🇸”

(Remember that Phil said literally thousands of wanted individuals had been hiding in those tunnels under the FBI, etc., escaping arrest, but that the current explosions were forcing them out from hiding — could account for all this massive traffic to Gitmo…?)


From Chris Sky:

“What happens when Remeece asks Chris Sky to work in a music studio with just hours notice and absolutely no pre planning? It goes so well they asked us to make a MUSIC VIDEO even though I was literally in my PJs never intending to be on camera. Lol who knew my voice was so catchy? 😀 let me enter your brrrraaaaiiiiinnnns. You will NOT TAKE THE VAX (or any other shit!) We already know to #justsayno … now you know what to say when they even TRY to talk… “SHUT UP” ! My man Remeece featuring Chris Sky”


And that’s it for now, gang. Trump has been very active on Truth Social but that, in my opinion, is optics. (The latest, of course, is that the Unselect Committee is finally getting around to subpeonaing (spell?) him re: Jan. 6th… and also that Durham is exposing the FBI’s $1 million bounty on Trump.)

Other than that, I guess we just have to stay alert and buckle up.

In other news….

Tonight, Nick Cave is in Cheltenham at the Literature Festival!

And that is it!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music! If you click it, you can play it directly on YouTube! CSN&Y “Ohio”.

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