Quieter & Quieter

SGAnon had an interesting update last night.

SGAnon goes through a brief breakdown of comms with DJT and Dan Scavino, and also discloses some intel regarding US NG movements.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming (53 mins):

And also, if you didn’t see this from the other day , from SGAnon —

“13 Bloodline families (not all are contained in this short TikTok video by this creator)

Who were the Children of Canaan?
Children of [CAIN]an?
What were the Canaanites?
Why did G-D command Joshua of Old, to “utterly destroy” the people of Canaan, “…even to every man, woman, and child”.
Why did Joshua FAIL?
Who was the 2nd Pope, and why is it significant?

They have fooled, controlled, and waged war on Mankind for thousands of years. They have annihilated entire species, nations, and cultures for money and power.

It is now time for THEIR PA!N.


The Phoenician Families Who Own/Control the World (27 seconds):


Cafe Locked Out —The No Goat Show asks, has the Tide Turned? Is Their House Of Cards Falling? (1 hr 18 mins):


Nick Alvear at GoodLionTV announces that the pre-order for the entire first season of Pervywood on DVD is now available!

Order it HERE.


From Chris Sky — a word of caution in Canada:

“Lip fillers” “botox” “nose job” “veneers”….lol ive heard it all about me. As usual THE TRUTH vs “what people say” as you can see… I was unbelievably cute from the get go! :D…7 whats the REAL POINT of this post? DONT GET DISTRACTED. One of the “bad guys” that almost NEVER GETS MENTIONED are known as “the whisperer. And they intentionally spread doubt and division in order to allow controlled opposition to gain legitimacy and power. Unity is now MORE IMPORTANT than ever. Heads up! Mask “recommendations” will be coming in a few days and we know what follows after that. We also know they are moving full steam ahead with UBI, digital ID and CBDCs. Remember the lessons you’ve learned and be ready to #justsayno”


President Trump posted this yesterday:

“‘Taxes Have Consequences’”’ uses in-depth research to tell the real tax history of the United States. My administration built on this history when we cut taxes in 2017. Here is the full story from over a century of our American past.” Purchase HERE.


A new interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on Jerm Warfare with Jeremy Nell – 14 October 2022

Known by his pseudonym Jerm, Jeremy Nell is an award-winning political cartoonist from South Africa, whose work has been featured in numerous publications, in various languages, around the world since 2005. His podcast, Jerm Warfare, in which he discusses counter-narrative ideas, has featured some of the greatest minds in the world, such as Robert Kennedy, David Icke, Victor Davis Hanson, Peter McCullough, John McAfee, and Scott Adams.

GUEST OVERVIEW: Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer specialising in corporate fraud. He has gathered extensive evidence to expose world leaders and bureaucrats of crimes against humanity in the response to COVID-19.”

NewsTalk Radio Podcast is HERE (55 mins)


From Secret history — curious, indeed:

What happened between the 6th and 10th centuries when the “Dark Ages” occurred in the West?

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, hundreds of nations poured into the West. There are only brief accounts of a few key figures such as Charlemagne.

Then official history jumps to the early Middle Ages. The period from the sixth to the tenth century remains a blank spot in the historical chronicles.”


And a quick update on Phil’s intense distraction yesterday — and if you missed the intensity of this, gang, it was INTENSE:

“The beef with Thad Rucker is now squashed. A conversation was had, and any further action or conversation on the matter is not needed.

Please cease ALL investigation and stop ALL inquires into this matter.

Please delete ALL messages in public and/or private Telegram (or other social media) channels.

Thad and I are good.

There is a winner of the $5000 which I will announce later today.

Thank you all!”


Phil also posted this

“great upload by a fellow Pham member

Great job, Heath. Very well put together.”

Whispers Of War (click link, can’t embed it) (25 mins)


Awaken with JP — Today’s Kids in 40 Years (7 mins):


FBI whistleblower tells all to Dan Bongino (9 mins):


And that’s it for today, gang. Just super quiet (I mean, except for war everywhere…).

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Yesterday was the first official Tom Petty Day in Gainseville, Florida, where Tom was born & raised!

FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!! Everyone in teh stadium knows every fucking word & musical note to Tom’s song ‘I Won’t Back Down’!!!!–

The Swamp (Football team) belts out ‘I Won’t Back Down’ in tight game vs. Alabama (song starts at the 1:15 minute-mark (3 mins):

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