Strange Days, Indeed

There is really no “new” news today, gang. But it feels like the pressure is just off-the-charts intense everywhere — across all formats, on all channels –being applied primarily to people who are still sleeping. It seems also to be aimed at people sleeping primarily in the Western world.

At the same time, Truthers — especially Q Truthers — are giving alerts and a “head’s up” all over the place: “this is happening and then this wil happen and it will seem like a world war and utter chaos but don’t panic.”

And, of course, if you also follow the Q Truthers, you see that this is exactly what is unfolding: utter chaos in the exact ways they “predicted”: Crashing stock market, corrupt DOJ, Ukraine, vax deaths & horrors, threats of energy blackouts, threats of nuclear war, fake Biden imploding, etc.

So the only thing “new” is probably President Trump’s 14-page letter to the Select Committee:


You can download it as a PDF here.

Of course, there is also this, from il donaldo trumpo (same person, different attitude):



Two things that strike me as peculiar–

A huge distraction going on over at Phil’s channel, In brief (go to the link to get the whole story):

“I am hereby offering the sum of $5000 to any private investigator and/or citizen journalist that successfully finds me the real name, business address, and home address of the gentleman known as “Thad Rucker”.

This is not his real name. I have spoke to several of his past business acquaintances, and they have told me his name is “Waylon”.

I need his last name as well, and addresses, as mentioned above.

If no one can find this information in the next 7 days, the reward will increase.

What we know:

“Thad Rucker Designs” is his “business”, which has something to do with automotive painting.

He used to live in Texas (Cypress area), but shut down his business and moved. Not sure if the old business was the same name, but presumably it was not.

When added to SnapChat as a contact phone number, his name shows up as “Thad Rucker”. The phone number listed for that to occur is 281-213-9622.

Anons – PLEASE no harassing.

I just want his full name, business and home address, so I can take this piece of human trash to court for the rest of his garbage life.

Thanks Pham 👊”


And, at the same time, over at SGAnon on Truth Social–

His new audio file (#18) will go up on rumble tonight instead of last night because his “recording was targetted by BootSys hacks.”

I’m not 100% sure how hackers can target a private recording on a computer that presumably has State of the Art protection against spies and malware and all things sleath and evil, etc. But oh well…

Perhaps somebody simply said: “Wait. Stop! Don’t say that until tomorrow!” Who knows, right?

Anyway, I find both of those things kinda strange.


Meanwhile, another great one from James Tabor, on my very favorite subject of all: James, the brother of Jesus.

James the Just–His Teachings and Tragic Death (13 mins):


And that’s kind of it. Except I’ll now make a brief mention about something that has been going on in my private/career life.

In addition to the play I’m working on with Sandra at a fevered pace, some other really staggering (good) stuff had come up at the same time, regarding two of my TV projects that I’d been pitching for, literally, years.

It was all good, and I’m not going to go into any of the details, but the other day, I came to a decision: I really, really, really don’t want to work in TV or movies or streamers, etc.

So I am letting that opportunity pass.

At this stage in my life, after everything I’ve already been through with my career — both good and intensely challenging — I really just want to focus on Abstract Absurdity Productions, the small micro-short video production company I have with my long-time friend Peitor Angell.

As well as focus on my plays (3 in-progress). And then all my various books that are in progress since before the plandemic — 2 memoirs, 2 novels, a novella.

But it’s been an amazing whirlwind around here for the past 6 weeks, or so.

And then rediscovering all those demos of my songs (literally dozens). Wow. That has been so much fun for me. (Peitor and I have also discussed for several years, getting an album out, once and for all, of all those songs. He is primarily a music producer.)

Anyway. It’s been quite an intense time for me.

Okay. Have a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with my driving-home-from-work-on-a-gorgeous-evening-music from yesterday!! The Rolling Stones, from their amazing, legendary double-album, Exile on Main St.: “I Just Want To See His Face” 1972!!!! Play it incredibly loud!! Put ot on “repeat”!! Enjoy the groove!!!

(Click title in the video and it will take you directly to YouTube)

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